The Longest Journey - Super Long Pulsed Cycle

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    As a gift to all for my reaching 50 posts I am finally posting my pre-cycle pictures. Enjoy, but not too much
    lol bro, that made me laugh,
    Gause institute member

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  2. Wink

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    lol bro, that made me laugh,
    I am always trying to please my fans.

  3. Week 3 of 10 - Day 15 of 67

    For today's update I'd like to mention that it was awesome...really good workout, the faster recuperation between sets + PR in almost every single exercise except 1, but that one got extra reps instead so it's a different type of PR. So far in this cycle it's all good, can hardly wait to see how far I'll be at the end....

  4. Week 3 of 10 - Day 18 of 67

    Hello everyone, a little late for the update, but I am here and I am sure you won't mind the small delay .

    Tuesday leg workout was good, a small but incrementing PR for the leg press and another for the hamstring curls...

    Wednesday chest... it was a bit hard...I had a too good arms day on monday and I was feeling a little bit of the DOMS from it, and it was affecting my recovery between sets on all the exercises that required triceps to be used, which where a lot.... I increased my PR on all my exercises but had to increase my break between sets to what I used to take before I started the cycle.

    My biceps are still feeling it a little still also, I hope it doesn't make my back workout this Thursday too inconvenient.

    Besides this bittersweet news all is still on course with the cycle, strength is going up, weight went up quite a bit already this week...probably water accumulation from my sodium intake, been drinking a little too much soda this week.

  5. Looks like it's going good for you! Other than water retention, any sides to report?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    Looks like it's going good for you! Other than water retention, any sides to report?
    not really, except for the few pimples that have shown on my forehead. No lethargy either, no problem sleeping, hunger is pretty good. Even with the water retention, I don't look bloated at all. I actually feel the fat around the abs to be thinner somewhat. I actually look thinner than in the pre-cycle picture.

  7. Week 3 of 10 - Day 18 of 67

    Today was back day and it wasn't that back..I mean bad hehe (bad joke I know).

    like what I thought yesterday, I was affected by the biceps DOMS and recovery between sets wasn't great, much better than yesterday for the triceps but still slower that last week. Several new PR's. Leg raises was my last exercise and it was quite funny, because of the numbness of the muscle from 160 leg raises when I tried to raise my foot to get into the car and my leg didn't raise all into the car, maybe some 6 inches tops but I was moving in like I expected it to go in and I almost fell over.

    It's not quite as fun as the back extensions or whatever they are called that you do on the roman chair, after I do then I walk like my lower back area is made of jello and I wobble as I walk since the muscle is so spent it can't regulate the balance properly, I think it's quite funny every time I do then.

    So another week of exercises completed, now I just have to eat and sleep lots to recover for next week and grow, grow and grow.

  8. Week 3 of 10 - Day 19 of 67

    Been feeling the DOMS real bad on my abs and hamstrings quite strongly today and to make it even better, in the place where I work at the elevator wasn't working and I was forced to carry almost all of the deliveries by hand around the building and then up a flight of stairs to the second floor... I am beat.

  9. Week 3 of 10 - Day 21 of 67

    Weekly Update

    Another good week has come and gone, hopefully another of the same will come my way. Like in previous weeks the dose will stay the same for the compounds and number of dose days will also stay the same. I hope gains keep coming my way as they have been. At this rate by end of the 10 weeks, I'll be quite buff

    Sides Effects.

    Water retention has done a evil thing to my waist this's wider than when I started the cycle... . I don't actually look any wider (in my eyes at least, and I basically only drink diet too.) but the tape doesn't lie, strange thing is that I can't really tell the difference in definition when I look at myself in the pre-cycle picture and my current self and my face isn't bloated at all. I'll see if I can get a picture in later for you guys to see and you can tell me if you can see any difference or if I am going blind . Acne has been at around the same level it's been since the start of the cycle, the sporadic small ones that have been showing up on my forehead the few red spots on my face. Face has been quite oil free, no oiliness what so ever which I find to be nice.

    Measurements as of today (cold flexed):

    Weight - 220.5 (+12.8) <----Quite the jump from last week
    Waist @ belly button - 37 1/2" (+1/2")
    Calf Left - 17 5/8" (+1/2")
    Calf Right -17 11/16" (+9/16")
    Thigh Left - 25 7/8" (+7/8")
    Thigh Right - 26 1/8" (+1 1/8")
    Chest - 45 1/2" (+1")
    Forearm Left - 13 1/2" (+1/2") <---- no change from last week
    Forearm Right - 13 1/2" (+1/2") <---- no change from last week
    Bi/Tri Left - 16 3/4" (+1")
    Bi/Tri Right - 17" (+1")

    For now this is it, and for those of you keeping an eye out on this, thanks.

  10. nice log man.

  11. Nice style of writing -well done

    Informative, with a little bit of humour and your personality is coming through.

    Keep it up.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by crowpass View Post
    nice log man.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by corsaking View Post
    Nice style of writing -well done

    Informative, with a little bit of humour and your personality is coming through.

    Keep it up.
    Thanks, I appreciate it. I just try to keep it interesting.

  14. Week 4 of 10 - Day 23 of 67

    Yesterday's workout was a milestone in this cycle, I completed the 1st 1/3rd of the cycle. yay.

    About yesterdays(got to this a little too late to put it on the same day as it happened) workout (arms and calf) it was very nice, the fast recovery was present and I managed a lots of new PR's. The whole workout lasted only 1 hour too which I think is very nice...

    This workout was so nice I am worried again about my chest workout Wednesday, I hope I am recovered enough to not have recovery issues between sets, or the workout will be long... I'll try to sleep an extra couple of hours into Wednesday to boost my recovery.

  15. Week 4 of 10 - Day 24 of 67

    Yay for today's workout, great energy and PR's galore. I noticed this the last time and wanted to make sure. I took my pills today and waited about 30 minutes then I ate a lot of simple carbs, oreo cookies for exemple After about 60 minutes later I was feeling incredibly hot, I was sweating my pants off and it wasn't hot at all where I am, I even had a fan blowing on me and I was still sweating.

    I didn't do my legs workout yesterday, so to compensate I splited it between today and tomorrow. Today I did the hamstring stuff since it's only 2 exercises, since I had 8 chest/shoulder exercises today. Tomorrow I have only 5 for back and abs so I'll be able to fit the ones for the quads in there a little easier.

    I only have one negative thing to add, because it was kind of busy today and ended up doing lateral raises early on...what a horrible mistake...I don't know how it is for everyone else, but for me I have to leave the front and side raise workouts for last because it does something to my shoulder and I can't do my other workout properly. My left shoulder keeps clicking when I do the sets on some exercises like rear delts and shoulder presses, and it hurts a bit around the shoulder blade when it clicks.

  16. Week 4 of 10 - Day 26 of 67

    Yesterdays workout in 2 words... very good. Good intensity, PRs in all the workouts and a horrible lower back cramp from the back extensions after a go with the roman chair. But, all in all it was nice. Felt incredibly hot all workout, that carb thing really does make you fell hot when you take this stuff. It does boost recovery at least. With this workout I completed week number 4, I'll get a picture sometime either this or next weekend for comparative purposes.

  17. This is probably the first time in a very long time that I have felt the back DOMS, my whole back from top to bottom is sore. Quite a good feeling actually.

  18. Week 4 of 10 - Day 28 of 67

    End of the Week Update:

    Hello all, today is the end of week 4 and I'll be bringing you another stats update this week.


    Really coming along nicely, in some exercises I know I could have been bringing the weight up more but, I decided that it's better to keep the increases in weight somewhat less and keep my reps up more that way.


    It's good, specially when a little more carb is added shortly after the pills.


    Acne has reduced by more than 50% compared to last few weeks, the breakouts have reduced to a point that I find it had to find hard to notice them when just taking a glance. No issues with the tool, it's working quite well...specially in the morning and before bed. No oiliness, no lethargy, and hunger has been good. I only noticed that pants are a little harder to fit as they used to... and after getting measurements my waist told me the reason...I am a little wider than before.

    Measurements as of today (cold flexed):

    Weight - 227 (+19.3)
    Waist @ belly button - 38 1/4" (+1 1/4")
    Calf Left - 17 5/8" (+1/2")
    Calf Right -17 5/8" (+1/2")
    Thigh Left - 26 1/16" (+1 1/16")
    Thigh Right - 26 1/4" (+1 1/4")
    Chest - 46" (+1 1/2")
    Forearm Left - 13 5/8" (+5/8")
    Forearm Right - 13 5/8" (+5/8")
    Bi/Tri Left - 17" (+1 1/4")
    Bi/Tri Right - 14 1/4" (+1 1/4")

    I'd say that except for the waist getting a bit larger, I like that all other measurements went up. I'll stay with the same dose as the previous weeks this week, and I hope this coming week will bring me as good results as this last in both added muscle size and in added strength.

  19. I am at the end of week 4 of my SPAWN pulse. Starting to get the feeling that the gains and strength have begun to plateau. Since you are doing a longer pulse are you having any such feelings and what are your thoughts for continuing the cycle once this may have happened. Is there any need or benefit to continue.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by luclyluciano View Post
    I am at the end of week 4 of my SPAWN pulse. Starting to get the feeling that the gains and strength have begun to plateau. Since you are doing a longer pulse are you having any such feelings and what are your thoughts for continuing the cycle once this may have happened. Is there any need or benefit to continue.
    Till now I've not felt anything in regards to the plateau, gains have been quite nice and steady in both strength and weight gain, not that I am very happy with my waist getting larger...but I guess it's for the greater good.

    But, my plan originally was to switch compounds when the plateau started to happen. I am sure I could just increase the dose but, that might not necessarily improve results back to the old levels. I have also been playing with how I dose my pills prior to the workouts...this last week I've been playing with doing 2/3 of my total dose before the workout and the last 1/3 as soon as I get home...and I eat/drink crazy amounts of carbs after I get home to increase the insulin levels in the blood after my workout to help boost muscle growth and recovery. It's been working nicely as per the results on this past week so I'll continue it for the coming weeks, until I figure something better.

    personally I'll only consider the cycle to have plateaued once both gains slow to only 1/16th of an inch across most of muscles for that week for 2 weeks in a row and/or that I don't increase my weights at least 5~10 pounds or 2 reps from the previous week for the same period. So far neither has happened so I consider it still all good. if it does happen I'll change a compound or too and see how it goes. hopefully since I've not suffered any real negative sides and gains have been good and steady, that it means that the body isn't getting used to the cycle and that it will last as close to the 10 weeks as possible....hopefully all of them.

  21. To help a little with the water bloat that I've been dealing with, yesterday I got an OTC diuretic. So far I've lost a couple of pounds, been going to the bathroom so much even drinking more water than usual. Maybe by tomorrow or the day after the rest of this extra water will be flushed and I'll get a little closer to my "actual" weight not this current improperly boosted watery weight.

  22. Week 5 of 10 - Day 29 of 67

    Today was good, PR's on all bicep and triceps exercises including the calf... I am already doing 125 x 8 on the triceps cable push-downs final set... but the machine caps at 155, I am wondering what I am going to do when I get there...just keep adding reps to it I guess.
    Oh yea, like I promised I got pictures for the end of week 4 so you guys and hopefully some girls can look at

  23. I weighted myself today again and I am at 225 pounds after losing a couple from the diuretics. However, like I said before I don't look like I got much fatter even being almost 20 pounds over what I started this cycle with. What do you guys think?
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  24. This are the ones for the back, trying to keep it separate since I am uploading a few more than last time.
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  25. just remind me of the dosages your on now and what you are taking

    This isnt meant to be insulting , but your body hair isnt doing you any favours if you want to show off your physique


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