I stumbled on this program during the hours of research I do a day instead of working at my job. This is a program "invented" by haney rambod...(the guy that trained this years Mr. Olympia)

The premise behind it is to stretch your facia by pumping your muscle so full of blood that it has no choice but to grow. It also claims that regular stretching is inferior to this method.

I have been doing the program for about a week. I have not been sore in years untill I tried this. I know soreness is no way to judge if you are getting results, it only tells you that you are doing something diffrently then your body is used to. However, in only about 10 days, I feel like I am looking a little diffrent. More full, more pumped. I lift EXTREAMLY heavy for the 4 excercises, then finish with the 7 sets of 10-12 with 30 seconds rest.

I would recommend any of you try this. I am very hard core and am accused of overtraining regularly (to which I reply...your just a *****) and I am very satisfied with the intensity of the program.

Anyone else had experience with this program?