Anavar Only Cycle

  1. Anavar Only Cycle

    hello name is Matt(17 years old 5'3 155lbs about 12% bodyfat) 2 years of lifting and a couple months of serious dieting. Ill upload pics later once i get my new camera. I am on a 3,500cal diet and i am running Anavar @ 40mg. I am also taking jack3d, orange triad, and 100% Whey Protein. Ill update this log every 2 weeks i already started the cycle on the 14th of September. So far i noticed a lot of vascularity also the pumps are amazing. For liver protection i am taking Milk Thistle, R ALA, NAC, Vitamin C and E, and lots of water.

  2. Saw your cycle, but no followups. How did you do? What kind of gains? Any fat loss from the ab region? Any sides?

  3. Hopefully he never did this cycle since hes only 17

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