Rodja's Hybrid Log

  1. Rodja's Hybrid Log

    In an attempt to find a nice amalgam of both strength and conditioning, I'm starting a new log to track my progress. I finished my Cynostane log with some nice gains in both strength and LBM, but it the time has come to stop neglecting my cardio and conditioning.

    I used to be a conditioning monster-I could get through 5, 5-minute rounds of conditioning drills and still have plenty left in the tank and could spar for days. However, since my fight in July '08, I have not been nearly as diligent as I once was. This is partly due to grad school, but it also due to a mismanagement of my time.

    So, the time has begun to get my head out of my ass and back into the game. Also, I have no aspirations of competing in the near future, but I'd like to get back in there by this time next year.

    The breakdown:
    Mon-GPP, MMA
    Tue-Upper F/E, BJJ
    Fri-Lower F/E, Flexibility
    Sat-GPP, Cardio
    Sun-Horizontal F/E, Cardio

    I'll elaborate on the weight-training aspect as it happens. The idea is to train specific planes of motion as opposed to just muscle groups. I've begun the process of transitioning into this routine this week and I am going to ease myself into it over the next 2-3 weeks (depending on recovery).

    I'll also be tracking macros and any additions to my supplements.

    Currently using:
    2-3 AP per day (dependning on carb intake)
    2.4-3.2g of 1-C per day
    5.4g of SuperSap per day
    2 scoops VasoCharge pre-WO
    25g BCAA (10g pre/15g post)
    70g WMS post-WO
    1 B-50 cap
    1 tsp Potassium Gluconate
    50mg ATD

    The ATD is for PCT use from Cyno, which was incredibly mild, and will be tapered starting 10/21 to 25mg.

    Current diet is ~240g protein, 275g carbs on training days/180g non-training, 80g fat. I do a refeed on either Saturday or Sunday, depending on need, to keep stored full, increase metabolic rate, and avoid insanity. I've used this type of eating routine previously and it worked very, very well in terms of sparing LBM and consistent fat loss.

    Let the madness begin...
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  2. subbed in
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  3. 10/12-Vertical F/E

    Dips/Neutral-Grip Pull-Ups-3xBW+45x12/BWx5
    Push-Press-135x10, 155x8, 160x6
    DB Shrugs-110x12, 2x120x10
    DB Curls/Towel Pressdowns-3x45x10/3x115x12

    10/16-Lower F/E, Core

    Front Squats/Plyo Jumps-185x5, 205x4, 215x2/3x30"x3
    SLDL-225x10, 245x8, 275x5 (PR)
    Hanging Leg Raises/Hypers-3xBWx15/BW+25x15, 2xBW+45x15

    Heavy Bag Drills
    3-minute warm-up
    3, 5-minute rounds

    Just starting to ease into this routine. The goal is to maintain most of my LBM, increase strength, and focus more on compound/core lifts. I'm also looking to increase my power in addition to my strength to be able to apply it more directly to MMA. The front squat/plyo set is an example of this: a ME followed by an explosive movement. Perfect amalgam of strength and power.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. 10/18-Horizontal F/E, Core

    Incline BP-155x6, 165x5, 175x3, 185x1
    BB Rows-245x12, 275x10, 295x8
    Flat DB Press-2x80x8
    DB Rows-130x10, 140x8 (PR)
    Facepulls/Trunk Rotations-130x15, 2x145x15/3x60x16
    Woodchoppers-2x40x10 (per side)

    Heavy Bag Drills
    3-minute warm-up
    3, 5-minute rounds (focusing on low kicks and rear hands)

    This is what I hoped to accomplish with a low-volume, high-intensity routine. My numbers are already starting to increase and the sessions take about 45 minutes at the most. I really expect to see major increases in my squat and deadlift numbers as well from my re-dedication to core and flexibility training. I also expect my kicks and punches to start getting a lot harder and faster as well.

    Speaking of...


    I started off the day with a fasted 15-minute run. It was nothing too crazy, but more to get the day rolling and kickstart the fat loss for the day. I probably got my HR to ~150-160 towards the end as I increased my speed and the terrain was slightly uphill. I had a few meals before I went and took a biomechanics mid-term and then went to practice.

    Unlike the past couple of weeks, there were actually some people that I could really spar with last night. There are 2 new guys up at the gym and I've been helping them with some of the nuances of striking, mainly footwork and breathing (they're very green). I spar with them, but I go at about 40%. They're mainly to get my HR going before the real fun began.

    I probably did around 7 rounds collectively; they were only 3 minutes per round and it was strictly boxing. My main sparring partner is one the guys I've trained with for years. I will admit that I don't have the best hands in the world and I use my kicks to set up my strikes and establish my range. It took me a few rounds to adjust, but we started swinging and landing bombs by the end. We both landed significant power shots to the body and head. Neither of us were dropped, but I felt them. The most surprising part was that my cardio actually held up and I was never fully fatigued. One trick I've using to my advantage is that I can switch sides and strike from and orthodox and a southpaw stance and work the various angles to constantly throw off not only their footwork, but also there strategy.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. 10/21-Vertical F/E, Core, MMA

    Neutral-Grip Pull-Ups/Dips-4xBWx5/3xBW+45x12
    HS Uni Shoulder Press-3x100x10
    Hang Clean and Press-3x135x5 (30 sec rest)
    Rope Pressdowns/Hammer Curls-2x115x12/2x50x8
    Weighted Cable Crunches/Planks-2x130x20/2x20 seconds

    Static Stretching


    During this session, as a self-inflicted punishment for cheating on my diet, I put myself through the gauntlet. We had a high amount of people there last night and I took full advantage of it. I did somewhere between 15-18 rounds of sparring (~4 MMA, the rest was just boxing) with each round lasting 3 minutes and rest somewhere between 30-60 seconds. I had one extended break after about 7 rounds, but that was mainly to adjust me equipment and to get some water. I got there at about 6:30, started working at about 6:50, and didn't stop until about 8:40. When I got home, I downed about 1/2G of water and had a generous serving of chicken and spaghetti along with a banana. That was by far the most exhausted I've been from training in a long time. I was actually so tired that I couldn't fall asleep.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  6. 10/23-Thighs/Core

    Deads-365x1, 375x1, 385x1
    Front Squats-3x155x5
    Hanging Leg Raises/Hypers-3xBWx15/BW+25x15, 2xBW+45x15

    Deep Static Stretching

    This was a very difficult session for 1 simple reason: I damaged both of my thumbs on Wednesday night and could not grip the bar very well. Even with straps, I couldn't get a solid grip on the bar. Needless to say, it was not the best session ever. My lower back was so fried from this, though, that I had to skip MMA on Saturday and my lifting yesterday. I'm feeling much better now after some good stretching during the weekend.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  7. Hey was just wondering, do you do any vertical F/E work such as pull downs or pull ups? Just interested to wonder why it wasn't included. I am taking on a very similar routine as you have here but doing full body routines.
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    15-18 rounds of sparring
    Good lord!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    Hey was just wondering, do you do any vertical F/E work such as pull downs or pull ups? Just interested to wonder why it wasn't included. I am taking on a very similar routine as you have here but doing full body routines.
    I do chins because the hand position is the same as dips and my shoulders hate doing pull-ups.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  10. oh sorry I didnt notice the chin ups in there.. good stuff! Wondering if you can elaborate on your diet some. I am currently doing keto(AD style) and it really taxes me especially with the sled drags, increased cardio, and coumpound moves I wanna do. But keto has been the only thing that helps me keep my weight gain and BF under control. But I'm thinking I am gonna need carbs taking on a more athleic approach, looking to see more exactly how yours is, seeing if it inspires me
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  11. For optimal performance, you need a good amount of carbs. I tried to really cut my calories back and didn't have the strength for GPP, sparring, lifting, and technique.

    My advice is to have 3 meals or so where you eat a good amount of carbs (80-100g) with a serving of fruit in that meal. This will help to keep your liver glycogen levels high and this is a huge factor when it comes to you overall energy levels. A huge breakfast is very important along with listening to you body. If you're feeling really low on energy, then fuel your body.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  12. yea I count calories now only to maintain my carb count but I only really eat when hungry. I dont try and force food into me to strive for a certain calorie goal, I try my best to listen to my body. Do the majority of your carbs come from veggies, wheat, and oats? Alot of chicken and nuts? All I know is keto where all fat is good fat, worried if I change my diet my habit will be too eat too much fat, was thinking abou tthe zone diet.

    Any advice for a brotha?
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  13. I usually have fat only at 3 meals: breakfast, mid-day, and pre-bed. Most of my carbs come from fruits (bananas, raisins, apples), WMS, rice, and potatoes. I occasionally eat pasta, but I never eat oats. I eat veggies at 2-3 meals and fruit at 2-3 meals. My protein is about 220-240g along with 25g of BCAAs.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  14. I've been doing sponsored logs for LG the past 6 weeks or so. When I finish them, I will resume this log.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys



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