Ok i'm recomping from my first real "cut"

    I've decided to log my journey back into beast hood, shattering every previous personal record along the way

    Stats PRECUT:

    Weight: 184 pounds
    BodyFat: Estimated 14-15%
    Lifts: 350 flat bench, 375x6 squats(Ok so I hurt my knees real bad last bulk season and took a major break from squats, so they have dropped tremendously however im slowly gaining back with better form then ever. As for Deadlifts these werent really an excercise I trained strength wise, usually always endurance so I don't have any real max, I'll estimate around 350 though.)

    Precut pics:


    Weight: Believe I dropped down to 147 at one point.
    Bodyfat: I'll estimate again at 7.5-7 percent.
    Lifts: Didn't have a heavy lift regiment here



    Weight: 154
    Bodyfat: I'll say around 8.5 percent.
    Lifts: Ok at 150 I hit 310 for 3 on flatbench, however the weight put a strain on my shoulders I didn't like so i'm going to slowly ease into it, squats are pretty bad right now 225x5, but like I said easing back in, Deads aswell..335 for 1.


    FYI I ****in hate the dave matthews band, i'm not a "brah" or anything my brother was stoned and was like here maaann got you this trying to be nice about it and i was probably too busy reading supplement reviews to argue lol

    Alright by this winter I want to hit a max bench of 405, deadlift of 500, and squat of 405, the main factors of my workout are intensity, I don't workout I train, I enter the gym as Ghangus Khan preparing to ravage and destroy all who stand in my way, (yes that means you skinny kids with long hair and abercrombie shirts who talk infront of a bench for 12 minutes about how 65 reps of arnold-ronnie curls are the best for bicep mass) if im not sweating blood i'm doing something wrong...or im internally bleeding..either or lol LETS GET IT ON!!!!!

    Diet: Now as far as diet goes, I'm dirty bulking if im gunna gunna bulk...with consideration to fat moderation, i really don't want to look like im pregnant again, but if it must be done, then it must be done!!!!

    Supplements: Well of course the staples..eaas creatine etc I just grabbed me some Ether and i'm gunna ease in to the recomp with DTH/Sunami stack, before I try the new DTP

    Training: As of now i'm just on a self based routine being a 4 day split monday chest/bis tues: back wens: off thurs: shoulders/tris Fri:legs weekendff I may go another week of this just because I love the variety but i eventually plan on getting back on Bill Starrs 5x5

    ::taps protein shake contains together:: A toast to a new age of man meat and strength of an ancient greek god!!!

  2. Alright missed monday was pretty pissed but got in there today at 8:30 gym closed at 9 grr

    I think im goign to start bill stars 5x5 this ocming monday

    alright tday was chest

    So flat bench 185x5, 225x5 285x5

    Incline DB press 110x7 100x6

    Incline bench 225x3

    Fried at this point

    Cable cross over flyes 100x8 100x8

    Bodyweight dips did a quick set of 10

    Gym closed so i did 2 sets of 25 push ups with my feet up on the curb haha

  3. Pretty furious right now..such bad insomnia..i'm still awake at the moment..was jsut about to fall asleep until the Maury show came on and I had to watch which transgender midget slept with whos step father.

    Been thinking about getting on some anabolic pump since..carbs are a part of my any time..hell i just had a footlong sub I was saving for tomorrow, oh well lol.

    Tommorrows back day..I'm on DTH now got it yesterday

    Dosed it 2/2/2 today and i'll be stacking it with sunami..probably placebo atm..but I respond quickly and im feeling like i want to work out (arnold voice) NEOW!!!!!!!

    Anyway i'm going to 1RM 375 deadlift tommorrow, thats +35 from last week but I think i'll nail it..provided on my sleep ahhhhhhhhhhhhh gunna attempt to again for the 388448th time

  4. Slept till 8ish again today, missed my gym..snuck into Planet Sissyness, and annihilated deadlifts was going for a not so sure dead lift today of 375..well i hit 385 thats +50 from last week

    Workout as follows.

    Deadlifts 135x5 225x5, 375x1, 385x1 315x5

    T bar rows 6 plates (270 +45bar=315) 315x2,
    5 plates 270x5
    4 plates 225x8

    Was very shot here mentally taxed after deads, but i pushed through

    Olympic curls 135x4, 105x10

    DB hammer curls 70x5 60x8

    One handed cable curls
    Right 140x8, 140x8
    Left 140x8, 140x8

    chin ups 1x10

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