Binge's Quest to 250 and Back

  1. Binge's Quest to 250 and Back

    Hey, just returned from leave where I sat around, hungout with my kids, and ate like a man on a mission. I spent my first six months in country getting from a half ok 240, to a nice 250, and cut down to 228. I wasnt extremely happy with my cut. I dropped way too much. People still looked at me as a big guy, I got comments about losing my gut, but I felt weak. I adjusted my diet a bit and changed my workout after losing too much strength faster than I was comfortable with, and that helped a lot. Then I went home and took about 20 days off of all supps and training.

    Last night I returned to the gym. I lost a ton of strength and the doms are back. I did chest, and my shoulders were killing me. Today my wrists and shoulders are more sore than my chest, but the pec soreness is coming. I think I'll stick with the workout I left off at at the end of my cut, though the weight is lower, and adjust to a more bulking approach in a few weeks when my muscle memory kicks in.

    I'll do my best to keep up with this log on this end, but updates may get less frequent in a few weeks when I get sent out to no man's land again. This is mainly for my benefit, though, so as long as I can keep up with the log on my computer and copy and paste when I can, I'm fine with that. Last night's workout is logged, so I'm not going to repost it here. The routine is a 6 day, one bodypart per day, generally 6 exercises at 3 sets for 10-12 reps, and a full body day on the sixth for a pump and depending on how I feel. I usually do bears on that 6th day. Again, I'll decrease a lot of the volume here in a few weeks.

    My diet sucks since going home, and I am trying to suqare that back up as well. Mainly the frequency and amount of quality caloric intake need changing right now.

    My rest/sleep needs fixing as well. I'm 8 hours ahead of where I was a few days ago. I have travelled a lot going home and coming back. A lot of sleeping in chairs for a few hours at a time, and just overall a nonexistent sleep routine. I also had the flu for a few days while home, so my body is going through a little bit of stress right now.

    6'3" 231lbs

    Current supps:
    White Flood
    Green Mag
    Super Cissus Rx
    Melatonin once I get my schedule set a little better
    Beta Alanine

    Near Future Supps
    Cycle Support
    A full PCT stack I'll get to later

  2. Didnt hit the gym last night. After writing my initial post, I came to the conclusion that my body is under way too much stress. I ate a yogurt, took some Pro Complex, omegas, cissus, and melatonin and drifted into sleepland. I woke up this morning feeling a little groggy from the melatonin, but a lot more stable. I had a huge breakfast, but it is almost lunchtime and I havent gotten anything else in me since three hours ago. I still am not hungry. My metabolism is a little slow. I am about to really start slamming the yogurt down because the probiotics work wonders over here. For some reason as much as I preach about it, nobody wants to listen and just suffer through their stomache problems. Anyway, hopefully I get some of my supp orders in today, and tonight is back night. I'll log that then.

  3. Better workout last night. Strength is still way low, but I did mangae to put on a pound of bw in 2 days. Still trying to get my appetite going, and my sleep back on track. I crammed in more food yesterday and this morning than the few days prior. I was up all night again, but managed to sleep all day. I need to fix that. Might skip tonight's wo for a melatonin induced coma to get back on track, but it didnt work last time. I think they need to put me to work during the day, and I've begged for stuff to do. I've missed mail call hours the past two days, so no idea if my supps are here yet, but I can't start my epi cycle until I get all this other stuff back on track.

    White flood is crazy. Never taken a pre workout before other than creatine mono, whey, and stims. My pecs are sore and were pulsing with soreness from the pump I got. My lifts arent back up to par yet, but at least the pump makes me look swole lol. I took 20g whey about an hour pwo, then 2 scoops white flood, a little added beta alanine, and 5g mono. Again, the pumps are great, but I got a slight head throb and couldnt wait to burp my stomache was so bloated. Hopefully I get used to it. I'm debating on using the green mag now or saving it for after the epi. I have plenty of cm and cee left over, so I am leaning towards burning through those first. I just really hate staring at the unopened tub of product.

    Grooming and hygiene:
    I think the two coexist with a fitness lifestyle. Part of why we do what we do is for asthetics, moreso than health in many cases. So, mine hasnt been what I like. Part of that is this environment, but that is kinda an excuse. Before going on leave I did whatever I had to do to feel comfortable and like I was home. I didnt gel my hair or anything, but I manscaped weekly, lotioned daily, and never missed a shower. I ahve gotten a little lazy with this. I think it relates a lot to other things. When one part stops, something else isn't all it should be either. In other words, my focus and motivation on my grooming end relates to my focus and motivation in my workouts, diet, and sleep.

    I am also adding a few new things to my grooming routine. Currently I am researching some hair regrowth options. I have had some shedding lately and have had a receding hairline going for about 2 years now. With my upcoming epi cycle, I dont want to take any chances. The other thing is teeth whitening strips. I have used these before and they do work, they're just a pain in the a$$.

    Shoulders tonight, or tomorrow if I decide to sleep instead.

  4. Had shoulder night a few nights ago with some shrugs in the mix. Shoulders went pretty well considering. I have always felt that delts are my weak point. I have problems (soreness, tendonitis...) in that area, have always had problems developing them, and along with legs put a lot of focus in them this past year. I finally see progress, especially in the rear, and as far as this week goes, they were the lowest loss of strength after my little break so far. I felt good.

    Sleep schedule continues to be an issue, but I'm over it. I am getting my rest, and I guess I'll change the hours when I need to.

    Diet is coming along. I am starting to get hungry in between meals, have been packing in some calories, and am drinking more and more milk. I continue to put on weight daily. Was up another pound the other night, and another half yesterday morning. I am sure some of this is just water from the supps and increase in water consumption since my break.

    White Flood continues to impress me. The stomache issues were less the other night, but still am burping a lot during my wo. The headache wasnt there. I love the burn feeling the BA gives me, and I felt like running to the gym I was so ready to go.

    Super Cissus RX is also amazing. So far so good on my joints. Before going home, my hips and ankles were killing my. My left wrist hurt a little during my chest wo, but it wasn't there the next day, which is different. My hips haven't bothered me at all, which I was expecting after deadlifting. I'll see if this holds up when I start having to wear full gear and walk all week on uneven terrain again.

    Did my manscaping and extra grooming yesterday and ordered some hairloss stuff. Also got my nutraplanet order in the mail with my cycle goodies in it. Too bad the epi hasn't come yet along with an order of protein bars, shaker bottle, and a few other things. First time using that supplier, and am not impressed. My NP order was placed 4 days later than that one, and somehow got here first. Can't beat the planet!

    Arms tonight. Again, I am still using my buddy's suggested workout, and his arm routine is pretty intense. A lot of volume. Six exercises for each bi's and tri's alternating the 2 groups on each exercise, three sets of 12 each. It hits all the bellies nicely and leaves me sore as hell, but is exhausting to get through.

  5. Arms night went well. Strength wasn't far off from where I left it, but I have to consider where I left it was kinda down anyway. I do not think I needed to drop the weight as much as I did on some of the exercises, and hit my rep goals a little easier than I'd prefer, but I am still assessing and tweaking; trying to find my groove again. The arm day on this routine, like I've said, seems a little excessive, but it's a few days later and I feel nice and pumped.

    The bodyweight increases steadily. I weighed 234 the other night. I know it's not even close to being all muscle mass. A lot of it is water retention from being off of the supps and not hydrating nearly as much at home as I do here. Dirty bulking is a lot more enjoyable than clean, but I think I need to adjust that a little too before I become a puffy mess.

    Sleep schedule is getting there. It isnt even close yet, but it's coming a long. A few more days, and I should be back on track. Going to miss the emptiness of midnights in the gym, though.

    Supps still not here. Read some reviews of the company online, a lot of negative experiences with slow delivery. Noticed another thing about White Flood, it makes my nose run. I also have to think my sudden leveling out in strength (having to lower my weights after the time off less and less) has to do with the supps kicking in. Used my Purple inTrain sample during the arm workout because of it's durationa and volume, and it hit the spot. I am usually starving by the end of it, but I felt good throughout.

  6. Did legs yesterday. Weight was low on the squats, which I am kinda fine with. I have never been happy with my squat form, which I blame my long torso (6'3"), so I think I am going to keep the wieght low for a while and really get that form down and my hips strong enough to get really deep. Other than that, I was exhausted before and especially after the workout. Still not sleeping.

    I think the dirtyness of my bulk is getting out of hand. It is my fault for not resting enough and extending my split, and also not doing any cardio yet. I am starting to feel really bloated. I think I should be fine once my sleep pattern is finally fixed.

    Heading out to my other base where I will have no personal internet, so I'll have to transfer the logs when I can. I just realized the tracker really doesnt show visitors very much, so I will start logging my wo's in here as well. It will save me the time of adding them to the tracker anyway. Until then, I'll leave you all with this clip of Chris Spielman, one of my role models of what it means to be a man. His workout ethinc was to that of Ray Lewis', and he is just an awesome human being. I was actually at this seminar when he gave this talk.

    YouTube- Chris Spielman - Believing in Yourself

  7. Got my package with the epi in it finally. I think the idiots handling our mail did me wrong, which is funny because I was starting to get kind of mean with the supplier, but mainly after reading a lot of negative reviews about them online. Just excited to get moving. I found out today I have a PT test on Saturday. This is going to set me back a few days, and I have done NO cardio in about a month. I am really pissed about the whole deal. I feel like poo and failing this is fairly possible. Mandatory PT test in Iraq on 2 days notice while bulking. FML

  8. Sat
    Well, I failed my run on the APFT by 50 seconds. I kind of figured I was going to miss the run, but still had hopes that just maybe Iíd be OK. I almost maxed my pushups, missed them by 3. My sit-ups were just so-so. Oh well, try again in a month. The problem with all this is that I now have to add more cardio into my routine. This bulk isnít going like I planned at all.

    I started the AI Cycle Support today and canít say much for the taste salability of the stuff, and the container has giant nuggets of support goodness in it. Not a huge deal, just a minor annoyance of taking a spoon and crushing them all. Got to get this cycle moving before I end up all screwed up with time and schedule. Shouldíve done this months ago.
    My diet is still going strong, bulking-wise. Took some ativan last night and had the best sleep Iíve had in weeks. Didnít feel groggy this morning at all.

  9. I am trying to slowly adjust my weight/reps to heavy/low on the bigger movements, but am still getting my groove back. Sleep is much improved and diet is going ok. I havenít missed any regular supplement doses so far. I have started to do some more cardio out of necessity for my APFT retake. Got the H1N1 vaccine on Monday and came down with a terrible cold a few hours after, so thereís one more thing I have to work through.
    Tito Ortiz came to visit last night. I donít care too much for the dude, but he did come to see us. He talked some about his training and diet. He mentioned some veggie ****tail he makes on his Jack Lalane juicer, and made the statement that it melts the fat off of his body. To me, this is completely asinine and probably convinced some ignorant folks that V8 works as a fat burner. Itís his hardcore training camp that melts his fat, not some magic blend of veggie juice.
    Anyway, hereís what Iíve done the past few days. New gym, some different equipment, different cable settingsÖ
    Sun, Chest:
    Bench 205x10, 10, 9
    Incline Bench 155x10, 10, 10
    Decline Bench 185x9, 9, 8
    Flat DB 60x12 65x10, 9
    Incline DB 50x11, 10, 10
    DB Fly slow and controlled 35x 10, 10
    Stretch (DC)

    Mon, Back:
    Pull Ups 9, 9, 8
    Chin Ups 8, 8, 7
    Deadlifts 315x8, 8, 6
    Rack Chins 10, 10, 8
    Seated Row 160x12, 12, 12
    Seated Pulley High Rows (DC) 120x12, 10, 10
    Stretch (DC)

    Tues, terrible head cold, off

    Wed AM, Traps and Delts:
    BB Shrugs 245x12 295x12, 12
    WG Upright Rows 85x10, 12, 12
    Standing Behind the Neck BB Press 95x12, 115x10, 10
    Seated DB Press 50x12, 12, 10
    Lateral Raises slow and controlled 20x11, 11, 11
    Rear Machine Fly 68x10, 10, 10
    Stretch (DC)
    15 minutes HIIT on the treadmill
    I may go and try the abs class tonight.

  10. So I ended up in abs class last night. It was 45 minutes of intense core hell. The Air Force girl that taught the class is a 6ft tall, skinny hell-beast. She performed every single rep perfectly while talking. The girl is not good-looking by any means, but I couldnít stop staring at those long, toned legs. I need to get home. Anyway, I burned out during every set, and spent a lot of focus joking with my buddies. I am starting to hurt tonight. I think I might go weekly, if not twice/week.
    This cold is still not going anywhere. My lungs hurt from a combination of illness and cardio. I have developed a cough and my chest is sore. Tomorrow is supposed to be either leg day or just cardio, and neither sound very appealing right now. Iíve been trying to flush it out with double doses of multivitamins and extra water intake. I burned through some of my ephedrine stash just to clear my lungs up enough to function. I finally bought some cold medicine tonight so I can save my Bronkaid for what I intended, a going home cut phase.
    Diet and sleep are almost on point. Iíve been stuck around 240 for about a week now. Iíve really concentrated on keeping the calories high, especially with the mandatory increase in cardio. I am now a firm believer in the whole milk while bulking idea. It just makes sense as a simple way to gain extra calories, and an easy source of protein. I mean, seriously, is there simpler way to gain that little extra at mealtime?
    Supplements are still going well. I still cannot say enough about White Flood. Iíve been taking the Green Mag as well, but I put plain old creatine mono in my cart for next time. I considered going with the Green Bulge next because I already donít like all the drinks I takeóGreen Mag, White Flood, Protein, Cycle Support, washing down various other thingsóbut CM is cheaper and can be mixed into any of those other supps as needed.
    Today was arm day. It went fairly well, but I lost track of my rest periods too many times. My arms feel sore and spent tonight, and I like it.
    Wed PM: Abs Class
    Thurs AM: Arms
    BB Curls: 70x10, 10, 10
    Weighted Dips: 10x12, 15x12, 10
    Preacher w/EZ Curl: +50x12, +60x12, 12
    Reverse Grip Bench: 155x11, 12, 165x11
    DB Preacher: 35x12, 10, 10
    Skull Crushes w/EZ Curl: +70x12, 12, 11
    Incline DB Curls: 25ís x 12, 11, 9
    Rope Pushdown: 57.5x12, 10, 10
    Reverse Curl w/EZ curl (back against wall): +30x12, 10, 10
    Kickbacks (not sure if I do this correctly): 25ís x 12, 12, 12
    Hammer Curls (I do these to the front): 25ís x 12, 9, 8
    Reverse One-Armed Pushdown w/D Handle: 25x11, 9, 8
    DC Stretches


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