More exciting than an Excel spreadsheet

  1. More exciting than an Excel spreadsheet

    I'm heading into the intensification phase of my current mesocycle.

    This phase (intensification) entails a reasonably high workload utilizing anywhere from 3-6 sets per exercise, and 4-6 reps per set. This phase will last about 3 weeks.

    Leg day, updates later on!

  2. 11/04/09

    Front Squat:
    225 x 5
    (205 x 4) x 4

    Sumo Deadlift w/ overhand grip:
    225 x 5
    (225 x 4) x 3

    Glute-ham Raise:
    2 sets of 4, major emphasis on eccentric contraction

    Standing Calf Raise:
    1 set of I don't know, but it hurt like hell

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