I Force Methadrol PheraFLEX 6 Week Log

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  1. For sure. Tomorrow ill get back at that resistance training!


    30 Minutes Cardio

    I might go in later and just stretch out and relax. im sore and worn down.

  2. Subbed tear it up travis!

  3. Davidlee
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    sub'd, keep it up buddy

  4. David, hman! thanks guys! good to see you along for the ride!!
  5. Davidlee
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    RIDE? I'm drivin this hoe!

  6. LMAO. alright take it away man haha.


    Starting Weight: 195 1/4
    Weight: 199 3/4 (+5 1/4)

    Vertical Machine Press: 4x10 @ 250
    Incline DB Press: 3x8-10 @ 70/70
    DB Flyes: 4x10 @ 45/45
    Cable Crossovers: 3x10 @ 30/30 on free nautalis.

    usually lifts are higher. im in the 85-90 range for db press, and i can flye 60-65 for reps. but today i was hurried for work time so all was kinda a quick burst weight day kinda deal. i also did some abs. decline sit ups and russian twists with a medicine ball

    this cycle is firing up. im looking so full, its great! and only day four!! this is with massive stress and the break up of my girlfriend. so all in all, when im usually losing weight. im gaining. good deal. cant wait till the stress goes away and i can optimize this cycle.

    Sides. nips are a little puffy from the high dose of phera. this isnt gyno tho, just puffy. its normal. if i get any itchy, or lumps ill start some nolva. im not concerned at this point.

  8. DAY SIX: Shoulders

    Military Press: 4x10,8,6,5 @ 185

    Lateral Raise: 4x10,8,8,8 @ 35/35

    Cable Front Raise: 4x12,12,10,10 @ 160-170

    Military press/Upright Row Superset: 2x the bar 25/25 reps

    Didnt way into today.

    the only sides im getting are lethargy and sleeplessness. but its pretty bad. hard to sleep

    Weight: 201 (+6)

    Wide Grip Pull-Ups: 3x10 @ BW
    Lat PullDown: 4x12,12,10,10 @ 170
    T-bar Row: 3x8,8,8 @ 115
    Seated Row: 3x 10 @ 170
    DB Shrugs: 4x10 @ 60/60

    Weight was good today. im feeling leaner and this is the week where the muscle starts to come on and the weight is less due to the glycogen stores. I still feel lethargic and have still been having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. i tried taking the last dose earlier today to see if i can get it out of my system by the time i go to bed tonight. ill see if it works

    vascularity is great!

  10. you taking any sleep supps? and i alwayz have to dose all my AAS's as early as possible, other wise theres no way to get sleep. I also tried that bulk 1-carboxy, and dosed it pretty high, as long as i did on an empty stomache, it puts me right out.

  11. post for clarity: I have yet to try the bulk-1 carboxy on cycle and would have to research it first.

  12. bulk 1 carboxy huh? i might have to look into this. i need a sound nights sleep. im thinking that might help with that lethargy throughout the day. i think that side has all to do with the lack of sleep during the night. thanks for the suggestion man.

  13. any more updates?
    I'm interested in both these products from iforce. sounds like its going great so far. good luck

  14. how have these last 4 days been travis hows the wrist now

  15. Hey Travis,

    Hope all is going well on this cycle. Been a few days since your last post. Other than the wrist everything still good to go?

  16. Hey man how's the cycle goin?

  17. Oh man, I hope that 1 carboxy didn't put him into a coma. Trav wake up.

  18. FDA got em'?

  19. I love it man, finished up a p-plex cycle about 2 months ago and now i am getting ready to do the same stack you are doing but not as long on the p-plex, digging the front load of the m-drol instead of what most people do as p-plex first, tear the gym up!

  20. I know how you feel about breaking up with your gf on cycle. I've had that happen too and threw all her **** out on the front lawn. Looking back though it was great as it gave me time to go to the gym more and something to focus on.

    I'm looking to run a Mdrol bridged to phera with 2 weeks of them stacked in the middle so will be very interested to see how this goes.

    you getting any blood work done before and after? not trying to scare you but this is probably the harshest cycle I could imagine and there are documented cases of liver failure from this stack. Not stopping ME from trying it too, hahahh, but i'll certainly be getting blood work done during and after. I'll need my liver and kidneys when i'm older!


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