College Athletes ACL reconstruction Recovery

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  1. Day 23 Rehab bike 218.8

    Im really pissed about the weight....I have been eating more but it didnt go up so i need to eat even more. Its prob cuz i increased my intake yet at the same time went from lieing in bed to working on my knee four hours a day. I went down stairs today for the first time and worked on locked my leg out at the top of going up stairs. My leg is feeling better. I did about ten minutes on the horizontal bike and then went on the uprite for ten with some resistance. I went back to do the same thing after my first dinner but only did five minutes cause i had to leave early. The trainers added a band excercise for locking my leg out. Walking is getting better and my gait is going away....just gotta get my leg muscles back and upper body. Tommorow im gonna do rehab neck, abs and thats it and then sunday some biceps. I had the seat at nine today on the upright bike and wana lower it tommorow.

    I got measured however at about 120 today which is awesome. Just need to get to 147. Its a slow process but gonna get back to 240 and deisel in no time hopefully. My back and arms are kinda sore from yesterday though. Gonna eat some eggs now and then do some PT abs and sleep and then do it again tommorow and hopefully add more bike and resistance.....

  2. Day 24 Rehab, Neck, Abs

    Weighed in this morning and was real light. I went on the bike for twenty minutes this morning with some resistance and did the four way neck before our game. I stood for like three hours today and my knee is real sore. I didnt do as much pt stuff as i have been doing because it was tight. I have however been going up stairs better and got cleared to drive today....Tommoroww will be biceps and bike and a lot of rehab and hopefully some time for homework..............

  3. Just ordered a knee supplement off of custom capsule that i made!! Gonna use that for twelve weeks and see how it makes me feel....some cissus, msm, chondroiton and glucosamine.

  4. Day 25 221.6 Rehab, Bike, Abs

    Went on the bike for twenty before and increased the resistance a bit. I am happy to see the weight over 220 so now only about 20 more pounds to go. I feel that last time i was 240+ i was quite soft. I really wana put emphasis on eating healthy and NEVER cheating with sweets or crap. Im hoping to be up to about 225ish in two+ weeks when i start 1-t.

    However i lifted biceps today and boy was it sh#tty for the first time back to arms. My arms are not used to the beating or hypertophy. I also have been taking 3 ibuprofen in the morning and at nite which may be killing my lifts. Im gonna stop taking that in lou of my custom capsule joint support i made.

    CABLE CURL 12.5-20 17.5-20 20-15 25-15
    PRACHER BARB CURL 45-15 50-15 55-15 55-8 DROP 45-10
    ZOTTOMAN DB CURL 20-20 22.5-11 20-10 20-10
    4 PART WALL CURL 10-40
    FOREARM CURL 75-20 75-20 75-20

    An overall terrible lift with terrible numbers...Im gonna do neck tommorow and a lot of abs and maybe more bike and some abs tonite after dinner. My butt hurts so bad sitting on the bike uncomfortable

  5. Did the bike for another 20 and a tiny bit of abs. I think my knee blew up a bit and was kinda hurting on the way back on the outside bottom of my knee cap. Im really trying to get my gait back but my leg doesnt have the snap my other one has when i walk. I am not gonna do any PT stuff tonite but just rest and ice and i took ibuprofen and some fish oil. Tommorow is physical therapy and neck and abs. My right hip flexor has been kinda sore and crappy lately probablly because my hamstring really doesnt work. Tuesday will be chest as im giving the full week to get to 100 percent after the first workout and im gonna do flat bench and take some NO xplode. Hopefully it isnt complelty embarrassing......

  6. Day 26 Abs, Bike, PT

    Weighed in today a little less than yesterday so doubled up at dinner. PT was okay today and they measured me at 122 degrees which they said was real good. However i still can really lock my leg out on step ups. My PT is a really nice lady but she knows no where near as much as my team back home.

    My biceps today are hella sore from yesterday. Tommorow im gonna do neck, chest, tris and shoulders and bench and hope my shoulder and pec dont bother me. I took ibuprofen tonite but will not tommorow. Im gonna start some NO xplode tommorow and hope my custom capsules come in soon. Im still sleeping with the cryocuff thing on. I just hope my chest workout tommrow is not to embarassing. Two weeks from wed ill be starting the 1-T!!

  7. Day 27 Neck, PT, Bike, Chest, Tris, Shoulders 224.3 little bloated

    I must preface this workout with the fact my 5 rep bench is down 90 pounds and i have absolutly no muscular endurance. I did the bike for liek 12 minutes today and then my a## really started to hurt and my good hamstring started getting tight. I then did my pt stuff and did the stick for the first time and went a little harder on hamstring curls. Now my middle mid hammy is sore when i walk and feels pretty ****. I hope its no pull but just aggarvation from the stick. I hope it feels much better tommorow. We shall see. My knee is feeling abit better i think but my quad is still tiny. I mayy not use the cryocuff tonite as i am running low on ice.

    Doing the bike today my good hamstring got real tight. I had the bike a notch lower which was good i guess. I took no xplode for the first time today and again as usual three to four hours later my head feels like absolute crap.

    BENCH PRESS (3-5) 135-12 175-12 205-6 205-4 200-5 195-5 155-10 145-7
    DIPS(1:00) 5,4,4
    MACHINE OVERHEAD PRESS 50-10 70-10 80-9 90-5
    TRICEP EXTENSION 100-15 120-15 130-15 140-10 DROP (1:00)
    SIDE RAISES 10-10 12.5-10 15-10 15-9 (1:00)
    4 WAY NECK 60 70 80

    I hope my strength rebounds fast because that sucked and was terrible. Hopefully im real sore tommorow in a good way and my hamstring feels better. I do not need another obstacle in my way especially now that i need to progress

  8. Day 28 PT

    Went to Pt today...went on the bike did my excercises and then added 20 sec leg balance, light leg press and calve raises on the leg press machine. I will do the same thing on day 29 and will do back, abs and probably not neck as its pretty sore. All of my time has been consumed eating, doing PT and school and i have been doing a lot of eating. I havent added oatmeal in the morning but i may soon enough....prob tommorow.

    I have received a log of the new ragnorak and wil move my log there soon

  9. ACL reconstruction. Brings back memories. I had a great therapist. He was was an all-star running back for Ohio State. He blew out both knee's, and was no longer able to play. He pushed me, and I had a hella fast recovery.

  10. yeah ive been going as hard as i possibly can. my knee feels good, but boy does my hamstring hurt

  11. officially moving it to here

    Pavb10: RagNOrok Ultra Sponsored Log

  12. I think it was like a year before I could remotely put pressure on that knee, kneeling down.

  13. i got a hamstring graft not pateller

  14. Ouch. Well the first surgeon that was going to do the operation, wanted to go that route. I didn't mind. One of his colleagues he was bring in to assist, is/was the orthopedic surgeon for the FL Panthers. I was worried, but felt in good hands. I ended up changing jobs just before the surgery, so it didn't get done.

    After my full benefit's kicked in with the new job, I'm finally found another OS, Dr. Mead. The guy is phenomenal. He videoed the operation for me, so I could see what he was doing in my knee. Two weeks after my surgery, he did a double knee replacement on my mom. We both had the same therapist. Supporting each other through those days of pt was a must.

    I can remember how my leg looked after surgery. WoW....all messed up, and colorful.

    Still pretty much for a couple of weeks a year, I get some wicked pain in that knee.

    Alright enough of my rambling....I wish you a speedy recovery!!!!!

    My brother is recovery from surgery yesterday. He ruptured his distal bicep tendon. 6in cut on the inside of his arm to reconnect the bicep. He'll be in a cast for 6-7 weeks.

  15. yeah the guy who did mine is the second oppionon doc for the nfl players assocaition. He went with the hamstring becuase thats what he has been doing. I feel like the pateller lets u do more hamstring strengthening and stuff much quicker but ure knee hurts...while with the hamstring ure knee doesnt really hurt but ure hamstring doesnt really work for a while. I dunno both have there ups and downs. i hope to have mostly ups and play next year....


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