6 Week PPlex/Epi Bridge

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    I'm thinking that 190-194 would be more realistic without putting on too much fat. I hate gaining visceral fat. It always seems that I have to burn all of it before burning much subcutaneous fat. That means it takes a couple of weeks of dieting before I even begin to notice a change in the mirror.
    Are you planning to cut calories to reduce and lean out your gains? If not, I think it's more likely you will stay at 194 after pct at your current gain rate, I am sure you will reach the 200# point then dry out the extra water and stuff on pct and comeback down to low/mid 190's after pct is done. You're gonna be hiiiiiiiuuuuuuuuuge hehehe

  2. Day 14 Workout

    Hammer curls 40's x 15 RP
    Db Holds 105's x 2 sets
    Standing Calf Raises 275 x 20 RP
    Hamstring Curls 85each x 21 RP
    Hack Squat 300 x 23 RP

  3. Day 16 Workout

    Inc. Db Press 105's 1x10
    Db Flies 60's 2x10
    Military Cable Press 120 x 15 RP
    Rev. Bench Press 160 x 18 RP
    Weighted Chins bw+25 x 17 RP
    Db Rows 85's 2 x 9

    Today's workout felt pretty good. I think the Havoc's starting to kick in. I almost got up the 105's for 11. I'll go for 110's the next time this workout comes around. Even though I feel pudgy, there's still no noticeable fat gain on the calipers or in the mirror.

  4. Day 17 Workout

    Incline Db Curls 45's x 14 RP
    Reverse Forearm Curls 30 x 22 RP
    Seated Calf Raises 315 x 21 RP
    Sumo Deadlifts 325 x 9, 235 x 20
    ATG Smith Squats 325 x 17 RP

  5. Day 18 Workout

    Incline Smith Press 255x15 RP
    Mil. Machine Press 165x16 RP
    Weighted Dips 65x18 RP
    WG Pulldowns Back 160x18 RP
    CG Cable Rows 190x17 RP

  6. Day 19 Workout

    EZ Preacher Curl 80 x 21 RP
    Forearm Curls 90 x 23 RP
    Donkey Calf Raise 455 x 22 RP
    Romainian DL 325x10, 245x20
    Leg Press 770x10, 520x20

    Strength seems to be coming on a little stronger now with the Epi. I've always felt that was one of epi's strong points. I need to start using straps for the DL's after doing wrist curls. I can barely hold on.

    Also, I was 182 this morning.

  7. Week 3 Results

    Bodyweight: 183.8
    Calves 15.5"
    Thighs 23.4"
    Waist 32"
    Chest 43"
    Biceps 15.75"
    Forearms 13.1"

    I'm amazed that my thighs have blown up so quickly. On the other hand, my arms need the most help and seem to be struggling the most. Any suggestions? Maybe I need to drop the rest-pause sets and move to something higher volume for them.

  8. Day 21 Workout

    Hammer Press 340 x 19 RP
    Mil. DB Press 75's x 15 RP
    CG Bench Press 195 x 14 RP
    CG Pulldowns 200 x 17 RP
    WG Rows 180 x 15 RP

  9. Day 22 Workout

    Hammer curls 40's x 17 RP
    Db Holds 110's x 2 sets
    Standing Calf Raises 295 x 19 RP
    Hamstring Curls 90each x 21 RP
    Hack Squat 320 x 24 RP

  10. Day 23 Workout

    Inc. Db Press 110's 1x11
    Db Flies 65's 2x9
    Military Cable Press 120 x 17 RP
    Rev. Bench Press 165 x 18 RP
    Weighted Chins bw+35 x 13 RP
    Db Rows 85's 2 x 11

  11. Day 24 Workout

    Incline Db Curls 45's x 17 RP
    Reverse Forearm Curls 40 x 15 RP
    Bi-Articulate Calf Raises 315 x 18 RP
    Sumo Deadlifts 335 x 10, 245 x 19
    Leg Extensions 120 x 17 RP

  12. Day 26 Workout

    Incline Smith Press 265x14 RP
    Mil. Machine Press 170x17 RP
    Weighted Dips 70x18 RP
    WG Pulldowns Back 175x16 RP
    CG Cable Rows 190x21 RP

  13. Day 27 Workout

    EZ Preacher Curl 90 x 15 RP
    Forearm Curls 100 x 18 RP
    Donkey Calf Raise 490 x 18 RP
    Romainian DL 335x10, 250x19
    Leg Press 790x10, 540x20

  14. Week 4 Results

    Bodyweight: 186.4
    Calves 15.6"
    Thighs 23.8"
    Waist 32.5"
    Chest 43.2"
    Biceps 16"
    Forearms 13.2"

  15. So, I haven't been very good about keeping this updated over the past week, but I promise to be better for my last week and PCT.

    Week 5 Results

    Bodyweight: 189.6
    Calves 15.75"
    Thighs 24"
    Waist 32.5"
    Chest 44"
    Biceps 16.1"
    Forearms 13.25"

    My diet has been pretty ****ty this past week, but I still haven't put on significant fat. I might be up about a % from where I started. I must have been measuring my chest incorrectly, because I wasn't able to get a measurement under 44" this week. I'm getting a few lower back and calf pumps which I've had in the past with Epi.

  16. Week 6 Results

    Bodyweight: 191.6
    Calves 15.8"
    Thighs 24.1"
    Waist 32.5"
    Chest 44.25"
    Biceps 16.1"
    Forearms 13.25"

  17. So, how is your pct coming along?


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