Pizza's Home Delivery Log Mass Fx/ Novedex vs. Mass Fx/Hx2

  1. Pizza's Home Delivery Log Mass Fx/ Novedex vs. Mass Fx/Hx2

    Alright This is My first training log but I Will do this Right and I dont mind if yall criticize it or give some good feedback.. If yall wanna throw suggestions in as I go, feel free. This will be a 8 week cycle. List follows of what I'm Using:

    mass fx
    novedexy xt
    assualt (pre workout)
    creatine monohydrate
    fish oils
    mulit vitamins
    Anabolic Diet

    Now this will be learning curve but what i'm doing is trying mass fx with novedex xt since the novedex I had left over in cabinet. Then after 4 weeks is up I am switching to HX2 to give it a try for another 4 weeks. I figure since I was trying both why not log it to help others on what I think helped out and felt better.

    Pics will follow later in the day. I was never big on supplements because I never fully understood them and I wasn't ready. But now I have learned a lil and would love to continue to learn more about it and take the next steps as i grow with knowledge before jumping into situations i have no clue on.

    Enough of talking, that was the ground breaking of what i'm taking and follows is the routine I will stick bye. please feel free if i am doing something wrong or if you would like me to try something while on it, give me a shout.

    Mass Fx = 4 doses a day 1 in the morning 1 afternoon and 2 before workout
    novedex xt = 4x a day 1 in the morning 1 afternoon and 2 before bed

    Routine in gym right now

    coming off westside method
    My diet will be the anabolic diet while doing all this

    Later today I am going to grab my workout and my camera for pics at work and will add my workouts and the results thus far on the mass fx and novedex. I jsut wanted to get this out there first to see what everyone needed for a log.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by pizzathehut View Post
    Mass Fx = 4 doses a day 1 in the morning 1 afternoon and 2 before workout
    novedex xt = 4x a day 1 in the morning 1 afternoon and 2 before bed
    I'm curious about trying novedex xt but I thought it was supposed to only be taken at night?

  3. yea i was reading on the bottle take 2 before you sleep but also says do not exceed 4 pills a day.. so i was figuring trying 1 in the morning and in after noon and 2 before bed..

    if this may cause some issues i will cut back or if any one has tried this 4 a day let me know..
  4. jim623
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    Good luck pizzahut, I'll def. be following this.

  5. Still at work but I wanted to throw this out for now.
    I have been on this cycle for 2 weeks so far mass fx/novedex.

    First week was a weak dosage 2x mass fx a day and 2x novedex xt.

    But I am posting this weeks dosage and workouts because I have switched workouts and upped the dosage on the 2. Lets get this logg rockn!

    Chest Tri

    -Bench Press DB = 45 warmup 15 reps , 65 12 reps , 70 12 reps , 85 5 reps
    -Super set incline fly with decline fly @ well the gym as an old machine which consists of numbers 1-20 not lbs but it was at number 5 incline and 4 on decline and did 4 sets
    -Incline DB = 45 15 reps , 50 12 reps, 50 12 reps
    -Decline DB = 50 12 reps, 50 12 reps, 50 12 reps
    -Pushups for 1 min straight
    -Weighted Dips = 15 reps no weight, 10 reps with 45 lb , 7 reps 45lb , 12 reps no weight
    -tricept extension = 45 15 reps, 55 12 reps, 55 12 reps

    played a game of raquetball for cardio.. maybe 15 to 20 of game time

    The gym felt good.. felt alive and on top of everything.. never hit a slump and each time i wanted to push more. I was acting like a maniac though bouncing from machine and pacing myself.. whether that means anything..=P My body was geared up to the point i wanted to do more but im not trying to go masssive just yet. maybe after i finished cycle go back to mass lifting.

    for mass lifting need a lil guidance and better routine than what i was doing.. but back to what i'm doing now.

    Anabolic diet For Monday and will follow pretty much same for whole week because i got same food for whole week at store. if it changes I will post.

    4 eggs with 2 slice of cheddar cheese and roast beef slice

    5 slices of genoa salami and 2 string cheeses

    10 oz hamburger meat with melted cheese on top salsa and sour cream

    4 slices of genoa salami
    2 string cheeses

    5 eggs 2 chedder cheese slice and 2 slice of roast beef

    btw i know this is beggining of the week.. but i have logged myself on paper when i hit the gym and i decided today to start my logg of this week since i upped my pill dosage. I rather start it now and tell you what i did for the whole week and i will be caught up this weeked for the rest of the week.

    Should i incorporate the rest of week on one more page or just add page by page of each day and what i accomplished?

  6. WednesDay
    This wasn't to good. But im not put it on anything right now. due to the shop with no AC.. work 8 to 5 in an warehouse which was bout 100 degree's. So i think my body wasn't up to par. But I pushed when i got there!

    Back/ Bi's
    Weighted Pull ups 15 reps no weight, 7 reps with a 25lb plate, 6 reps 25lb weight, 7 reps with no weight

    superset lat extensions with rear delt fly's
    50lb with lat and rear i did 75 at 12 reps each 4 Sets

    Bend over barbell Row
    135 lb. 15 reps , 185 10 reps, 185 8 reps

    Seated machine row
    100 lb with 15 reps , 140lb 12 reps, 150lb 8 reps, 150 lb @ reps

    Stiff Dead lifts
    135lb 15 reps , 185 lb 12 reps hands slipping for got straps , 185 at 12 reps, 185 at 10 reps

    Reverse Curls
    30lbs 20 reps, 45 lbs @ 15 reps, 55lbs @ 10 reps , 55lbs @ 10 reps

    Preacher Curls
    50lb @ 12 rep, 50lb @ 12, 50lb @ 8 reps

    Diet Consist of the same food as monday but running low so Friday will be different and through weekend so be ready..=) I know my meal eating kinda bland and same thing.. But Wednesday i did pick up a sirloin 1lb and had to eat it up with side of veggies. had it for dinner but the day meals and snacks was the same.

    Gym was ok. i can't tell either which way cause the heart was willing but the body wasn't moving. I am Shooting for thursday shoulders and Lets see what happens. Wednesday night im going to bed early and get rejuvenated!

    As fars as mass fx im showing in 2nd week weather if its that or just me trying harder and the diet. that i finally got something or goal to work for. My bro has seem a lil difference in attitude but its a fly by(meaning he see's a lil difference but then im the same) whateva that means. we will see as the week goes on.

    But im exited to say that i do feel better in gym.. 4 weeks prior to this on no supplements the gym was like a normal routine. Going doing what i had to do and its done. blah, now its a feeling of greatness. I got the heart and pump rdy to roll and i do feel right when im hitting it hard. So lets wait it out and see whats good

  7. Thursday
    Shoulders/ abs

    Now this is what im talking about.. Had my bro come and put him through the ringer. Before going into workout, lets talk about whats been going on with attitutde and or well being. maybe people say its to soon to feel. but I feel a difference now then i did 4 weeks i can tell you that.

    Its a difference from when i was solo meaning no supplemnent but the vitamins.. now hitting this.. there is something and im excited to see what it continues on and i have 6 weeks left to hit. Im just wanting to know..=)

    Now thursday though, see i'm in sales which i dunno how it will work right if u know what im saying. i got a lil testy couple of times but not out of wack though. feeling blood flowing/rising certain areas but i'm also like that dealing with restaurant owners..=)

    Diet was the same through my work day but for dinner I had a rack of beef ribs(4 count)

    seated press
    45 @ 12 reps , 50 @ 8 reps, 55 & 6, 55 @ 6

    Superset front shoulder raise with seated power cleans
    front shoulder raise at 15 lb 12 to 15 reps seated power cleans 15 lb 12 to 15 reps @ 4 sets

    Vertical shoulder raise
    65 lb @ 12 reps, 3 sets

    Shrugs dB
    95 lbs @ 12 reps, 3 sets

    100 reps decline situp.
    100 reps hanging leg raise

    Played racquetball for bout 15 to 20 min

    If yall need any other additional info let me know, membber this is my first log and i wanna do it right..

  8. For some guys, novedex xt seems to kill their libido. Have you noticed any difference after being on it for 2 weeks?

  9. nothing to wild, my girl hasn't been around past 4 days but honestly now that you mentioned it. i'm 26 and it is odd that I havn't thought about it really. Sex drive is a lil off now that i think about it.. my girl coming over tomarrow night.. not to get freaky or anything..

    but im not jumping to conclusions just yet i will check in next day or so.. if this really hits hard..

    I will keep you up to date on this. Now I wanna know..=)

    this is new so please let the questions pour in so I can tell every 1 step by step how i feel and whats going on...=P

  10. Friday, I am heading out to the gym in bout 1 hour. finishing up my work. in 30 min going to take my 2 mass fx and get rdy to hit the gym hard. Today I am feeling great and its a Leg day. Will try some stuff new.

    I'v got full of energy and rdy to rock. Feeling normal, libido fine, and not feeling to agressive.. I just feel good today!

    Diet consists right now of breakfast
    10 oz hamburger meat with cheese

    snack 2 string cheese and 4 slice salami

    4 fresh mozzerla slices 2 mint leaves and 2 tomato slices with vinaigrette drizzle.
    half of chicken

    snack 2 strng cheese and 4 slice of salami.

    Waiting on dinner now but i will tell ya it's either gonna be a whole bird or 4 eggs with cheese. Then i will start my carb overload on weekend.

    I will post up after the gym what i did and how it went. Also I will get my measurements tonight and some photo's! Pics will be a good source of the progess!

  11. I havn't got measurements because i thought i had tape measure at the house which I don't. When i get to work tomorrow morning I will have the measurements posted for you.

    weight 171 as of today friday 8-7-09
    I have my pics in a slide show right now and what my main goal when you see the pics. is to get rid of the lower back fat and reform my chest.

    Hopefully yall could throw me some pointers while i'm on this log and or maybe i just need to do more cardio and more abs..=)

    Finished my legs for today
    32" box jumps 5 sets with 3 jumps per set
    warmup i did basketball for 10 min and speed bag for bout 10 min including a lil punching bag.

    then i did vertical jumps 3 sets with 7 to 10 jumps per set
    Bulgarian split squats @ 25lb 10 reps , 30lb @ 10 reps, 40lb @ 8 reps
    superset front leg raise with laying hamstring raise @ 80lbs each for 12 reps @ 3 sets
    Claf raises
    135lb 3 sets 12 reps

    Then i just went on out.. Beginning of the workout had a nice pump and full of energy. I think I just moved to fast through the jumps I wore myself out leading into superset and the bulgarian. Saturday and sunday I am just going to do ab workouts and cardio round the house to finish off..

    Just like the post eariler I feel good till now and its about 8 eastern time. So the day is pretty much finished out and i'm going to eat myself 5 eggs and cheese for dinner and lay out.

    Here is the site were I have my pics

    Let me know if these pics come up? I'm having a lil trouble with them.. but if they don't show up let me know and i will change the way I put them in.


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