College Athletes ACL reconstruction Recovery

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  1. officially moving it to here

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  2. I think it was like a year before I could remotely put pressure on that knee, kneeling down.

  3. i got a hamstring graft not pateller

  4. Ouch. Well the first surgeon that was going to do the operation, wanted to go that route. I didn't mind. One of his colleagues he was bring in to assist, is/was the orthopedic surgeon for the FL Panthers. I was worried, but felt in good hands. I ended up changing jobs just before the surgery, so it didn't get done.

    After my full benefit's kicked in with the new job, I'm finally found another OS, Dr. Mead. The guy is phenomenal. He videoed the operation for me, so I could see what he was doing in my knee. Two weeks after my surgery, he did a double knee replacement on my mom. We both had the same therapist. Supporting each other through those days of pt was a must.

    I can remember how my leg looked after surgery. WoW....all messed up, and colorful.

    Still pretty much for a couple of weeks a year, I get some wicked pain in that knee.

    Alright enough of my rambling....I wish you a speedy recovery!!!!!

    My brother is recovery from surgery yesterday. He ruptured his distal bicep tendon. 6in cut on the inside of his arm to reconnect the bicep. He'll be in a cast for 6-7 weeks.

  5. yeah the guy who did mine is the second oppionon doc for the nfl players assocaition. He went with the hamstring becuase thats what he has been doing. I feel like the pateller lets u do more hamstring strengthening and stuff much quicker but ure knee hurts...while with the hamstring ure knee doesnt really hurt but ure hamstring doesnt really work for a while. I dunno both have there ups and downs. i hope to have mostly ups and play next year....


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