College Athletes ACL reconstruction Recovery

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  1. College Athletes ACL reconstruction Recovery

    This log is dedicated solely to my return to college football following an acl reconstruction within the next two weeks with a hamstring graft. I have been on AM for about a little over two years now and have logged a bunch of products and my offseasons, but this will be by far the most detailed and important log so far. I will do whatever it takes to return to football after losing the game last wed in practice. I have been real down the last week and a half feeling sorry for my self...but never again. I lifted upper body today and though i cant walk and am on crutches im gonna push it.

    Before the injury i was 6-1 246 and i know i will lose weight in the recovery but i want to get everything back and then some after. I just wanted to know if anyone on here has any advice for me as far as recovery and PT. I will take or do anything to get back to the game and this includes gear as I will be medically redshirted and safe.

    I will detail all of my workouts on here, physical therapy, notes and supplements. I have sent PM's to a number of companys to see if any of them would care to sponsor an acl recovery and truly put the recovery aspect of their products to the test. I have yet to get anything back but will try anything.

    Thanks in advance AM community for the help.

    heres a pic of the shredded acl....i have yet to meet with the surgeon to see if theres meniscus damage but here ya go .....
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  2. Good luck with the recovery! Thx for posting that pic.

  3. thanks no prob, its hard as heck to read an mri

  4. Quote Originally Posted by pavb10 View Post
    thanks no prob, its hard as heck to read an mri
    You have to see a normal knee MRI to see the difference. However the femur, tibia, patella, muscles & other microstructures are all there. You're completely missing the nice white area that should be your ACL; see

  5. haha yeah i miss that structure a lot.

  6. Ive been doing a ton of research on the rehab and it seems like the recovery is set up in a number of phases. I wana this surgery as soon as possible hopefully next week ut prob the following. I will be in the gym from the second i can be doing upper body stuff. As of right now I am planning on starting a 1-t 6 week cycle after phase I. What do you guys think?

    Phase I (weeks 0-4)
    -Working on acheiving ROM
    -Stationary bike after two weeks
    -Minimize swelling
    -Very basic excercises to regain strength in leg

    Phase II (week 4-8)
    -Squats, Lunges
    -Continue bike with no resistance
    -Normal activties and gait

    Phase III (week 8-16)
    -Elliptical to stair master to backwards jogging
    -Begin forward jogging very slowly

    Phase IV (month 4-6)
    -Work on Strengthening
    -ACL prevention program

    Phase V (move to full activity)

  7. My right leg is severely atrophied and smaller than it was. when do u guys thing the best time for a prohormone would be in recovery to get my leg back?

  8. OCTOBER 4


    Today is sunday the fourth of october. I will be getting ACL surgery on wed sometime to reconstruct my knee. I think I am deciding on a hamstring graft for the replacement of the ACL. The mri revealed no meniscal damage but that will not be definint until the arthroscopy is done. As of monday I was off cructhes and walking around in the brace. I still have a very difficult time locking my leg out when i walk and really have not been able to at all. The doc says it becuase of the bone bruising. However, i have been doing abs everyday since the injury and super light leg press, adduction, abduction and leg curls. I have done a few upper body lifts on the machines but nothing to serious. I hurt my left pec last December and Im gonna give it this time to hopefully finally heal so I can recover completly fresh.

    I will start lifting upper body as soon as physically able. I will start PT the morning after surgery and i will do it as many hours as humanly possible. I know there is an off chance i can come back in six months for spring ball, but I dont think I want to push it.


    Before I had hurt my knee I had outlined goals i wanted to accomplish before the next year and I think they may have been to low and especially now that I will be using some gear. I had really looked forward to this offseason as the first one withou an injury and now its the worst. Freshman I broke my Jaw got a hernia and tore my hammy, Sophmore i tore my hammy and pec and this year ACL. I think though with my focus now 150% on ball they are still acheivable.

    Weight 235-245 Prior 245
    Squat 500+ PR 540
    Mile 6:00 PR 6:26
    Bench 360 PR 300-2
    40 yd 4.80
    Vert 31.0 PR 28.5
    300 yd shuttle 59.0 avg PR 60.5 avg
    Clean 300-4 PR 275-3
    Arms 18.0 PR 17.25
    Pro Agility 4.70 PR terrible


    Improve Blocking Footwork and stance
    Improve Confidence
    Improve recovery (icing, rest, strecthing overall mobility, sleep)
    Improve cardio and do more sprints
    Go 150 percent on all running workouts
    More abs

    SUPPLEMENTS the fun stuff

    this year will include just about everything i can do.....and any more if sponsors want me to

    -PP 1-t
    -Testosterone Recovery Stack
    -P slin and Anabolic Pump
    -Bulk Creatine mono
    -Bulk beta alanine
    -Bulk citruline malate
    -NO xplode
    -Waxy Maize
    -Scivation Whey
    -Multi 32 X
    -Fish oil
    -Sustain Alpha

    Then on top of all that I need to decide on a PH cycle for the spring. I was think two bottles of 1-andro, 4 ad and AROM X by AMS or Havoc or maybe the 1-t again if its good. I dunno...any suggestions?


    Hopefully next semster i will be off the meal plan. I plan to eat around 4,000 calories every day. On off days more like 3,500 and on hard days more like 4,100. The composition on hard days to light days will differ in amount of carbs, but protein will stay around 330g and fat around 170g. I will try and eat clean as hell and am hoping to cook all my chicken and beef myslef next semester. Main staples will be beef, chicken, flour, olive oil, greens, oatmeal, wheat bread/ pasta and eggs.


    Tarining is going to differ a lot with my recovery. i will post later where i wanted to be. Its an awesome football routine. I do two days a week of bodybuilding..ussually chest and high back and bis and then the other days are either running, neck abs or a combination of full body lifts/ legs and agilities/speed work.


    I just wana get back to the game that I love and have a good surgery and quick recovery. I will everything I can to acheive my goals and will push it in the gym, in the training room, in PT and in my room at night strecthing. I will post as much as I can. I will put the aweful post surgery pics up and progress pics. Please gimme some feedback on help and PH cycles and such....Thanks

  9. Day 1

    Had surgery yesterday....went perfect the doc said. Used hamstring graft. My knee hurts like hell now. Went to PT this morning and had about 30 degrees of motion. She said my leg muscles were real good for the first day. Gave me leg lifts, leg slides, calf pumps and quad sets. She said i should walk within four weeks...would have been 2 but had small lateral meniscus tear.

    They dont want me lifting upper body til i can walk so this is gonna suck. Think im gonna go 3 weeks to get back a bit and then take the 1=T after i can walk. As of right now the excercies are real hard and im stuck in bed peeing in a bucket.......

  10. Day 2

    Went to PT in the afternoon....did some more stuff. Did leg raises and then side leg raises to each side. Did these knee bends where you shake knee to get a start on breaking down scar tissue. Also did leg hangs on my belly to strecth out knee. Did some hamstring stretching and the PT stretched my hammy at the end. Went on bike and moved leg back and forth but could not get rotation. Had 85 degrees of bending as opposed to 40 the previous day.

  11. Day 3

    Did the same stuff today. Could not repeat excercises last nite as i got a fever and felt like i was gonna die. went to gym today and was on the bike again. It hurt like a mother f**ker but i got three full rotations backwards. Gonna do the stuff three times today. Really trying to get my knee to fully flex

  12. Day 4 and 5

    Real Crappy days. Had off and on fevers and just felt like death. Did not make much progress but continued to do excercises. Almost passed out again at PT yesterday. I have probablly lost forty pounds from the day i tore it up. This recovery sucks. My shin is swollen and real painful. I would not wish this on my worst enemy....this is terrible.

  13. Day 6

    Felt better. Went to PT and added some more excercises. Been doing quad squeezes with the stim machine hooked up in 10 second interavls. Did some seated leg bends. Was on my stomache and did some assisted hamstring curls....obviously no weight. The PT had me putting more weight on my leg and using it more on the crutches. She manually strethced my leg which makes my quad hurt like hell. I also stood at the edge of the table and moved my weight from leg to leg. It kinda sucks though as my hamstring is not working at all. I cant even pick my leg which is kinda depressing.

  14. Day 7 Week 1 Recap

    Acl surgery sucks

    I hope i picked the right graft and everything goes well. I have about 100 degrees of bend right now and super soreness in my quad when i do that. I just started trying to sleep on my side again last nite and showered today for the first time which was great. When I stand right now I am unable to bend my leg as my hamstring doesnt work. I still get a lot of pain in my high calf from the graft removal and my shin is still real swollen as is my quad. I think some of swelling is pooling in my butt as the spot where i tore my hammy way up high is getting sore.....could also be a result of the graft.

    I feel a million times better today than sunday and stopped taking the pain killers after day 5. Hopefully I will start walking in three weeks and when i go to see the doc on monday i will be ahead of schedule. Good luck to anyone who is thinking of getting this done....its rough and I would not have been able to get through the first week without great support.

    When i took a shower i looked in the mirror for the first time in a week. I hope i did not lose too much weight becuase I still do not look like I have any less bodyfat. If anything I feel like i got fatter which I dont think is possible without eating much. My body looks like sh"t though and i have a long way to go.

    I also wanted to add in that i have been almost unable to regulate my own body temperature. Either im super cold or burning up. I also lose my breath taking a piss....where did my wind go?

  15. Day 7

    Did all the excercies on my PT appt. today. I went out to fridays and had a bad meal and a coke. From here its all + and i will never do that again. It was the last meal. Its werid though...ever since i stopped having four scoops of protein a day and eating so much for three years straight without a break my sense of taste is like a million times stronger. Im having a tough time bringing myself to eat the grilled chicken and crap i used to eat.

    I had to keep my leg up at dinner and sat in a chair for the first time for about an hour. This really tightened up my hamstring and its quite painful. Hope i didnt do any damage. Im just gonna let it be and not stretch it at all. Ill talk to PT tommorow.

  16. Day 8, 9, 10

    On day 8 i met with the PT for the fifth time. Added a bunch of new stuff. Did lateral and linear wabble board, band behind knee extensions, weighted leg raises with 2 lbs, rope round foot knee bends, calf raises, and hamstring strecthes to stretch the knee capsule. Felt a little better after getting more excercises. Im gonna make sure to try and get as much flexion this weekend as possible before i see the doc and new PT. I did the same excercises yesterday and today and am really trying to get where I need to be. I can wait to be able to lift again.

  17. Day 11

    ROM is still pretty painful past 90 in the quad but i think its getting easier to get to 90. My quad has shrunk so much and my hamstring still doesnt work. Feeling better though and heading back to school tommorow.

  18. Day 12

    Met with the PT at school and the doctor again. Bend was about ninety. I am kinda pissed because my brace was locked out when it should not have been and my swelling was kinda bad. Should have communicated with the PT at home. The doc said the repair went great and that I think he removed 10 percent of my lateral meniscus but im not sure.

    Day 14

    Went to PT again and went on a special bike that can change its pedals based on how much bend you have. I was measured at 90 today and and rode the bike for 10 minutes, did leg raises with a 1-1/2 pound ankle weight on and tried to do leg curls prone. I had rear leg lifts also added in. Im feeling better everyday and have been taking 3 motrin and 1 fish oil in the morning and night. I sleep with the cryocuff on to try and get some swelling down.

    I am hoping I will be back to walking in about 2 weeks and can get back in the gym. Everyone has been saying how skinny I am and i lost 25-30 pounds since being hurt five weeks ago. Im about 215 now and just look like absolute crap. My plan is to lift upper and abs for three weeks...hopefully put on 5-7 pounds and then start the 1-t/sustain alpha and hopefully put another 8-10 on.

    My spirits get better everyday. I have been making progress on my wall slides and got my hamstring to contract a bit today. Once i can walk i will start protein again and finally be able to go to the caf and eat like normal...

  19. not a lot of posts on here.....and not a lot of help from companys ive asked for help. You think a company would help out a college athlete with a log sponsor way before some nerdy guy who sits at his computer all day and says things like "cardio", "lift or die", "ectomorph" and just thinks he knows what pushing it really is.....Cmon give me a break. I would greatly appreciate help...but will post anyway as I like keeping track.

  20. Day 16

    Felling a lot better. Up to 108 degrees today they measured me at. got a lot more hamstring firing and bending. Just need to get the swelling and stability back. I feel real unstable when doing calf raises. My calf also is real paiful and doesnt feel good.

  21. Still following along Pav; glad to hear the recovery is coming along well. Don't push yourself too hard and hurt something now! My roommate just went in for an MRI to see if he tore his ACL, so he might be in a similar boat.

  22. hey,

    thanks for following man. Good luck to your roomate....this aint a lot of fun. Im going at it hard but doing everything the PT says and nothing more. I think im ahead of schedule as far as bending goes so hopefully I will be walking and in the gym in two weeks. I cant wait to start eating and lifting again....Im a skeleton at 215!!!!

  23. Day 18

    Knee is a little less stiff this morning. Felling better and doing more and more excercise and getting better with everything. I just dont know when its to much...def gonna talk to the PT about that. Less than two weeks until i can lift again....yes!!

  24. Day 19

    Went to PT today. I feel like they dont understand the type of athelete i am and the PT is way to easy. I wana do more. I went on the special bike for 10 minutes which was easy. The trainer at school measured me at 110-112 today which isnt bad, but full flexion for me is around 147 which is a big jump. They want me there by six weeks so that is roughly 1.5 degrees a day until then. Im still on the cructhes and i really wana get off them...i have been walking around a bit without them with the brace. My quad is still tiny and weak, but my hammy is making progress as far as bending goes. Im gonna do some more stuff tonite and then go in the pool tommorow i think. We shall see.

  25. Day 20

    Walked around a bunch today without the crutches!! I did my excercises as ussual in the training room, but then went in the pool and did some more stuff. I walked in the pool trying to get rid of the gate and also did a bike thing hanging onto the wall. My hamstring curls are better today and i think i have more range of motion. I did not get measured, but i think its better. We shall see tommorow. Oh and yeah i lifted today. Crappy lift but the first one back. I was 221 with my shoes, sweathirt and down about 30.

    INCLINE MACHINE PRESS 40-20 50-15 60-10 70-6
    TRICEP EXTENSION 90-15 100-15 110-15 120-15
    MACHINE OVERHEAD PRESS 30-10 40-15 50-15 60-15
    FLY MACHINE 25-15 40-15 55-15
    NECK MACHINE 30-10 40-10 50-10
    MACHINE SHOULDER RAISE 40-10 50-15 60-15


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