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  1. Target Group: Calves/Abs/Forearms
    Performed in: ~45 minutes

    Sets x Reps (Weight, if listed)

    Seated Calf Raises: 4x25 ...VERY slow reps and holds at the top...
    Front DB Wrist Curls: 4x25 oh man I even had veins running down my arms with these...

    Calf Extensions: 4x25 ...moved up on weight in these and that made a great difference...
    BTB BB Wrist Curls: 4x25 ...These started off as not so bad but quickly got brutal in the 2nd and 3rd sets...

    BTB SM Shrugs: 2x25 ...hadn't done these in awhile so I decided to hit 'em up...felt great though

    Ab Crunch Machine: 4x25 ...squeezed those abs and just focused on the contractions and squeeze...moved up in weight progressively each set.

    -I'm feeling good. Had a massive dinner at the Japanese Steakhouse last night which was amazing. Had the rest of my butterfinger ice cream cake as well... needless to say I'm pretty much fully recovered with the added rest and great food.
    -We are getting the aftermath of Tropical Storm Ida around here so it's heavy winds and very heavy rain all over. I'm stuck at school in this till bout 5. Bookbag is packed with food though.
    -Everyone enjoy your Wednesday...

  2. Target Group: Quads/Hamstrings
    Performed in: ~44 minutes

    Sets x Reps (Weight, if listed)

    *Stretching before and in between sets*

    Leg Extensions: *pre exhaust* 1x50; 1x40; 1x30 ...For the first time I was able to hit all 50 reps w/o taking a quads were torched after these. Damn....

    SM Front Squat: Warmup Set; 2x15 ...Opted for these over leg press today just to add some variety into deep afterwards my legs felt full of blood.

    Squats: 4 Warmups; 4x5 --immediate dropset 1x10 ...Did a lot more warm ups here and felt really good about things. My hip was a little tender today for some reason (I think I slept weird) but after all the warm ups I was ready to rock and roll. I went 20 lbs or so heavier from last week and just kept it at 275 for these sets of 5. They felt really good and just getting back into the swing of things again... I did a quick dropset that was more like speed reps than anything and focusing on exploding... I'm very happy to be bouncing back quick on squats again.

    Lying Leg Curls: 3x10 ...went heavier than last week and did each rep slow and controlled, for the last reps I held the contraction for a good 3-5 count.

    Standing Leg Curls: 2x10 ...Just ran through these one leg at a time till I was done with 'em. Hammies felt good.

    -Since adding in that accessory work on Wednesdays I've noticed that my forearms, abs, calves feel pretty good the next day. By pretty good I mean I can tell they've been worked but they aren't unbearable. Slowly but surely.
    -I sat in the sauna afterwards... the temp in there was HELL literally as we don't have a temp or thermostat working in that bad boy so it just blazes.... felt relaxed and refreshed though. The weather here is ****ty as it's high volume winds and heavy heavy rain. It's been like this ALL week... flash flood warnings too... geeez.
    -Getting a nap in later today after my clinic hours and then doing guess what, Not a damn thing. Enjoy your Thursday.

  3. Target Group: Arms & Abs
    Performed in: ~56 minutes

    Sets x Reps (Weight, if listed)

    DB Curls: 2 Warmups; 2x10 ...I didn't go too heavy but really used these as a precursor to get things warmed bis loved it.

    Alt DB Incline Curls: 2x10 ...Not sure if that's the correct name for this, basically I used a DB and the back of an incline bench to improvise my own version of a "spider curl"... gave me a killer stretch, pump and really took my shoulders out of the equation being isolated against the back pad.

    Ez Bar Scott Curls: 2x10 ...I added these in for good measure...damn my bis were burning...I did the 1/4 burns at the top of the last reps as well...

    Hammer Curls: 2x10 followed by immediate dropset...damn these felt amazing...

    Tricep Pushdowns: *used short chambered bar* 3 Warmup Sets; 2x10 (STACK + 45lb) followed by immediate dropset... damn.

    Weighted Partial Dips: 2x10 (BW + 45lb) tris were seriously full and pumped here. I also would throw in a couple extra dips of just BW as well.. what sucks is after this all the other areas where I wanted to work were taken... yeah really... so I improvised...

    Lying Leg Raises: 30 reps

    Hanging Knee Raises: 20 reps ...I did these right after the leg lower abs were burning...and finally the other areas opened up for me to finish my work

    Rope Pushdowns: Warmup; 2x10 ...did these smooth and controlled and pulled apart as hard as possible at the bottom...

    Close Handle Pulldown: 2x10 ...this is the attachment that looks like a mini pyramid...I used this to help bring out some horse shoe goodness haha

    Alt Reverse Cable Pulldown: 1x10 each arm ...just did these to finish things off...

    Kneeling Cable Crunches: 100 reps ...oh man I was feeling these...

    -Felt good in there today. Arms looked thick all around... I never noticed how much my longer tricep head over powers the smaller one... gonna try and incorporate more stuff to help balance it out a lil' bit. Abs and Arms feel good... I can already tell my arms are gonna be sore...
    -Got a busy day in court...possibly another trial we will see... got my bagged packed though w/ food.
    -Getting in a quiet Friday night for once and possibly making some spaghetti... I'm going to the last home game for Wake tomorrow against FSU (we need a win). Then after that I'm driving down to Charlotte for the Panther game Sunday....
    -Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    -Spent the weekend busy and traveling. Woke up early Saturday for the Wake/FSU game... only to pack up my stuff and leave a few hours after the game to head to Charlotte for the Panthers/Falcons game yesterday. Weekend was packed with football...

    -My body/mind/everything is just worn out so I took off today and slept in a little bit longer than usual. I feel a lot better now and just getting back on track with everything after a LOOOOONG weekend. Got a lot of work to do this week....

  5. Way to enjoy the weekend man!
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  6. Quote Originally Posted by SilentBob187 View Post
    Way to enjoy the weekend man!
    Thanks SB. It was a lot of tailgating and a lot of football... don't think it can get better than that.

  7. Target Group: Back/Traps/Rear Delts
    Performed in: ~57 minutes

    Sets x Reps (Weight, if listed)

    Pullups: 25 reps ...all wide grip...haven't done 'em in awhile so it took me a few sets but still got 'em in and was ready to rock.

    Chest Supported T Bar Row: 2 plates x 10; 3 plates x 10; 3 plates and a quarter for 8 followed by immediate dropset of 2 plates for another 10. Damn haven't done these in forever and they felt great. I believe these were heavier than I have gone before on 'em with no issues

    Alt One Arm Rows: 2x10 each arm followed by very slow set of 10 with both arms. I just kept blasting each arm and rowing until each set was done...I didn't pause between 'em just kept rowing. The last set was a VERY slow set where I held each contraction for a good 5 second count before slowly returning to the start and going again.

    Lat Pulldown: 3x10 (WIDE) 3x10 (Reverse Narrow Grip) ...damn these felt great. My back really felt these all over and my lats felt like they were just flaring out... felt good and loved hitting the different angles with these.

    Straight Arm Pushdowns: 3x10 ...first time doing these where I actually felt 'em in my lats.... damn. The pump was incredible.

    SM Shrugs: 1x10; 2x20 followed by one set of BTB SM Shrugs for 15. Nothing special here. I didn't bring my straps today so my grip was pretty much shot from the beginning and couldn't go as heavy as I wanted so I just kept squeezing and squeezing each rep.

    Rear Delt Cable Raises: 2x10 ...these blow my rear delts up like no other. I always get tons of blood into 'em with these.

    Nautilus Lat Pullover Machine: 3x10 ...just kept doing these and pumped more and more blood into my back. Progressively moved up in weight each set...

    -I rested up all day yesterday--well as much as I could. I have a bunch of school work due with the end of semester crap load that teachers like to pile on. I have my final trial today in Trial Practice and just getting things done.
    -Today felt great in there and I felt like I hit a lot of back in a lot of different areas. Felt really good... opted to not do Deads this week to save up for 'em next week when I won't be off of a weekend of tailgating hahaha... plus wanted to give my CNS a bit of a break... I wanted to do racks but they were taken so I just scratched 'em. Gotta be flexible in there at my gym.
    -Diet has been spot on since the weekend... I felt like I drank 2 gallons of water yesterday and couldn't get enough. I'll have to be creative during my trial today with food so I may throw in some casein just to be safe.
    -I looked in the mirror with my shirt on and felt like I had really made a lot of progress on my back... good things for sure. Felt like there was more mass/detail/lumps going on than before.

  8. Target Group: Chest/Delts
    Performed in: ~59 minutes

    Sets x Reps (Weight, if listed)

    BB Incline Press: 3 Warmups; 225x12; 255x8; 275x5 real rhyme or reason to this just kept pressing... first time using 275 for reps on here in a while... for those that know me or have lifted with me, you know I almost put 315 on

    Decline DB Flyes: 2x10 ...used the 50s and just got a good squeeze in my pecs...kept constant tension on 'em by keeping the DBs about 6-8 inches apart at the top of the movement...

    Flat DB Press: 2x10 followed by immediate drop set of 10 more ...didn't go heavy at all... just kept it at the 100s... I was doing "farmer's walks" inbetween sets when I got the DBs because the close bench by the DBs was taking by someone doing lord knows what on it. So I opted for the bench that was waaaaay on the other side of the room haha I tell you my gym is crazy.

    Seated BB Military Press: Warmup; 2x10 ...first time doing these outside of a smith machine... felt great... banged out a good clean 10 then went to 185 for the last set of 10... I had to rest pause the last set but still got it with no issues...

    Arnold Press: 2x10 ...did these with 70s and had no issues and felt really good... delts were on FIRE.

    Shoulder Press Machine: 1x12 ...just did one set to really fry my delts beyond all repair...

    DB Side Laterals: 2x10 followed by immediate dropset of 10 more ...I really focused on form/control on these. I constantly see people using too much weight on these and I just wonder what their form is like?

    -My chest was incredibly pumped. My upper chest was insane and just felt a lot bigger than the rest of my pec after that first set. Even'd things out with the rest of the work. Flys felt good and were very deep stretches. During the seated militarys a worker at the gym came over and wanted to watch. I know very weird... I just tuned him out with the iPod and kept my head down. My delts/chest are tender/sore--especially my delts. Man oh man what a great session.
    -Napping, getting my meals in, and relaxing before work tonight. It doesn't get any better... I will be doing some school work though inbetween... argh.
    -I won't be doing an accessory day this week due to taking Monday off. Instead I'll hit calves on leg day tomorrow and I'll hit abs/forearms with arms friday...

  9. Target Group: Quads/Hamstrings
    Performed in: ~54 minutes

    Sets x Reps (Weight, if listed)

    *Stretching before and in between sets and even AFTER sets*

    Leg Extensions: *pre exhaust* 1x50; 1x40; 1x30 ...I was able to do everyone of these sets without a rest/pause to 'em except for the 2nd set which I had to stop on rep 30 for...I took a quick breath, rubbed my quads, and called myself a ***** for stopping. Damn these are so painful but really get your mind right for legs.

    Horizontal Leg Press: 2 Warmup Sets; 2x15 ...These were a tough 15...I'm not a fan of the horizontal leg press but I feel if I can rotate this thing with the 45 degree one then I'll hit a multitude of angles... which hopefully equates to more progress.

    Squats: 5 Warmups (did 8 deeeep reps w/ 'em); 2x10 (275) (was a fart under parallel) ...after the last set I immediately followed with a dropset for another 10 reps going ATG. I was exhausted after the first set of these but sucked it up for the second one. More reps than last week--****'s coming back. Thank you muscle memory...

    Lying Leg Curls: 3x10 ...focused on the hammies pulling and held last reps for a good 5 second count...

    Seated Leg Curls: 2x10 ...haven't used this machine in awhile but it felt pretty good and helped keep constant tension on my hammies...

    Seated Calf Raises: 3x25 ...very slow controlled full reps with holds at the top and bottom... I did these in between sets of lying leg curls

    Standing Calf Raises: 3x10-12 ...did these slow as well and my calves were burning... had some freaky veins running down 'em...

    -Yesterday was a looooong day of running around back and forth. However--it has nothing on today. Today I'll be running around from 5AM to 8:30 PM only to probably head out to watch the Panthers game. This means it's a HIGH caffeine day... I have non stop classes till 12 then immediately heading to BB&T (it's my last day there ). Even though its my last day they decided to **** out an assignment for me to do... argh. But after that its directly back to school to watch a video from the "mock" trial I participated in the day before. Woe is me. That video is freaking 3 hours and some change long. My bookbag is packed with food....
    -With it being a long day you would think I'd take it easy right? Hell no. I decided to blast legs to really make things interesting. I was wobbling around already and was unsteady on my legs after a few of these sets. Great stuff.
    -Tomorrow I have Federal Court to help out with a few pleas and so forth then it's nothing but naps/relaxing until I decide to stop procrastinating and work on my business organizations project.

  10. Target Group: Arms & Abs
    Performed in: ~59 minutes

    Sets x Reps (Weight, if listed)

    CG BB Curls: 2 Warmups; 2x10 ...immediate dropset afterwards where I squeezed my bis like no other...
    Short Bar Pressdowns: 2 Warmups; 2x10 (stack + 25) ...blasted these out and followed up the last set with an immediate dropset for another 12 ...felt really good.

    CG Ez Bar Scott Curls: 3x10 ...I did 1/4 burns at the end of each set with these...damn these burn oh so good
    DB Tri Extensions: 3x10 ...I did the first set with a 90 and got it with no problems...I then opted for the alternating one arm version of these and felt really good with 'em and felt like I was able to get a better ROM.

    Hammer Cable Curls: *used hammer grip bar* 3x10 ...nothing major here just used this for some variation in here and to bring my forearms into the equation. Felt good even though I'm not a fan of this cable attachment.
    Close Handle Pressdowns: *the one that looks like a mini pyramid* 3x?? ...I just kept doing these till I felt the burn going on in my tris and felt them getting full...felt great...I know one set was upwards of 15 reps...

    Thumbless Reverse Grip BB Curls: 3x15-20 ...did these thumbless and it was a killer....forearms were burning.

    Standing Cable Crunches: 5x25 ...slow, controlled, and really squeezed.
    BTB Reverse BB Wrist Curls: 4x15-25

    -Had a good session in there today. I'll admit, I stayed up watching the game last night so I was tired and almost didn't get in there... I just hit snooze and got a few extra minutes of sleep before rolling out there. The few extra minutes didn't feel like anything though... I'll be napping after my criminal placement today. I'm heading down to Federal Court so things should be interesting--they are strict as hell at Federal Court so I won't be able to bring in any food... argh. Save me casein!
    -It was a good game last night--our defense really is hurting without some key players and same with our O Line. Injuries are killing us... Still staying true to my team though.
    -This was a really good session and I'm glad I woke my ass up to go. I had a great pump and had my veins popping... Saw a few across my elbow/tri area...saw some in the forearms...and saw the big bicep ones. I ran out of all my pre workout stuff so I'm just dosing BCAA stack/~1-2 grams of Creatine intraworkout and then post workout 2 scoops Torrent with a meal 40-45 minutes later.
    -Going to the first of 3 Thanksgivings Saturday... yeah buddy. Hope everyone has a great weekend...

  11. Damn Panthers...
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  12. Quote Originally Posted by SilentBob187 View Post
    Damn Panthers...
    Tell me about it. Argh.

  13. Target Group: Chest/Delts
    Performed in: ~47 minutes

    Sets x Reps (Weight, if listed)

    BB Flat Bench Press: 5 Warmups; 1x5 (225); 1x5 (275); 1x5 (315); 1x1 (335); 1x1 (345); 1x1 (355); 1x1 (325); 1x3 (315); 1x5 (275); 1x8 (225) (pause reps); 1x? (185)(speed reps) ...just sheer madness here. Nothing planned just wanted to do some benching... pyramid up and back down... felt really good...

    incline DB: 1x10 (90); 1x10 (100); 2x8 (110s) oh man...110s felt great and didn't really pose a problem except for the last rep of each set. Great stuff.

    Flat DB Flys: 2x10 followed by another 2x10 ...first set of 2x10 was heavy and with the 6-8 inches apart at the top of the movement to keep constant tension on the chest. Next set of 2x10 was with a lighter weight but with Ferrigno twists at the end. Felt great.

    DB Side Laterals: 2x10 then a heavy set of 8 then an instant drop for another 10

    Shoulder Press Machine: 3x10 ...just opted for these when the benches were getting taken by everyone else... nonetheless a solid day.

    -Chest felt thick and powerful. I liked varying up the rep speeds and by adding in the heavier weight as well. I wasn't shooting for any PRs or anything like that but I'm starting to use 315 more and more as a rep weight. I also flexed/stretched my chest inbetween the bench sessions... 110s felt light on inclines... upper body feels good. Yes sir.
    -My tris were really blazing from the sessions as well... my legs were sore all the way up until pretty much Sunday. I sat in the sauna post workout today and loved it.
    -Spent the weekend resting/relaxing/eating good food. Had one Thanksgiving and have 2 more to go. Good stuff.
    -This is a shorter week in school--gotta love it. Working on getting my Bar Application out this weekend/early next week. Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.

  14. Here's some pics...

    Plate from my First Thanksgiving on Saturday-- my legs were sore all weekend until I had this meal. After I digested it I was no longer sore My plate was loaded w/ turkey, ham, veggies, casseroles, stuffing, you name it. What's great is I have 2 more Thanksgivings to enjoy.

    Sunday I woke up and decided to go out for breakfast. It was a lazy Sunday so we went to iHop. I got the sirloin tips and scrambled eggs w/ hashbrowns, side of grits, and egg nog pancakes. Deliciousness.

  15. Both of those meals look amazing. I want IHOP now, real bad.

    Lazy Sunday you say? Remember this gem:
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  16. Target Group: Back/Traps/Rear Delts
    Performed in: ~65 minutes

    Sets x Reps (Weight, if listed)

    Deads: 3 Warmup Sets; 1x10 (365); 1x10 (375); 1x5 (405) ...went for the higher reps this week. Had no problems at all and will be moving up in weight next time in. Nothing too heavy but felt great hitting some higher reps. I exploded up with the 405 and made it look easy according to some guys that watched me. Felt good. Back is fried. My goal is to be deceivingly thick.

    DB Rows: 1x10 (90s); 1x10 (100s) ...Just kept the form tight and focused on pulling with my lats. I felt like my back was super wide after these.

    Lat Pulldown: 2x10 (WIDE, thumbless) 2x10 (Reverse Narrow Grip) ...these felt really good. I actually got a great pump from these and felt great.

    BO DB Raises: 2x10 ...moved up in weight each set and really felt these. Good stuff.

    BTB SM Shrugs: 2x12 ...held contractions at the top of last rep for as long as possible.

    BB Shrugs: 1x15 (315); 1x12 (365); 1x20 (275) ...felt really good. The 365 was a change of pace on these and hopefully will bring my traps the development I'm looking for.

    -I drank 1 1/2 scoops of Torrent on the way home-- ~35 min later I had 4 whole eggs and a slice of some Pumpkin bread we made last night. I loaded up on TONS of sweet potatoes yesterday as they were on sale--I also loaded up on Chicken breasts... I'm covered for at least a week and a half hopefully haha.
    -My back is fried, sore, and DONE. I feel it all over. This should equate to progress and a great day haha. Seriously though I felt like it was a great successful workout and I'm working on making my back an asset. I felt really thick afterwards.
    -Today is my last day of classes this week--I have 2 classes to make it through and then my LAST Litigation Clinic at my criminal placement--I can't wait.
    -Damn I'm ready to be done for the semester.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by SilentBob187 View Post
    Both of those meals look amazing. I want IHOP now, real bad.

    Lazy Sunday you say? Remember this gem:
    That was awesome. I've never seen that

    Yeah the meals were great and the iHop was delicious.... I highly recommend unless you're cutting haha The egg nog pancakes surprised me... they are great.

  18. Target Group: Arms
    Performed in: ~68 minutes

    Sets x Reps (Weight, if listed)

    CG BB Curls: 2 Warmups; 1x10; 1x8; 1x5; 1x8; 1x10 ...damn my bis were pumped on these. I did a pyramid up in weight and then pyramid back down. Felt good I didn't go that heavy for those wondering. Just kept things tight/controlled/strict. I did 1/4 burns on some of the sets at the end... really pumped.

    Alt DB "Preacher" Curls: (I used the back of an adjustable bench for my "preacher" curls and just alternated arms. It allowed me to take my delts out of the equation) 3x8 ..these felt great and I had to really work to get the last reps of the last set. Damn.

    Rope Hammer Curls: 4x10 ...first time doing these--won't be the last. Felt these all over my forearms and bis...

    CG Ez Bar Scott Curls: 3x10 lie. I was originally going to go FST-7 style on these. However, I quickly learned during the 2nd set that there was no damn way... my bis were literally torched and burned with these. Felt great though.

    CGBP: 2 Warmups; 2x10; 1x8 dropset 1x10 ...I'm always split on how I like these as I always feel like my elbows try to "flare" out... bastards. Either way though I focused on keeping them in and got a decent pump from 'em.

    Ez Bar Skull Crushers: 3x10 ...had an insane pump from these and really loved 'em. Didn't wanna stop 'em. I flexed/stretched inbetween sets of these... man oh man arms looked visibly thick/big.

    Reverse Grip Pressdowns: *short bar* 4x10-12 ...first time doing these and won't be the last. I had the great pump continue over to these... really felt good.

    OH Rope Ext: 3x10 ..went heavier each set and just used these as a finisher...

    Thumbless Reverse Grip BB Curls: 4x8-10 ...damn these are just beyond brutal haha I love 'em

    DB Wrist Curls: 2x20-25 ...left wrist was acting up on these for some reason...

    BTB Reverse BB Wrist Curls: 2x15-20 ...forearms were fried with these. I had to have a "spot" to get my water to my mouth haha

    -For those UNAWARE-- tomorrow was an obvious OFF day. I woke up like normal bright and early--as I did I relaxed how torched my back was. Serious I felt paralyzed haha. I was hurting all over from traps to lower back to lats and all over. I got a massage on it that day but man I was sore as hell. I opted to lay back down and rest up. Woke up later and kept to the normal diet plan minus 2 good sized burritos I had later that day haha. Good stuff. It was a much needed rest though and I felt better today though still sore.
    -Worked on my BAR application all day yesterday... Good news--I'm done filling it out. Bad News-- I have to get finger printed, the whole thing notarized, and special copies made in a certain way for it all to work. I've also got to hand write a few of these forms... BUT I will have it in before the end of November thankfully.
    -I was at work last night and ran into a guy who hasn't seen me since the conclusion of the OBF... he said it looked like I weighed 260 haha good stuff I told him I was no where near that. He also was shocked I was in law school and going to be a lawyer... I'm definitely not the "typical" law student
    -I opted for arms today not just because my lower back/back were still tender/sore but because I'm hoping the surplus of protein from all the turkey and food will help spur some more much needed growth. Good stuff.
    -Our gym is CLOSED today and tomorrow--good thing I work there and have my own key. It was my own sanctuary in there today--but I did let in one guy who is a "like minded" individual who hates to miss a day--we had the place to ourselves and I had a great workout. Doing the same thing tomorrow yeah buddy.
    -Give THANKS today and spend some time with your family and friends. Eat up, rest, and relax. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  19. Target Group: Quads/Hamstrings/Calves/Abs
    Performed in: ~70 minutes

    Sets x Reps (Weight, if listed)

    *Stretching before/after and in between sets*

    Leg Extensions: *pre exhaust* 1x50; 1x40; 1x30 ...My quads were on FIRE. The 2nd set was a bitch and a half...took a lot to get through those... by the last set my legs were so pumped/numb it wasn't as bad.

    45 Degree Leg Press: 2 Warmup Sets; 2x15 (regular stance); 1x10 (feet up high) ...these were killer...I really felt these more than I do the horizontal ones and I went heavier than I've ever gone on these. I also opted for an extra set with my feet placed higher up on the leg press as well.

    Squats: 5 Warmups (did 8 deeeep reps w/ 'em); 2x10 (275); 1x5 (315); 1x10 (drop set of speed reps) ...finally. 275 felt good and heavy. I jumped from 225 to 275 and immediately could feel the extra 50 lbs... I thought I was doomed but ended up sticking with it and got through the set without issue. Put 315 on and surprised myself at my depth with it since its the FIRST time I've done 315 since my injury. Slowly but surely. Did some lighter weight speed reps afterwards--really helped move the blood around a bit. Depth wasn't an issue on these.

    Lying Leg Curls: 3x10 dropset 1x8 ...Felt great and moved up a bit in weight...hammies felt tight.

    Standing Alt Leg Curls: 2x10 ...moved up in weight on these as well...

    Seated Calf Raises: 4x25 ...insanely calves were instantly pumped/full/and crazy to walk on haha...

    Hip Abductor/Adductor Machine: 4x15 ...did 2 sets of abductor, 2 sets adductor...

    Abs: 150 reps ...did 75 of 'em kneeling cable crunches... did the other 75 heavy on the ab crunch machine...

    -Ate some great food yesterday... turkey, ham, sweet potato casserole, green beans, rolls, stuffing, pumpkin pie w/ pecans, homemade brownies & ice cream, mashed potatoes, man oh man... so much good stuff. Even the red wine was good. Can't beat it.
    -My arms are sore... from the bis, tris, forearms... gotta love it. No better way to bounce back from thanksgiving than a brutal leg workout... I'm expecting massive soreness...
    -Had the gym to myself w/ the same guy from yesterday. Damn I love having that place empty like that no goons no nothing. People are lining up for Black Friday to go shopping... for me it's just another day in the gym.
    -Just taking it easy, relaxing, enjoying a leftover Turkey Day plate, and hanging out. Good stuff. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  20. Target Group: Back/Rear Delts
    Performed in: ~60 minutes

    Sets x Reps (Weight, if listed)

    Pullups: I just did a quick 10 reps for an easy warm up... was surprised at how good I got these. Gonna do more next time in.

    Rack Deads: (Easily 3-4 inches below knees) 4 Warmup Sets; 1x8 (315); 1x6 (365); 2x6 (405); 1x6 (425); 1x4 (455); 1x0 (495); 2x1 (495) PR ...Just went for some mid to low reps on these. First time getting 495 up... First time getting 455 for that many reps as well... before my TFL injury I could only get 455 sumo style... but damn they felt great. Tried 495 once and got no where fast. I changed the song on my iPod to some Disturbed and blasted out the 495 and held it for a good 5 seconds at the top. Gave it a minute and then repped it again just to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Got it A LOT easier the second time around. I had that same goon (the gym worker) watching over my every move... sigh. Great session though.

    BO BB Rows: 5x10-15 ...last set I reversed the grip on the dropset...worked up to 255 with no issues...felt really good and no issues.

    Lat Pulldown: 3x10 (WIDE, thumbless); 2x10 (Reverse Narrow Grip) ...went heavier than I have before on the wide pulldowns...felt really good and thick. Reverse grips felt great as well.

    BO DB Raises: 3x10 ...felt really good in my rear delts...

    Straight Arm Lat Pushdowns: 3x10 ...slowly did these and concentrated on my lats doing the work...good pump/finisher. I wanted to use the pullover machine but it was taken.

    -Ran out of Torrent, which isn't terrible as I won't be using it for my prep work in a few weeks anyway. I do have some EAA Nitro to mix in with some protein. I also have a good amount of Glutamine as well.
    -Got my new contest diet from Rage. Gonna implement it soon and get it going a week before I start cardio with it. Training is more than likely gonna change up... gonna go as heavy as possible till then.
    -Semi busy day today with outlining and so forth. Getting my BAR application almost done as it's about 85% done. Will be closer to 95% by the end of the day then hopefully mailing it off VERY soon. Last week of school here.
    -Had a TON of good food over the weekend... always kept it high protein for the most part and enjoyed a great relaxing Thanksgiving.
    -I wanted to hit up Chest today, but my tris/bis were still a tad bit sore from working Arms on Thursday and my legs are sore from Friday. That abductor/adductor machine killed me... seriously gonna implement it more. Regardless, I'm hitting chest tomorrow.
    -I felt really good about my PR today as I had the rack deads set low, easily 3 inches below my knees. Felt great to move it up and got it a lot better on my 2nd attempt. The way the rack deads were set I felt like I was working on my "sticking point" in regular deads. Whatever it is, I'm glad to pull it.

  21. Target Group: Chest/Delts
    Performed in: ~65 minutes

    Sets x Reps (Weight, if listed)

    BB Flat Bench Press: 4 Warmups; 1x10 (275); 1x5 (315); 1x5 (315); 1x8 (275)...just kept it real basic today and blasted away. On the 2nd set of 315 I had 2 of the reps forced. Got a solid pump in my chest and moved to the next move.

    incline DB: 1x10 (100); 2x8 (110) ...blasted these. I almost moved up to the 120s but thought I'd save some for next time. Felt really good. Definitely moving up next week though.

    Flat DB Flys: 2x10 ...just went for a good stretch and pump here. Been doing the usual 6-8 inches apart at the top to keep constant tension on the pecs.

    SM Seated Militarys: 1 Warmup; 2x8-10 up to 205 on the last set for 8 before I was buried haha...felt good though.

    Cable Crossovers: 2x12 ...just leaned forward and really worked these. One set I crossed over each arm over the other for a rep and the next set treated it more like a fly if that makes sense...felt really good.

    Shoulder Press Machine: 2x15 ...opted for higher reps with these...

    DB Side Raises: 2x10 ...blasted a heavier weight than normal...moving up next week.

    -I had an intense pump after the flat bench and incline DBs... it was awesome and felt great. Working on building up a massive/thick chest... I got lots of work to do but feel I'm on the right path.
    -Just have a few days of school left (I'm done on Thursday). Then it's study and relaxation. I'm already looking forward to seeing my progress when I cut down and see where I stand.
    -I felt really good about my session today and look forward to hitting up some traps, abs, forearms, calves tomorrow. Good stuff.

  22. Just found this training log, looks cool from what I quickly glanced at.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by REEVESDIESEL View Post
    Just found this training log, looks cool from what I quickly glanced at.
    Thanks and glad you found it. Feel free to ask questions, comments, etc in here.

  24. OFF DAY
    -Instead of hitting the gym today (usually the ab, forearm, calve routine), I opted to stay home and get some extra rest. I feel a cold/sinus infection coming on so I'll be mega dosing the Vit C again and getting extra rest/fluids all day. I'm also taking care of my dog who just got through with his surgery as he's recovering.
    -I'll be finalizing my BAR application today--hell yeah. Only sad part is that's 700 bucks down... hits ya hard with the holidays. Just going to print it off and get everything notarized.
    -I have 2 classes today, a "reflective" paper due, and then lost more rest, studying, outlining. I'm also stopping at the store and getting a few things for my upcoming diet. The heavy rains/cold weather/winds make me want to do nothing but sleep.

  25. Get some Vitamin D too man. Hope you feel better.

    Why do tests like that cost so much money?
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25


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