maximus labs Supremacy 30 day workout

  1. Wink maximus labs Supremacy 30 day workout

    Alright guys my names Isaac but they call me goku lol cus I like the cartoon. Well so that's me. I'm 22 I live in california. And I love to work out. I've been doing it for 1year straight and like 4 on and off. I currently whey in at 168lb and have 10%bf I'm 6ft tall. My stats are bench max 245 squat max 260 arms are 16in and so on. When I first started I was a toothpick lol wheying in at 138. Okey so my work out log looks like this. Sunday: back and wings I go to Fail don't know the name of all the machines but ill edit that later. Monday: compleat legs till I fail on each muscle group ill edit the details later. Tuesday : chest incline worm up 2 sets of 10 at 145 and then 5 sets of 5 at 205 till fail. The same for down cline and bench press, then I finish off with 20 sets of butterflys on the cable machine 5 in each position. Every week I switch up chest with bench to dumbells middle upper and lower. Wendsday: arms dumbells 5 sets of 45 till fail cable machine with 2 45 plates 5 sets till fail. Then skull crushers 55lb 4 sets upper and lower till fail on the last two sets. Upper forearm 45 bar 5 sets till fail. Trisept cable rope 5 sets at 110 till fail. Shoulder dumbbell press 2 sets of 10 at 55 then go up to 60 5 sets till fail. Deltoids 5 sets of 20 at 75. Thursday : abbs downcline 10 sets 35 plate on chest every other set. And two other machines ill get the full names later.

    Okey I'm going to run a cycle of supremacy and see what it brings me up too.
    2 caps a day for a week then bump up too 3.
    Ill also be running cycle support
    Animal pack
    Animal pump
    On 100% whey
    Omega 3
    Letrozole every other day

    Nolvadex 40/20/20/20
    Formex 0/0/50/50/25/25
    DTHC as directed

    Extra stuff I got:
    Milk thistle
    Hawthorn berry

    Okey that's pretty much it ill post picks up when I get on a computer lol excuse my spelling I'm typing this of my phone lol. Alright cool ill keep you posted.

  2. Okey I decided to go longer preloading cycle support to 14 days. That's why I took so long plus I haven't got to a computer and when I am around one ime in a rush,so for now pictures will have to wait.

    Its been 3 days since I started this cycle, the first day 2 caps and the second 2 caps.
    What I noticed is that WOW I thought I got a grate pump from animal pump haha did arms shoulders and wow I felt so pumpt it was starting to get anoing lol maby 5 times more than animal pump haha.
    The second day 2 caps as well, and I workt out chest. I noticed the same pump and a bit more stamina so I did a few more reps, and after my work out I noticed I wasent so tierd so that was good.
    The third day I bumpt it up to 3 caps and I did back. The pump got a bit stronger and my stamina was real good after every set I felt like nothing so I added weight, by the time I was done with back I felt gOod that I decided to hit chest again.

    So I've defenatly noticed stanima increas and better energy and mood at three days. Strength
    Increas has not shown I'm still the same but I do fit in more reps.

    Today will be the forth day at 3 caps. So far its Awsom!

  3. Okay so today is the 7th day. Today ama try and nock out 2 in one hit. Back and abbs.
    Yesterday I did arms and the pump was insane! I loved it.
    The day before that I did legs.before I would struggle on my squats but this time I felt more stable/solid and more reps with a good form all the way. So that's good
    Also did chest I hit middle lower and upper on the dumbbells. The pump was awsom swell that I when up in weight up from 75s to 85s 7 reps for 5 sets. So that's awsom.

    The only sides I've felt so far is miner pains in my liver. Wich gets me to wonder if cycle support is enough?
    And a bit of whatever was anoing before now is real anoing lol like it frustrates me more
    Buy that's only a bit. Other than that I feel grate. I'm getting mote cut up so that is also another plus.

    Right now a goal I really want to reach is to bench 305 max tho my real goal is 355. 305 first, I don't know why its just my goal jeje. I'm 60 pounds away. Hopefully soon.

  4. You know what's awsom, I woke up this morning the 8th day of my cycle, and I weight in at 171lb, I wonder what will be the end result? Jeje

  5. congrats man!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by benj851 View Post
    congrats man!
    Thanks man, I'm really trying to make this cycle work, because I won't be taking anothe any time soon.

  7. Today was the 9th day, I did chest.

    I can officialy say today was the first day I saw a strength increas!
    And a good one too, my bench whent up 10lb, I think that's grate! Things can only get better from here on.

    My work out today was bench press
    3sets of 2055
    3sets of 1857
    4sets of 12510

    Upper chest
    3sets of 1855
    3sets of 1657
    3sets of 1258

    Lower chest
    3sets of 1855
    3 sets of 1657
    4sets of 12510

    In all the last 2 reps wher Fail with the help of a spot.

    So far so good! No turning back now jeje

  8. are you getting that I am the man feeling yet?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by benj851 View Post
    are you getting that I am the man feeling yet?
    Lol I know what you mean, I kinda am starting too but there still lot stronger guys at the gym that only fule me more to advance jeje.
    But trust me by the end of this I feel I am gona be the man for shure jeje.

  10. Today is the 10th day
    I did arms,shoulders,upper forearm,deltoids, bis/tris.
    Today was a loooonGgg day, I felt lazy and tierd lately but some how push my self trough it.
    It might be a side, as well as I've been bloated as well.
    I can work trough it, but its just anoing.

    Other than that I feel like I can curl 50s like nothing now ha ha .

    Another thing is that I haven't ran letrozole and I don't think I will need to, its just setting ther all alone lol.
    So far I feel fine no gyno no nothing but what I mentiond.

    Well ill keep u posted, I'm sleepy.

  11. alright guys im really sorry for this supper late postttttt! but my phone was stolen at the gym, and for those of you who have read my first post know that was my only source of internet to post updates. i also have bad news, i lostall my before pics, since they wher all saved in my phone.

    but moving foward now, i have 3 days remaning on cycle, but lets go back to the start of the third week, this is when i really started to notice my straingth gains come is SICK! somthig impressive, my reps wher more at higer waight, same with my squats and back and all around! it was even.

    im on the last days of my cycle now and things have only sky rocketed since then, when i first started my cycle my max was 245lb that whent up 30lb to 275lb i bench 245 like 4 times now when before i berly got it up once. my arms are 16 and 3 quarters but are way more define and vascular and harderi do the 50lb dumbells easy now about 12 times each, my shoulders bluew up! the look way bigger i whent from pressing 55 to pressing 75, 8 times. my legs are what impressed me more i can squat a max of 305 when before it was only 160.

    thers so meny improvement but ill let you decide trough the pictures
    trough out the whole cycle my diet was crap but this stuff still cut me up good.
    i started at 168lb and so far weigh in at 179lb with still 3 days to go plus PCT, over all im happy with my results so far they passt my expectations.

    i also like to note i did not miss one day with the exeption of thanks giving only because the gym was closed, evry other day i was in the gym, evry last reps till fail, another thing is that i always had a spot to take it far those last three reps.

    so ill be posting pics in my next post, i wont have pics from right before cycle, ill probly have some from 2 monthes before cycle, but i guess thats better than nothing.

    alright keep you posted thanks. if eany questions feel free to ask

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  13. well i tryd to post pics but this things not letting me . its saying i need a 50 or more post counts. so that sucks. i guess ill just go on and hold up on that till later. so far this is my 3rd day of PCT and i feel grate lets see if i continue to gaine lol.

    by the way if eany one knows a nother way to upload pics pleas let me know. thankyou.


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