I Force Methadrol PheraFLEX 6 Week Log

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  1. Good deal man. Stay tuned. I hope not to disapoint

  2. cool man. anyway get some food in pre-WO especially if you're going to do the olive oil method. I've lifted with just olive oil and steroid powders in my stomach and its not what my stomach wants, so take it with some food too, some carbs.

    Pound the food and watch the scale climb...
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  3. Unreal, Ive been waiting for you to come around today lol!!

    yeah man. I took it in with a serving of protein powder and some NOW Carbo-gain. but I was still feeling empty. Im so used to lifting after ive already took in 3000 calories that its different at the 250 calorie mark. but my body will get more used to it. the pump was sick today!

  4. So, this is going to be interesting. my girlfriend and I just broke up. Last time tis happened I lost 4-5 pounds. So, I guess we'll see how good this stack really is. I have to help her move her stuff out of my place when she gets off work tonight. This is going to be a ruff couple weeks. pretty down deal for this to happen two days after I get on cycle.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by TravisG View Post
    So, this is going to be interesting. my girlfriend and I just broke up. Last time tis happened I lost 4-5 pounds. So, I guess we'll see how good this stack really is. I have to help her move her stuff out of my place when she gets off work tonight. This is going to be a ruff couple weeks. pretty down deal for this to happen two days after I get on cycle.
    That sucks man. I hope y'all work things out. I wouldn't worry about the cycle too much man, just take care of whats really important...unless you broke up with her, then its full speed ahead! No, but seriously, I hope things work out for you.

  6. Thanks man, means alot.

  7. Welll F***. Remember that bad wrist?? Last night walking down the stairs (thier wooden) I slipped from my socks, fell from the third sock up and made a nice trip to the ER. Im now in a huge splint and wont be lifting for a while so this log is on hold....this is so ****ty. but in the mean time im going to get some CEL pplex to run along sude my methadrol! and grab some nolva for on cycle. so this might go better than orginallp planned. im also going to up my dosage of pplex since its 10mg. with the 2 new bottles ill run it..20/30/30/30/40/40!! stay tuned.

  8. dude that is gay how long till your all healed up man

  9. Well, I didn't see that one coming! Me and you are too much alike! Get well soon!

  10. Im so pissed....honestly. im going to say two weeks!! If all goes well.

  11. Wrist is feeling pretty good. im thinking ill be ready to go mid next week.

  12. Travis man take care of that wrist. I told my wife about your situation because she started giving me grief about the amount of time I was spending on AM reading and she was like, "at least I support your decision to run cycles even if I don't agree with it." So I compromised and spend a little less time online.

    Have you been wrapping your wrists for every workout prior to the misshap with the stairs anyway?

  13. yeah haha. i have lifting straps so i had been having them wrapped even on leg days. and it was about 90% and than the stairs went down and im back to ground zero. not cool man. yeah i got that talk from my girl as well lol.

  14. subbed, and let me say this log has the best format

  15. thank you lyfespan!

    Id like to report to all that i went in today to the gym, not to do a workout but to see how my wrist feels on all important lifts. im happy to report that it is good enough to begin my cycle again!!!!....!!!!!!!!!!

    this wrist problem has been on-going now for 6 weeks. so i have not been able to get a good lift in for that long. so there are some major changes going on with this cycle. i know its overboard but i got some muscle to get back. again, i know its too much. but this is how im doing it and im expieranced enough to do so. so follow the log and enjoy it. its not your nipples lol.

    AD: 0/ 0/ 0/0.5/0.5/0.5

    PCT will remain the same. see above for info.

    *AD: Arimidex

  16. alright bro hit it hard
    got a question tho your pp how r u going to only increase 5mg arent they 10 or 15 mg caps

  17. thanks man. i will

    Haha, ive been waiting for someone to ask that.

    Im going to have CEL PPlex (10mg) and I force Pheraflex (15mg)

    my pheraflex is going to run out in week 5, at that point i will switch over to pplex (same compound0 and finish off at 5 pills a day for the last week!

    I was waiting for that question haha

  18. yea i was kinda confused on that one just that u were going to wing in break open a cap and evenly devided it into 3 doeses of 5 mg didnt even think of the manufaturer switch
    so whens day one bro

    WEIGHT: 197 1/4 (+2)


    Barbell Curl: 115xto failure (8-10)
    Superset W/
    Skull Crushers: 115xto failure (6-10)

    Preacher Curl: 95xTF (8-10)
    SS W/
    Rope Pushdown: 120x TF (8-15)

    Incline DB Curl: 40xTF 6-9
    SS W/
    Close Grip Bench Press:185 TFx (8-10)

    High Cable Curl: 50xTF (8)
    SS W/
    Straight Bar Pushdowns: 150xTF (8-10)

    Great pump tonight with no sides to report. this was the best workout i have had in months. i have my old lifting partner back, and we tear it up together. no talk, no b.s. we get great workouts together.

    Im up two pounds from when I had to stop last week, and that weigh in was post workout, after I had sweated and really tore it up. Im hoping to to back to 200 soon. the wrist hurt, but it was nothing too bad.

    Legs Tomorrow.

  20. Nice day, everytyme i see "skullcrushers", all i can picture is Arnold in Stay Hungry, hes just repping 135 like nothing

  21. Haha that workout has so many names. skull crushers. laying tri extension. ez bar tri extension. the list goes on and on. if i can do 115 im sure arni can do 135 in his sleep haha.

  22. He just repping away,like the bar wuz a piece of spaghetti

  23. The "govanator of californeea" is something to behold. not these days but once upon a time. 115 last night was pretty damn heavy. that was 45 lb plates on each side of the ez curl bar. Arni is redunkulous!

  24. yeah i just started the skullcrushers, i can rep the ez-curl and 25's, arms are still growing, i started back at the gym a yr ago, arms were like 13", and just did a cold measure yesterday, im at 15 1/2R 15 1/4L

  25. Woah man, thats so serious growth. congrats on that bro. keep at it! im sure its motivation enough when the guns are growing like that!


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