My 10 Weeks to strength

  1. My 10 Weeks to strength

    I'm 5'9" and 182 pounds. I was 260 pounds about 16months ago.. yes fat.

    PreStats : 182lbs, bf% ? Bench 240 x 1 squat 340 x 1 Deadlift 335 x 1
    Goals : 190lbs 10-14% bf, Bench 275 x 1 Squat 365 x 1 and Deadlift 365 x 1

    On a quest to getting stronger! Created a routine myself and have been on it for two weeks thusfar and mega gains have shown already..

    starting my second week of this training I hit 225 on the bench for 5 .. and squatted 315 for 5 in the same day wow two pr's made already kind of wondering if I should have set goals higher..

    U: Off
    M: Chest / Tris / Squat / Calves / Abs
    T: Back / Bis / Delts
    W: Calves / Abs / Cardio
    R: Bench / Tris / Legs
    F: Deadlift & Weighted Pullups / Bis / Calves / Abs
    S: Delts / Cardio

    I am periodalizing? Or whatever.. 4 phases.
    Strength ( 6 weeks, 3 wks 5x4-6 reps / 3 wks 3x3) On singled lifts 5-4-3-2-1
    power ( 2weeks 3x6) Less weight focused negitives and explosive positives
    peaking ( 1wk all lifts 3-3-1 ~ until failure ) Raised cardio to prevent fat gain
    Recovery (1weeks 3x8-12) time to recover from the taxing high weights
    reload !

    hopefully the rest of the cycle will be as good as the first week has been ! Before and after pics will insue at finish

  2. sounds like a good workout

  3. Mon & Tues both excellent workouts. Hit new prs already.. deads were skipped tuesday because my back wasnt feeling great, replaced with a heavy set of cable rows and it feels great now. Skipped wednesday because crazy workout hours and school(retail -_-) and thursday was get fat day.. surely gained some weight between the last few days.. today Ill be taking 4 servings of endorush and stacking thurs & friday together. doing bench squats and deads, arms and some iso chest and leg work. Calves & abs will be supersetted. Going to be a long session endorush will keep me going though most liklely 2hrs or so..

  4. Definitely feel the strain on my joints from going heavy in this cold weather up north.. good intensity yesterday got everything I planned on done. Except for abs, will do abs delts and a light cardio today. Love the routine and recommend it to anyone who needs a solid plan. Let me warn you, IT IS EXHAUSTING !

  5. updated starting and goals with a little more accurate info from my journal.. I think my goals are attainable but lets see ! Hopefully I can push past them and in a couple of reloadsof the strength plan (hopefully max 2 or 3) i can put up 4 plates on squat and dead and 3 on bench so i can cut to a lean 10% and begin my bulk to 215 @ 12% bf ish.. I want a clean 190 LBM with no more then 20-30pounds of fat

  6. Personally I don't go for PB's that often, mabey every couple months. To easy for this old man to create an injury. I'll work up close to it though almost every session, and try to squeez out one more rep.

    Whats your age? Younger bods can handle more frequent extremes. At 41, I try not to push it. I've injured both shoulders at diff times trying to max bench and once working my back, weird.

    Your routine should build strength for sure. Diet and cardio is everything when it come to wreaking havoc on fat.

    Good luck bro-hit it hard!

  7. I'm 19 and yes strength is the goal. One the first week of 3x3 and really don't like it intensity is way down.. any tips?

  8. I'm not relly sure what to start with. Diet can change your metabolism, chainging metab. can change your attitude. I bum on days I don't get to the gym, missing the endorphine rush I guess. It's very true that a little pain=pleasure!

    All I know for sure is, I feel better physically and mentally when I continue working out. I took a few years off and wasn't as happy over-all!

    Don't shoot for the moon in a month. Set a reasonable goal, and stick to it till it's acheived. Set the next a bit higher, and having conquered the first hill a new level of resolve will carry you through.

    Important. Write this stuff down! Look back at it! pay attention to the gains you have made. First step in learning just what kind of abuse your bod can take.

    after about 4-12 months your brain will tell your bod to get to the gym! Feeling good, looking good, and getting hit on will kind of grow on you. I got hit on today at the mall after my GF and I got our pics done for the X-mas cards. She was right by me and some smokin' hot 85 lb Asian gal hit on me while we (GF and I) were looking for bras and undapants.!!?!?!?!?! She just smiled, she knew who I was going home with.

    Anyway, I digress. Keep a log, set attainable goals, then reach for the sky.

  9. Nice log so far. Has been an interesting read. I will continue to follow along.

    Good luck with the duration of your log and goal.
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