Keepin it simple Wendler 5-3-1 Log

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  1. Spide Bar Box Squat... had used reversed bands too much so decided to ditch it last minute wanted to do box squat for hip strength might as well try spider bar

    135 x 5
    185 x 3
    225 x 3
    255 x 1
    working singles above weight just rounded the bar from 82 to 45
    312 x 1
    332 x 1
    358 x 1 ugly but got it

    2 pin rack pull
    225 x 3
    315 x 3
    405 x 7

    Good Mornings SSB
    115 x 3 x 10

    Ab pulldowns 2 x F
    1 x side bends 50 reps 45 lb plate

    prowler lineman push
    5 trips 90 lbs

    thats it friday is DE day not to much fun

  2. DE bench
    135 + silver chain 1 set each grip
    155 + silver and blue chain 1 set each grip
    165 + silver+red chain 1 set each grip
    170 + silver/red/blue chain 1 set each grip close grip wasnt planted on bench right only got 2 total 300 at top felt great

    Swiss Bar floor press
    205 x 5
    215 x 5
    235 x 5 tied pr
    245 x 4

    3 x 6 BW finally able to get this down will continue from here need to get some sets and reps down

    DB rows
    110 x 12
    120 x 12
    130 x 10

    DB Power Cleans
    30 x 15,12

    Pec Dec
    2 x 30 and rep one grip each

    Barbell curls
    85 x 10
    65 x 10
    45 x 20

    felt horrible doing these^^^ monday is incline DBs so that wont be too taxing week after is floor press which i need to get moving.

  3. max effort upper

    Notes- did floor press a week early since i will be on the road next monday, biceps were still sore and had a cold thought it was a bad idea it went great.

    Floor Press
    45 x 10
    95x 5
    135 x 5
    185 x 5
    205 x 1
    235 x 1
    255 x 1
    275 x 1
    290 x 1 feet up
    300 x 1 feet up
    290 x 1 feet straight

    Chin level pin press seated chin level
    190 x 1
    170 x 3
    135 x 10

    Incline swiss bar closest grip

    105 x 10
    125 x 10
    135 x 10

    Rear Delt Flyes
    4 x 15 with 120

    Black mini band pulldowns superset with pec dec 3 sets

    Max effort lower tommorow

  4. Max effort lower

    Notes- stomach hurt tired had to **** hate stretching for this bar realllly have to be lose.

    Ssb squat
    340x1 pr lesss help an wraps

    3x10-12 with bw

    Reverse hyper
    3x13 135

    8 set ab circuit

  5. DE from friday was a rep effort

    flat db bench
    85 x 21

    Incline db bench
    65 x 27

    Decline swiss bar
    135 x 25

    chest supported rows
    3 x 12,10,8 last set had 2 45s and 25

    V bar pulldowns
    3-4 sets of 12 weight cant remember

    face pulls and 8 sets of abs (ab wheel, spud straps,knee raises,oblique bends)

    that was it hopefully able to hit 20 with 90 lb dbs wanna hit at least 15-20 with 100s by end of august

  6. was on a mini road trip missed max effort monday did ME lower tuesday

    Sumo deadlifts
    135 x 3
    135 x 3
    225 x 3
    225 x 3
    315 x 1
    365 x 1
    405 x 1
    455 x 1 grinder 5 away from PR but this was a cleaner easier rep very shaky on lockout im not sure if thats just because its sumo or a weakness

    225 x 3
    275 x 3
    295 x 3
    315 x 3

    rep work with 100 lb chain

    275 x 12
    295 x 10
    315 x 8

    Leg Press
    450 x 3 x 10

    Oblique bends x 25 with 45 lb plate
    knee raises 2 x F
    Spud Straps 2 x 12 with 75 lbs (pr if it counts haha)
    Ab wheel 1 x 20

    that was it for today pulled my back a bit, back was really sore.. Thinking of just doing a max effort day friday with swiss bar floor press or DBs for max set of 3 then do inclines monday since thats not a stressful ME movement. Willl figure it out tonight at some point

  7. did a bit more volume today since i had to skip DE day this week, DB bench, swiss bar floor press or Flat bench with chain were max effort choices went with DB bench

    25 x 20
    45 x 15
    65 x 12
    85 x 5
    105 x 5
    115 x 3
    135 x 2 and these were grinders needed a bit of help on the 2nd really pissed wanted 3 my DB bench needs work as well as my overhead press but used them so much uring the school year (because i had no special bars, chains etc.) that i feel over trained at them. Tried it a 2nd time only got one

    Rep work 90 x 20 very happy with that as i got 85 x 21 just a week ago. Not too sure what monday will look like

    Swiss Bar Incline Bench
    125 x 10 x 10 outter and mid grip
    155 x 5 x 5 outter and mid grip
    125 x 10 x 10 inner most grip

    Chest Supported Rows
    3 x 12 90 lbs

    Face pulls 4 sets x 12 with 90 to 120

    Db lateral raises
    2 x 12 with 25 lbs

    barbell curls did some dumb lightweight superset **** for a pump thats all for now, monday will probably be alot of back work with speed bench and tricep extentions

  8. Max effort monday

    Football bar

    Last year my swiss bar bench was the same as my barbell +10 weighed in at 194 so i shoukd be benching 110 above my bodyweight stoked about this esp after maxing on db press friday

    Football bar extentions

    Pullups x 10x8x6

    Chest supported rows

    Tricep pulldowns

    Pec dec 3xf 120 highest weight

    Incline layin down curls 3x12 25 highest eright

    That qas it squat and rack pulls wed

  9. squats
    45 x 10
    95 x 5
    135 x 5
    185 x 3
    225 x 1
    275 x 1
    315 x 1
    355 x 1

    Need to start going parallel and coming up going too low and end up rounding my back on the way back up was hopping for a double but wasnt happening, will try 375 a month from now

    225 x 2
    275 x 2
    315 x 2
    335 x 2

    all with 100 lb of chain

    stiff leg deadlift
    225 x 3 x 10

    Reverse hyper with strap
    3 x 12,10,9 with 185

    ab wheel x 25 and standing pulldowns 2 x 12

    need to still work on hip strength a bit and will be doing lots of below parallel box squats so i can get a feel when to reverse back up

    DE will be friday chain bench and floor press with alot of back

  10. De bench used 2. Grips pinky on ring and close did a bunch of sets with100lb chain. From 135-175 triples

    Swiss bar bench
    215x5 easy
    255x 3 tied pr first rep wobbled this missed it up combined with 2 max wffort and de in 3 days not bad

    Pullups 1x8
    Swiss bar bb rows
    155 x10

    Db power clean 3 x 10-12 25-30 lbs
    Flyes 3x10 last set 130
    Barbell curls bar x25 and 65 x 25

    Thats it max effort on monday 2 board band bench and wed max effort lower will be box squats i have to fix the hips getting under the squat at the bottom and staying tight

  11. Max Effort Bench - I knew the two ME this close was gonna be a bad idea wasnt too terribly bad tho, had no one to spot me which sucked because i needed 2 someone to hold the board and someone to unrack ended up using no board for most of the sets

    red band bench
    95 x 5
    135 x 3
    185 x 3
    225 x 1
    added 2 board
    245 x 1 spotter was annoying kept his hand on it but this felt pretty good
    255 missed of the board moved a bit then froze horrible

    DB bench
    100 x 13 PR wanna hit 15 before i move up in weight

    Pin Press Forehead- this is usually done second but done 3rd so thats why the dropoff in #s
    135 x 3
    165 x 3
    195 x 1

    Swiss Bar Rows
    155 x 12
    175 x 12
    185 x 10

    V bar pulldowns
    3 x 12 150 ish weight

    Pec Dec
    110 x 15
    120 x 12
    130 x 8

    barbell curls
    95 x 12
    75 x 25

    Rear delt face pulls
    3 x 15 with 120 i believe

    thats it- will probably take it really easy friday either speed work with swiss bar or RE with DBs... Wed is box squat and rack pulls excited for that

  12. Max effort lower

    Box squat below parallel
    365x1 with knee wraps pr

    Deffinetly need to strengthen hips still this will help

    Sumo rack pulls 2 pin

    Glute ham
    30 total reps 4 sets

    Reeverse hyper

    Thats all i think ill add leg press glute ham reverse hyper and sled pulls sat or sunday

  13. Rep effort day - rotating between rep and speed every other week no way id make a cut to 181 from 194 so i better add on size

    100 lb db x 15 pr

    Decline swiss bar 145x30

    Incline close grip swiss bar 105 x 30 shoulda went 115 o well next time it is

    Chest supported rows
    100 x 3 sets of 12

    Db power clean and db lateral raises
    25 x 2 x 12

    ****ty max effort day last time i did dumbells monday i wanna hit the 130 x 3

  14. Looks good in here, your lockout may be shakey on the sumos bc of foot placement and the pressure on the hips not being able to fire right. I wouldnt max on db press either. In the westside barbell book of methods they use db presses for RE work inplace of ME work. Otherwise maybe do sets of 5.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by SweetLou321 View Post
    Looks good in here, your lockout may be shakey on the sumos bc of foot placement and the pressure on the hips not being able to fire right. I wouldnt max on db press either. In the westside barbell book of methods they use db presses for RE work inplace of ME work. Otherwise maybe do sets of 5.
    your probably right my hips have always been my weakness take forever to stretch them to be able to squat so im sure that the issue im trying my best to keep them loose and strengthen them. As far as Db press i know westside doesnt reccomend them too a max i use them for RE day, and sometimes instead of deloads ill do a 3-5 rep db max, got greedy and went for 135s last time worlds of difference 20 lbs on Dumbells make

  16. Max Effort Upper

    Db bench
    40 x 20
    60 x 10
    80 x 5
    100 x 5
    115 x 3
    130 x 4 (3 reps on my own had a little help getting the first one up after kicking them back and help on the last rep)

    Incline swiss bar (seat height 6)
    125 x 5
    175 x 5
    195 x 5
    215 x 5
    225 x 5

    Pin Press seated from chin
    135 x 3
    165 x 3
    185 x 1 i believe this tied a PR but doing this 3rd instead of 2nd should make a big difference.

    Bw x 5 x 6 and yellow chain x 3 ( this was horrible was pretty fried from the work above)

    Kroc Rows
    135 x 10
    100 x 25

    DB power clean and DB curl and DB flyes
    25 x 2 x 12 flyes 30 reps each time

    thats it wednesday workout is still in the works

  17. Max effort Lower

    Reverse Band (green band)
    185 x 5
    225 x 5
    315 x 3
    365 x 2
    405 x 1
    435 x 1 knee wraps
    455 x 1 Knee wraps

    Deadlift Reverse Band
    315 x 3
    405 x 3
    495 x 3

    Good Mornings Saftey bar wide stance
    65 x 12
    95 x 10
    115 x 8

    Reverse Hypers
    225 x 3 x 10

    that was it was in a rush probably doing ab work and sled work and DE bench tommorow will be a nice couple days off till wednesday

  18. DE upper

    135+ 100 lb chain 6 x 3 ( the chain work is hurting my elbows my lower back is sore from yesterday squatting and deadlifting this is a horrible way to practice form, need to do something about this schools starting in a month so i will be away from these soon enough

    Floor Press Swiss bar
    215 x 5
    245 x 3
    265 x 3

    Just wanted to kind of test it out see where im at i think im close to 3 plates on it..

    Bent Over Flyes
    3 x 12 with 25

    Chest Supported Rows
    185 x 12
    205 x 12
    225 x 12
    235 x 10
    240 x 8

    Pec Dec
    110 x 25 low handle 20 high handle

    DB Power Clean
    2 x 10 with 30 lbs

    Tricep rope pulldowns
    2 x 25 light weight

    Seated curls
    20 lbs x 50 reps GOTTA GET A PUMP!!!

    Majority of my Back work will be - Pullups, Kroc Rows, Chest supported rows, .. every now and then seated rows and swiss bar rows

    Upper Back - DB power cleans, rear delt flyes and cable pulls and SHRUGS which i need to start doing

    Shoulders- Right now its strict seated pin press i want to see how this works out i drop set it for some volume but otherwise standing or seated DB press or DE day will be overhead press or DB press day

    Triceps- swiss bar extentions or rep work of ME.

    Pecs - flyes and Pec Dec as well as doing all the max effort work wider then my regular bench grip

  19. was on a short get away missed max effort upper on monday so did that wednesday and will do me lower on thursday, felt like **** little sleep and combine that with the test powder and hyde pre workout felt dizzy and nautious

    Floor Press
    45 x 10
    135 x 5
    185 x 5
    225 x 3
    255 x 1
    275 x 1
    295 x 1 PR lil uneven but wasnt an extreme grind

    Rep work
    225 x 7

    Swiss Bar extentions
    3 x 10 with 105

    Pullups x 5,6,7,8

    db power cleans
    2 x 12 30 lbs

    Flyes and swiss bar curls 3 sets each that was it squat day tommorow with saftey bar

  20. Max effort lower

    Saftey squat bar
    345x1 pr had no one to judge depth since im workin on not getting too low in the squat but felt ok

    Rep work
    Box squat below parallel

    Stiff leg deadlift

    Leg press
    4x15,12,10,20 top set was lil over 600

    Ab wheel x 20
    Pulldowns ab strap x 12

    Abs are cramping up recently will add glute ham reverse hyper and sled drag day monday sat rep effort and heavy back work

  21. Rep effort
    Db bench
    45 x 20
    65 x 15
    75 x 10
    85 x 22 PR

    Db Rows
    135 x 12
    100 x 30

    Chest Supported Rows
    185 x 12
    205 x 12
    225 x 12

    Rear delts 3 x 12

    2 sets incline flyes and 1 set pec dec

    that was all will go for 305 on football bar wednesday might do a light lower body day monday

  22. Sled dragging prolly 16 trips last trip was 3 45s and then did 2 each sides for hips and did ab wheel and spud strap pulldowns with no ac this was hard. Max effort swiss bar wednesday 3 plates are going down

  23. Max effort upper
    Swiss bar
    305x1 pr
    315 miss miss shoulda had the first one just lost my groove
    225x7x7 outside then middle grip

    Bw x 10,8,7

    Chest supported rows
    135x12x3 sets

    Db rear delt flyes

    5 rounds 30+ seconds hammer swings one minute break

    Deadlift testing tommorow or friday depending
    On how my back feels.

  24. ME lower went ****ty- didnt eat but stretched out really good stomach hurt too

    Sumo deads
    135 x 5 x 5
    225 x 5
    315 x 3
    405 x 1
    445 miss miss miss
    405 x 5 rep PR for sumo
    425 x 1 grinder

    everyone told me not to worry too much it was a CNS issue no way in 4 weeks did i lose 30 lbs of my deadlift i mean hell 405 x 5 =475 max calculator will shake it off and try it again in about 3 weeks im going to have to go back to doing the 5/3/1 unless i can find a way to make my current routine work.

    Good Morning with saftey bar
    115 x 3 x 10

    Leg Press
    450 x 2 x 10
    540 x 1 x 10
    340 x 40 drop set

    Calf Raises
    3 x 25 with 225

    AB Pulldowns
    1 x 15 with 70 spud straps

    Speed day will be tommorow excited to hit the incline swiss bar! thats motivation ****ty day today

  25. Max effort upper only 5 days rest skipped de day... Was too beat up for it suppse to do max effort 2 board have no idea about the carryover. So i started the transition back to close grip inclines didnt do bad foe aore elbows

    C.g. Incline
    280 missed not terrible got it moving
    270x 1 5 shy of pr will go for 280 next time

    Rep work

    Reps were rough with these maybe because of the low carb diet.

    Bw x 11,9,9

    Kroc row

    Db powerclean
    2x12x35 lbs

    Chain curls and pec dec and ab wheel x 20
    Extentionw will be back soon when elbows heal


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