Trying to get back into shape for strongman comps next year. Will really be focusing on my overhead lifts cause they stink. Monday will be high rep day and Thursday max effort.

  2. Rep Day
    Log Press: 100x12x4sets
    Pushdowns: 25x8,45x8,50x8x3sets
    Single DB Overhead Pressper arm on reps) 55x8,60x7,65x6,70x5 not what I wanted on these reps at all
    DB Curls: 25x8x4sets

  3. Squats: 135x10,225x10,315x8,405x5,455x 1,315x4
    BB Rows: 135x10,185x6,225x5,275x3,315x3 ,345x3
    Pulldowns: 12,10,8
    DB Curls: 55x15

  4. Log Press: 90x10,115x5,145x3,170x3,200M (not happy)
    Cheat Laterals: 50x6x3sets
    Upright Rows: 135x7,145x6x2sets
    Seated DB Overhead Press: 30x40

  5. High Incline Log Press: 95x12,115x12,125x8,140x6,160x2 ,160x3,160x3,160x1
    Bench Press: 140x10,175x5,175x5,190x3,200x2
    Dips: 25,14,12,11
    Band Pushdowns: 15x3

  6. Squats: 135x10,225x10 added bands 225x5,315x3x6sets 365x3x2sets band tension was 110 top 80 bottom
    Deadlifts: 145x3,235x3,325x3,425x4 out of shape cause I cut this short cause I was whipped

  7. Log: 95x10,110x6,130x8,150x6,165x3, 175x3,185x2 have a hyperextended knee so couldn't really get any leg drive so not to bad
    195 clean only
    Incline bench: 140x6,160x5,160x4,165x4,175x2
    Dips: 17,9,7


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