WeakPoint's First Log

  1. WeakPoint's First Log

    Thought I would do a log to help myself keep track of my strength increases and to make sure that I continue with my diet and eating.

    Here is my diet:
    3,700cals (fitday)
    5 Egg Whites
    1/2 Cup Bran Cereal/Oats
    1 Cups Milk

    2 Tbsp Peanut Butter
    2 Slices Whole Wheat Bread
    2 Scoops Cyto-Gainer

    5:00 Pre-workout
    1/2 Cup Whole Wheat Pasta
    1/4 Pound Lean Beef
    1/2 Cup Tomato Sauce (low sodium)

    7:00 Post-workout
    1 Scoop Whey
    2 Tbsp Dextrose
    1 Banana

    1 Chicken Breast
    2 Whole Wheat Wrap
    1/2 Cup Brown Rice
    Fajita Mix

    1 Scoop Whey

    3oz Mixed Nuts Throughout the day

    My work-out routine is a modified BillStarr/Madcow 5x5

    Workout A
    Squats 1x10-12, 3x5, 1x8
    Flat Bench 1x10, 2x5, 2x8
    BB Row 1x10, 3x5, 1x8
    Pull-Ups 50 Reps

    Workout B
    Front Squats 2x10-12, 3x8-10
    Deadlifts 1x10-12, 3x5, 1x8
    Military Press 1x10, 2x5, 2x8
    Rear Delt Flyes 3x8-10

    Workout C
    Squats 1x10-12, 3x5, 1x8
    Incline Bench 1x10, 2x5, 2x8
    T-Bar Row 1x10, 2x5, 2x8
    Dips 50 Reps

    Did Workout A earlier today. Started nice and easy didn't do to much weight. Wasn't sure my 6 and 8 rep maxes and really wanted to get my form 100%. Had the trainer at my gym check my form.
    Heres my lifts:
    Squats 1x10-12, 3x5, 1x8 95, 115, 135, 135, 110
    Flat Bench 1x10, 2x5, 2x8 95, 195, 185, 145, 145
    BB Row 1x10, 3x5, 1x8 95, 135, 155, 155, 115
    Looking forward to starting the routine with more weight on probably Sunday.

  2. Went to the gym today, had the day off and nothing to do.
    Did about 45minutes of cardio on the elliptical and a few bicep exercises.

    I got a bottle of Anabolic Pump and about 25 days worth of P-slin, I might end up throwing that in the mix sometime later.
    I got about 20 pills of T-911 as well that I usually take on those days where I really don't want to work out to give me a boost. I also have a half bottle of Neovar that I might also use.

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