The Female Terminator Chronicles: REVOLUTION (2010)

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  1. The Female Terminator Chronicles: REVOLUTION (2010)

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    This is my 2010 Training/Supplementation Journal.

    For those of you that have followed my previous log/s no introduction necessary, as you will be familiar with who I am, how I train, etc. However, for those who have just joined this swift, reaching for the stars train...

    This post will also serve as a "reference" post for all factors noted here.


    Name: Rosie.
    Age: 25.
    Sex: Female.


    Height: 156.6cm (i.e. 5'1.8")
    Body Type: Meso-endo.

    Weight and body composition changes will be noted where relevant.


    I have decided to compete with the INBF/WNBF this year, with my first competition in April.

    Understandably, my goals will change over the course of the year.


    I generally use a calorie/CHO cycling method, but no specific diet as such, as I listen to my body. Therefore macronutrient ratios and amount of calories (anywhere from 1800 to 4000+ cal/day) change on a day-to-day basis...I drink 1-2 galleons of water a day, and the only other liquid that I consume re drinks is herbal tea.


    My supplement use changes to suit my goals and needs.

    My STAPLES are -

    * Bio-Mend: 2 caps post-breakfast.

    * NeoVar Recomped: 2 caps 30-40 min pre-gym, 2 caps immediately post-gym, and 4 caps pre-bed (resistance training days); and 2 caps 15-20 min pre-breakfast, 2 caps 15-20 min pre-lunch, and 4 caps pre-bed (non-resistance training days).

    * BC+EAA: 10.5g twice daily.
    * MyoFusion: 1 scoop once daily.

    * OsteoSport: 4 caps first thing.

    * IGF-2: 2 caps first thing, 2 caps 30-40 min pre-gym, and 2 caps pre-bed (resistance training days); and 3 caps first thing and 3 caps pre-bed (non-resistance training days).
    * Lipotrophin-PM: 2 caps pre-bed.

    * RPM: 2 caps first thing.


    This is MAINTENANCE -

    Day 1: HIIT Cardio + Stretch 20-30 min + Shoulders

    Day 2: 20-40 min Cardio + Stretch 20-30 min + Hamstrings/Abs

    Day 3: HIIT Cardio + Stretch 20-30 min + Arms

    Day 4: 20-40 min Cardio + Stretch 20-30 min + Full-Body

    Day 5: HIIT Cardio + Stretch 20-30 min + Back/Chest

    Day 6: HIT Cardio + Stretch 20-30 min

    I have ONE Day OFF ALL training per week, and take it whenever my body requires it. Once taken I continue the days consecutively.


    Comments re effects will vary slightly during different periods of the year, depending on the supplements and products that I am using.


    This is how I approach life and everything that I do.

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  2. The Next 4 Weeks (January)


    Due to circumstances since I have been in the US I was not able to train as I would normally for some time, thus gaining bodyfat and decreasing my athletic performance. Therefore my current goal is to get back to 8% bodyfat. I also want to build my speed endurance back up, as well as improve my strength, so that I am in the best athletic conditioning of my life, and just keep getting better once I have accomplished my body composition goal.

    The next 4 weeks will also serve as preparation for my competition preparation.


    For the FIRST time in attempting to lean up and totally AGAINST my usual whatever whenever and just train hard to make up for it, I will be following a "cutting diet" as closely as possible to this over the next 4 weeks -

    * Total calories: 1200-1300 cal/day
    * Protein: 150-160g/day (53-55% total daily energy intake)
    * Carbohydrates: 60-80g/day (17-20% total daily energy intake)
    * Fat: 30-40g/day (27-30% total daily energy intake)
    * One day a week where I will eat as I NORMALLY would (~4500 calories) ? As long as at least 120g of protein is consumed this day other macros can be whatever (usually VERY high carbohydrates, ~400g)
    * 5 meals daily (labeled M1, M2,.) 2.5-3 hours apart


    I am only going to be using my STAPLES* until it is time for competition preparation.

    *Note: I am currently out of OsteoSport and IGF-2, but will be using them again once I get some more in the next week.


    Gradually 3 pm/pre-bed cardio sessions will be added to MAINTENANCE, on Days 1, 3, and 5, with ~20 minutes of post-weights cardio on any given day if I feel like it after resistance training.

    Daily Comments

    Sleep - Time and Quality
    Mental Alertness/Focus
    Quality of Training
    Pump and Vascularity
    Muscle Hardness/Density
    Body Composition and Look
    Overall Sense of Feeling

  3. Day 1

    This is this week's Day OFF...Not that it matters; been doing other active, pleasurable exercise

    Sleep - Time and Quality: ~0030-0704 (waking at 0219 and 0315), so ~6.5 hours sleep. I seem to be falling into this pattern re sleep, sleeping deeply for ~6.5 hours (a bit longer than my usual 4-5 hours), waking several times during the night, dreaming so vividly they could be real...

    Mental Alertness/Focus: There all day.

    Energy: Endless.

    Motivation: I have all the incentive in the world and I am using it to my advantage!

    Mood/Aggression: Absolutely FANTASTIC!

    Stress: High.

    Libido: The highest that it's ever been so far!!!

    Endurance: N/A.

    Strength: N/A.

    Quality of Training: N/A.

    Pump and Vascularity: Actually have had pumps in legs most of the day...Vascularity is reasonably high...

    Muscle Hardness/Density: Legs, shoulders, and arms.

    Body Composition and Look: Starting off the year at 118.8lb...Upper midsection and obliques are coming back out more...Going to be back to my usual self in no time at all...

    Appetite: It's hard "dieting", but it's just another challenge (I have a binge eating disorder, and have had for as long as I can remember) that I WILL CONQUER!

    Overall Sense of Feeling: Positive. 2010 is going to be MY year!

  4. In for 2010.

  5. In to fight the fight with you!

    Sucess is ours!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    In to fight the fight with you!

    Sucess is ours!
    Glad to have you there!

    Yes, it is!

    Looking forward to finally getting to the Arnold this year!!!
  7. Day 2

    0959 - Spin Bike
    40 min @ 42.2 km/hr

    1045 - Full-Body (1 min recovery between sets/supersets):
    1. BB Romanian Deadlift (on box, BB to feet) 2 x 20
    2. Wide-Grip Lat Pull-Down (in squat position, thighs parallel to floor) 2 x 20
    3. Push-Ups (feet on floor, hands on DB) 2 x 20
    Superset A -
    4. BB Military Press 2 x 10
    5. DB Lateral Raises 2 x 10
    Superset B -
    6. Dips 2 x 10
    7. Push-Ups (feet on floor, hands on DB under chest) 2 x 10
    Superset C -
    8. EZ-Bar Bicep Curls 2 x 10
    9. DB Zottoman Curls 2 x 10
    Superset D -
    10. V-Bar Weighted Cable Crunch 2 x 10
    11. DB Weighted Crunch (on bench, legs at 90 degrees, knees fully extended) 2 x 10
    Superset E -
    12. Hanging Straight-Leg Raises (on Dips bar) 2 x 10
    13. DB Weighted Crunch (on bench, legs at 90 degrees, knees fully extended) 2 x 10
    Triset -
    14. Ab Vacuums (on bench) 1 x 10
    15. Deadbug (on bench, crunch up hands to feet) 1 x 10
    16. Plank (on bench) x 1 min

    1221 - Stretch 20 min.

    QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. IMPOSSIBLE is nothing. How are you going to live your life?" - U.S. Army

    Sleep - Time and Quality: ~0230-0730, so ~5 hours sleep. Deep. Dreaming...

    Mental Alertness/Focus: There. Once had RPM...To be honest, I rarely start training within 60-90 minutes of waking and getting up these days and my dose of RPM is more to wake me up and get me going for the day as opposed to being pre-training. I don't mind, though...

    Energy: Until now RPM was the only preworkout product that gave me the smooth energy and kick to get through my training sessions as I wanted. Until now NOTHING else (except Anadraulic State and that has carbohydrates in it, explaining that) came close, and every time I used another preworkout product I had to dose RPM as well to get any effects. But now I have found the magic that puts me on full alert and explodes my energy!

    Motivation: I have BIG dreams for 2010!

    Mood/Aggression: GREAT mood.

    Stress: High, but sometimes I can almost leave it in the background.

    Libido: Not as high as yesterday, but still up there.

    Endurance: Excellent.

    Strength: Full-Body sessions are NOT about strength, but weights were challenging enough for what I was doing.

    Quality of Training: Spin Bike was excellent. Legs used to cycling again now, which is good (running and cycling are the two modes of cardio that I lose bodyfat fastest with). Got soooo sweaty, far more than normal; but feeling great...Resistance training was top stuff. When I looked in the mirror I couldn't believe how pale my face was from the effort (after being so flushed from the cycling), my lips purple!

    Pump and Vascularity: Pump was all over today, getting harder and painful as I started on the Arms' supersets...Vascularity on the Spin Bike was ridiculous, but faded a little during resistance training...

    Muscle Hardness/Density: Legs, shoulders, and arms.

    Body Composition and Look: Feeling tighter, and seeing it a little in hamstrings. Lower legs still look the best. Delts and arms starting to catch up.

    Appetite: Been able to control myself; which is good. Just got to keep reminding myself one day at a time, and not to be so rigid (an all or nothing personality can be a curse as well as a blessing)...Guzzling down the water...

    Overall Sense of Feeling: Well, my patterns since I've been in the US have changed. They've settled down, not without protest from my mind - who wants to be getting up at 0315, starting training at 0430, and going to bed between 2030-2130, as I did in NZ - to getting up between 0630-0800, starting training between 0800-1000, and going to bed between 2300-0000. As long as I get my training done, all my meals in and accomplish everything I want and need to on any given day, then I guess that's fine.

  8. Keep up the good work Rosie this is your year to go on stage you can make it happen!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative
    Mind and Muscle Code AM10
    Classic Physique competitor, Facebook- Great Physique Fitness, Online coaching
  9. RPN Skincare Regimen

    Starting today, I am going to be using the following skincare regimen - recommended by Matt – after my shower pre-bed daily:
    1. Wash body and face with Java Lather.
    2. Follow up with Banish.
    3. Dry self completely.
    4. Apply Majestic Mineral Mudd to face and let it dry before rinsing clean.
    5. Apply Flawless (reformulated) over face, massaging in for 45 seconds. (Note that the original Flawless I will apply to lower back, hips, glutes, and thighs).

    I am familiar with each product, already using them, but not like this specifically; and I have not yet used the reformulated Flawless, which would be useful in decreasing or removing the wrinkles that have appeared around my eyes over the last year.

    Any changes will be noted where relevant.
  10. Initial Thoughts - RPN Skincare Regimen

    So, just finished the first time through.

    I usually use both Java Lather and Banish, so there was no difference there. I LOVE the coffee smell of the Java Lather (even though I can't stand coffee, LOL), and it always leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.

    Until now I have been using Majestic Mineral Mudd only once a week. My face usually feels softer and refreshed (from the peppermint) afterwards, and this time was no different. It will be interesting to see how my skin feels using it on a DAILY basis.

    My first time using the reformulated Flawless, Flawless Skin Couture Intensive Dermal Restoration Therapy. It began to burn after a few seconds, much like Eviscerate does when put on the face; but it did not last long, less than a minute once applied. I will primarily noting effects from the use of this product.

    Flawless Stretchmark and Scar Treatment Cream I applied, as usual, to lower back, glutes, hips, and thighs. Everywhere else I use Bobu Shimmering Exotic Body Butter, which makes my skin feel even softer.

    All in all RPN has some great skincare products. Because I have sensitive skin it is often hard to find products that do not cause a reaction of some sort, and since I started using Java Lather and Banish early 2009 I have not used much else since. When you find a product that works perfectly for you and your skin you stick with it! I have since gone on to try the rest of the skincare range and love every product.
  11. Day 3

    I decided to do Day 6 today, skipping Day 5 completely; which is fine, since I have already done 3 x HIIT sessions this week, and Back/Chest are areas that don't need too much focus. That aside, I want to be fresh and able to up the intensity in my Shoulders' session tomorrow, which I might not be able to do as I want if I work them three days in a row...Oh, the beauty of knowing your body and how to manipulate and adjust your training schedule/sessions when necessary...

    1017 - HIT (1 min recovery between rounds):
    4 rounds of -
    1. Skip 1 min
    2. Box - Straight Punches 1 min
    3. Skip 1 min
    4. Box - Uppercuts 1 min
    5. Skip 1 min
    6. Box - Hooks 1 min
    7. Skip 1 min
    8. Box - Pitter-patter 1 min
    9. Skip 1 min
    10. Plank 1 min

    1108 - Stretch 28 min.

    QUOTE OF THE DAY: "It's not about what you've got; it's about what you DO with what you've got." - Andie West, Step Up 2: The Streets

    Sleep - Time and Quality: ~0000-0657 (waking at 0315), so nearly 7 hours sleep. Definitely needed it after resistance session yesterday. Sleep deep. Dreaming (it is rare for me NOT to dream)...

    Mental Alertness/Focus: Definitely there.

    Energy: Didn't use anything pre-training and noticed a difference (see notes below on training)...Noticing the lack in energy afterwards. Going to be a lazy day the rest of today...

    Motivation: "Nobody really knows what they are capable of until they try." - Helgin, Second Sons Trilogy Book III: Lord of the Shadows

    Mood/Aggression: Mood fine.

    Stress: Sometimes it can't be ignored.

    Libido: Sure thing.

    Endurance: Ok.

    Strength: N/A.

    Quality of Training: First round was good. Second round was ok. Started feeling myself falter during the third round. Definitely need to build my boxing endurance back up again. Fourth round saw punches with not as much power in them...Time passed quickly, though, and it definitely did NOT feel like 45 minutes...

    Pump and Vascularity: Pump in legs - especially calves - and shoulders...Vascularity ok...

    Muscle Hardness/Density: Legs, shoulders, and arms.

    Body Composition and Look: Noticing the drop in water weight, down to 117.2 lb...My right side is not as lean as my left, making me more determined than ever to get as lean as possible so that there is NO difference!

    Appetite: I have ~16 weeks before my first competition, so these next 4 weeks are CRUCIAL in allowing me to learn some control (I would rather thrash my body into the ground and be near collapsing after ever training session than DIET to get the same results, but I want to be able to have the same discipline with my nutrition as I do with my training!)

    Overall Sense of Feeling: I AM going to make this year work for me! Setting the foundations now for success. We all start somewhere, each journey beginning with a single step. This is mine, step by step, day by day...There will be no breaks until the end of April...


    I have decided, since I am out of IGF-2 - and was using it for 8 weeks before running out, that - that from tomorrow I will use Bulletproof (I've had a tub sitting here for a while) - instead of starting IGF-2 again when I get more - over the next 4 weeks, and get back on IGF-2 in February. I will be dosing Bulletproof at 1 scoop pre-bed on resistance training days (i.e. 5 days on, 2 days off).

    Have also been using 3g of Vitamin C daily (1g first thing, 1g with dinner, and 1g pre-bed) since my really bad sore throat last week, and will keep on doing this until the end of winter.
  12. Day 4 - Day 1 of Bulletproof

    1310 - HIIT Skip:
    a. 4 min skip
    b. 32 x 20 sec effort/10 sec rest
    c. 1 x 1 min effort
    d. 4 min skip

    1338 - Stretch 25 min.

    1403 - Shoulders (1 min recovery between sets):
    1. BB Military Press 8 x 15, 15, 12, 12, 12, 12, 10, 10
    2. Seated DB Shoulder Press 4 x 6
    3. Lateral Raises 4 x 15
    4. Bent Over Rear Raises 4 x 12

    1450 - Gazelle 20 min.

    QUOTE OF THE DAY: "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." - Oscar Wilde

    Sleep - Time and Quality: ~0045-1039 (waking at 0713), so nearly 10 hours sleep. Was quite awake last night, passing out at the start of a movie on the couch. Slept for some time longer than have been lately; training yesterday took more out of me than I realized...

    Mental Alertness/Focus: I am not falling asleep during the day like I used to. Interesting. But good.

    Energy: No preworkout products today and I was fine.

    Motivation: "Learn from the past, don’t live in the past." - John Wooden

    Mood/Aggression: Smiles.

    Stress: High.

    Libido: Being married makes a lot of difference, LOL.

    Endurance: Excellent.

    Strength: Good.

    Quality of Training: HIIT Skip was great. Lateral delts burning during efforts...Resistance training was good. Pushed myself and finished pleased...Post-weights Gazelle serves as 'pm cardio', since trained so much later today...

    Recovery: The boxing from my HIT yesterday took something out of me. I feel it in my back mostly. Also from the need for longer sleep. Definitely want to increase my boxing endurance again.

    Pump and Vascularity: Pump started during HIIT, in both calves and delts. Increased hard in anterior delts from second set of BB Military Press, becoming painful after the sixth set...Vascularity was great...

    Muscle Hardness/Density: Legs, shoulders, and arms.

    Body Composition and Look: Small changes.

    Appetite: After last night I am fine.

    Overall Sense of Feeling: Being a perfectionist can be a good thing AND a bad thing. I'm still learning where I can be less rigid and not beat myself up over every tiny little thing that I see as weakness.

    RPN Notes: When I do cardio the next morning the Flawless on my face burns a little, but not as much nor as uncomfortable as having Beta-Alanine tingles.

  13. I'm in for 2010 as well
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  14. Day 5

    This week's Day OFF...

    QUOTE OF THE DAY: "When life throws you something unexpected, as Gary Burtea said (Remember the Titans), 'you just have to pick it up and run with it'. See where it will take you. And 'when life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it's not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end' (Twilight, Stephanie Meyer). So, live life with hope and find fulfilment and don't look back with regret at what you HAVE done. Move FORWARD and accept all challenges as something that could change your life in ways that you could never imagine or expect. Because sometimes the things we are most apprehensive about are what will give us the greatest pleasure!" - Rosie Chee

    Sleep - Time and Quality: ~0030-0730 (waking at 0237), so nearly 7 hours sleep. Drifting in and out of sleep, restless, broken. Dreaming...

    Mental Alertness/Focus: There.

    Energy: Fine.

    Motivation: Finding out that the first competition I had planned on entering has been changed to a week EARLIER induces enough motivation to make sure that I make as few mistakes as possible from now on...

    Mood/Aggression: Getting more and more pissed off and aggressive as the afternoon continued...

    Stress: High.

    Libido: Done for the day.

    Endurance: N/A.

    Strength: N/A.

    Quality of Training: N/A.

    Recovery: Fine.

    Pump and Vascularity: No pump...Vascularity not that visible...

    Muscle Hardness/Density: Legs, shoulders, and arms.

    Body Composition and Look: Heavier, but tighter at the same time.

    Appetite: Torn between not wanting to eat but wanting to stuff my face (and being good).

    Overall Sense of Feeling: STORMCLOUDS.
  15. Day 6

    0956 - Spin Bike:
    40 min @ 40.8 km/hr

    1042 - Hamstrings/Abs (1 min recovery between supersets):
    Superset A -
    1. BB Romanian Deadlifts (on box) 5 x 10
    2. Lying leg Curls 5 x 10
    Superset B -
    3. Stiff-Legged BB Deadlifts (to floor) 5 x 10
    4. BB Good Mornings 5 x 10
    Superset C -
    5. Rope Crunch 5 x 10
    6. Weighted Crunch (hips at 90 degrees, legs fully extended) 5 x 10

    1130 - Spin Bike:
    20 min @ 37.92 km/hr

    1237 - Stretch 20 min.

    QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Big things have small beginnings." – Mr Dryden, Laurence of Arabia

    Sleep - Time and Quality: ~0100-0758 (waking at 0325, 0619, and 0724), so ~6.75 hours sleep. Broken; kept waking on and off, more times than could remember. Dreaming...

    Mental Alertness/Focus: Was getting quite lightheaded and dizzy in the gym, especially during resistance training...Once eaten post-training better, but not really in the mood to be thinking much. More in the mood to be creative; got to work more on my writing...

    Energy: Good re pre-resistance training Spin Bike...Waning during resistance session, breathing quite heavily and deeply after several supersets...A bit slower, more for 'recovery' was post-weights cardio...Definitely glad not have to do pm cardio tonight...

    Motivation: I know what I want and that my competition want it as much as I do...

    Mood/Aggression: Mood pretty good after training...

    Stress: High.

    Libido: Maybe later, if I am not too exhausted...

    Endurance: Excellent.

    Strength: Moving on up with my BB Romanian Deadlift weight again.

    Quality of Training: All training was pretty good, despite how felt during resistance session. Started sweating lots ~20 minutes into my pre-resistance cardio, the Eviscerate on midsection and lower back burning and continuing to burn even in post-training shower.

    Recovery: Feel quite shattered, but tomorrow will be the telling.

    Pump and Vascularity: Pump in legs and definitely in hamstrings after Lying Leg Curls...Vascularity started seeing high lines towards end of pre-resistance cardio and knots during resistance training...

    Muscle Hardness/Density: Legs, shoulders, and arms.

    Body Composition and Look: Getting there...

    Appetite: It seems like everyone in my house is determined to tempt me and deter me from my goals. I will NOT let them!

    Overall Sense of Feeling: The next few weeks are going to be CRUCIAL.
  16. Day 7

    1023 - HIIT Run:
    a. 4 min jogging
    b. 8 x 20 sec effort/10 sec easy
    c. 12 min jogging

    1044 - Stretch 10 min.

    1059 - Arms (1 min recovery between supersets):
    Superset A -
    1. Close-Grip Pull-Ups 6 x 16, 13, 11, 9, 7, 6
    2. Dips 6 x 10
    Superset B -
    3. EZ-Bar Bicep Curls 6 x 10, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8
    4. Push-Ups (feet on floor, hands on DB under Chest) 6 x 8
    Superset C -
    5. Incline DB Bicep Curls 4 x 8
    6. DB French Press 4 x 6

    1157 - Spin Bike:
    20 min @ 93-95 rpm

    1535 - Gazelle 20 min.

    1600 - Stretch 10 min.

    QUOTE OF THE DAY: "It's never too late to become what you could have been." - GoFigure

    Sleep - Time and Quality: ~0200-0820 (waking at 0624), so ~6 hours sleep. Took FOREVER to get to sleep last night. Dosed Bulletproof at 2122 and went to bed ~30 minutes later. Started waking up and was bouncing around with energy. At ~0100 I was banging my head against the pillow, trying to tire myself out so that I could sleep. Eventually drifted off, but woke several times from nightmares...Woke refreshed...

    Mental Alertness/Focus: There...

    Energy: Definitely lagging. Absolutely shattered and not really wanting to do post-weights cardio, but forced the issue because I have to...Starting to get more energy pm...

    Motivation: "The best is competing against the best and beating them." – Torrence, Bring It On

    Mood/Aggression: Mood fine...

    Stress: Higher than high.

    Libido: All this extra exercise is something new and had better be good at increasing my energy expenditure for leaning!

    Endurance: Excellent.

    Strength: Picking up.

    Quality of Training: HIIT Run took a LOT out of me. Went so fast and furious the first few efforts that I had pains in my chest and was almost collapsing by the last effort. Left it at one set of efforts, since they were so extreme...Resistance training was ok; felt like I was moving very SLOW (and I was). For some reason I started getting really angry and aggressive during Superset B and just got more and more pissed off as I went on. By the time I started on Superset C I did NOT want to be training...Did post-weights cardio, because I have to (it makes a difference re fat loss for me). Exhausted, the robot took over after ~8 minutes...

    Recovery: Hamstrings are fine after yesterday.

    Pump and Vascularity: Pump strong in arms...Vascularity also strong...

    Muscle Hardness/Density: Legs, shoulders, and arms.

    Body Composition and Look: I have noticed that post-weights cardio, as well as eating ALL solid meals (I have only had ONE protein shake over the last 4 days, and that was today), makes a HUGE difference re fat loss and seems to be more effective for me...

    Appetite: I want to stuff my face with food...But I'm not...

    Overall Sense of Feeling: Definitely feeling more positive re progress. I CAN do this. This year is the year for the BEST of everything...So far...
  17. Day 8

    1013 - Gazelle 40 min.

    1100 - Full-Body (1 min recovery between sets/supersets):
    1. Stiff-Legged BB Deadlifts 2 x 20
    2. Lat Pull-Downs (in squat position) 2 x 20
    3. Push-Ups (feet on floor, hands on DB) 2 x 20
    Superset A -
    4. BB Military Press 2 x 10
    5. Lateral Raises 2 x 10
    Superset B -
    6. Dips 2 x 10
    7. Incline Dips 2 x 10
    Superset C -
    8. EZ-Bar Bicep Curls 2 x 20
    9. Plank 2 x 1 min
    Superset D -
    10. Crunches (hips at 90 degrees, legs fully extended, hands to touch feet at top of crunch) 2 x 40
    11. Deadbugs (hands to touch feet at top) 2 x 10

    1138 - Gazelle 20 min.

    1203 - Stretch 20 min.

    QUOTE OF THE DAY: "A man must always have a dream unfulfilled. What could be worse than to achieve everything one has ever dreamed of? What would one do then?" - Varsava, The First Chronicles of Druss The Legend (David Gemmell)

    Sleep - Time and Quality: ~0100-0629 (waking at 0520), so nearly 5.5 hours sleep. Again, took a little while to GET to sleep, but once there sleep deep. Woke from another nightmare...

    Mental Alertness/Focus: Here and there...

    Energy: Took a scoop of Muscle Pharm's Assault an hour before I started resistance training today. Was a little lightheaded, as I have been, managing to find energy...Shattered post-training, and have nothing come pm...

    Motivation: I'm sick of people telling me that I can't achieve my dreams. Well fcuk them! I can and I WILL!!!

    Mood/Aggression: Good.

    Stress: I can almost feel my heart bursting out of my chest and my head about to explode from the pressure.

    Libido: WOW! Back to being high as high!

    Endurance: Excellent.

    Strength: Good.

    Quality of Training: Pre-weights Gazelle was fine. NOT the best mode for longer cardio sessions, though, as feet constantly moving...Resistance session good. Just pushing myself through...Post-weights cardio forcing it because I know I HAVE to...

    Recovery: I feel shattered, but more because I need a HIGH CARBOHYDRATE day than anything...Used a scoop of Muscle Pharm's Recon after finishing post-weights cardio to help with...

    Pump and Vascularity: Pump fine in most of body...Vascularity little knots...

    Muscle Hardness/Density: Legs, shoulders, and arms.

    Body Composition and Look: Feel and LOOK tighter than I have been (the post-weights cardio and solid meals have been making a noticeable difference)...Hamstrings starting to return to their normal smooth state (finally; Eviscerate is a small miracle worker)...

    Appetite: A high carbohydrate day today (but from clean food)...

    Overall Sense of Feeling: I keep going like this and I'll definitely be ready by the time I want to be...Working on putting all the stepping stones in place...In ALL areas...

  18. Lets make it happen Rosie, I'll be following
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  19. Nobody can tell you that you can't..only you determine that!!

  20. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Nobody can tell you that you can't..only you determine that!!
    Thank you! The more someone tells me that I "can't" (because they don't think I can or that I shouldn't) the more I am determined to DO it. "Can't" is NOT a word in my vocabulary. Never has been. Never will be.

  21. Yeah, Rosie! loving your definition of a champion!


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