road to redemption

  1. road to redemption

    new to the forum...decided to post up a are some of my recent stuff from the past 2 weeks...


    raw bench
    135x10 225x6 315x3 405x1
    2b 455x1
    4b 495x1

    shirted bench
    3b 685x1 735x1
    2b 765x1
    1b 780x0(****!)
    2b 810x1(PR!)
    3b 840x1(PR!)

    band pushdowns/flyes

    ***tonite was good session. mason came by to help out since jons' back was still not 100%. he's benchin a lot faster than before and 650 off 3b was a his best set. matt did 755 off 1b, 785 off 2b, and 805 off 3b and still a 242. strong work bro! i missed 780 again off 1b but i know why. jon pulled up my shirt further and it got into the armpits and got seated. it wasn't on the 780. next week this will be different. i was a bit pissed and decided to do 810 off 2b and 840 off 3b. 780 didn't feel heavy at all, shirt wasn't seated so this will be fixed next week. now everything between 685 and 810 feel alike. 840 felt different but i can get used to it. unless frankl tells me different, i'll just keep doin this until i touch that 1b with 780 which WILL be next week.

    movin into mid-800s

    me squats

    raw squats
    135x3 225x3 315x2 405x1
    515x1 605x1
    w/briefs plus suit straps down
    w/ briefs plus suit straps up
    810x1 810x1 810x1 810x1 810x1(deepest)

    speed deads
    405x7 sets of 1

    ***tonite was a good squat session. matt went 685 and 735 on squats and got some deep reps in. then did a lockout with 850ish which is good to do to hold some weight. he did good tonite once we got the suit where it needs to be. it was the first time tonite i had the straps up on my traps which felt better going down. 810 wasn't too heavy for me and i was told to go up next week which is fine by me. speed deads was a bit slow tonite after squats but still good to do them. did some abs today too and will do some later this week.

    squats are goin well..

    accy day
    bw: 320!!

    raw bench
    135x10 225x6

    speed bench w/ chk lights and chk mm
    speed bench w/ chk lights
    speed bench w/ chk mm

    bwx20 bwx20

    iso pulldowns
    450x6 540x5 630x4 360x10 360x10

    smith militaries
    315x6 315x6

    side laterals
    100x5 130x5 130x5!!

    150x6 150x6 150x6


    ***tonite i went back to my old format that i had. not sure where the extra work came from but tonite was awesome. PRed on repouts with 24 reps which after speed bench i would only end up with 18-20. murdered the side laterals, pulldowns, and hammers. bw is up from 315 to 324 which i think really i'm 320. i hit some extra pushdowns, curls, and abs and was done.

    resting up for sunday

    bw: 320

    raw bench
    135x10 225x6 315x3 405x1
    raw 3bs
    455x1 495x1 565x1(PR!!) 495x6 495x6

    pushdowns and flyes with bands

    ***tonite it was me and jon so i didn't do any shirt work just some raw 3bs for fun. PRed with 565 after missing it and then did some reps with 495 for 2 sets which worked on speed. jon did his shirt session but his tendonitis flared up halfway thru cause his benches to be a bit slower than usual. still strong. not much tonite but still on the hunt for more lifters. also, the apf ga meet was moved again to oct 17th which gives us more time and maybe considering the spf push/pull as a training meet for the bench...stay tuned...


    accy lite day

    db bench
    120x20 120x20 120x20
    hammer wide chest
    6px15 6px15 8px15

    hammer pulldowns
    8px8 8px8 8px8
    bwx3 bwx3

    hammer btn press
    8px8 8px8
    side laterals
    45sx10 45sx10 45sx10

    preacher hammers
    65x8 65x8
    dbl hammers
    45sx10 50sx10 35sx10

    pushdowns/rolling extensions

    ***a bit of a deload tonite...nuthin too exciting...***

    de squats

    box squats
    135x10 225x6 315x1 405x1 495x1 585x1 405x10

    speed deads
    315 for 7 singles


    ***not a whole lot to this session. muscled up 585 with no form. halfway thru the 405 for reps my form got better so such was the point of this session. did some speed deads with 315 for speed. next week i will do some speed pulls from the pins while trying to handle heavier weight. sunday is bench...lookin foward to it!



    raw bench
    135x10 225x6 315x3 405x1
    raw 2b
    raw 4b

    shirted 3b
    685x1 735x1
    shirted 2b
    shirted 1.5b
    765x1(nt-shirt was too jacked!)
    shirted 1b
    shirted 2b

    suicides boards
    4b- 335x5
    3b- 335x5
    2b- 335x5
    1b- 335x5

    ***tonite was a good session. jon, matt, ted, and andy trained last nite. andy had some strong reps off board. PRed with 565 off 3-board and smoked 455 off 2-board easy. ted had a strong nite as well as jon did though last nite was his first time with higher volume and with 2bs added. matt had an off nite but will be back stronger next week. i missed 765 off 1.5b but it flew up with the shirt too jacked. we unjacked a bit for 775 and it came up slower so might have to play with where the shirt needs to be with upper 700s on the bar. i practically muscled up 820 off 2-board with the shirt up high. for anything over 800, jon will have to super jack it like he did two weeks ago and give it a light jack with upper 700s. i don't pay enough attention on where my shirt is just bench from where it is like the "brute" i am and its something matt does well is knowing where his shirt needs to be. i need to pay attention to it more. we did some suicides, which we will start doin again. i'm also goin to incorporate lockouts on my accy day to help lockout strength(hey, matt...hint..hint!!). also, i'm goin to drop my volume a bit to put on size and see how it goes.

    squats are up next,


    135x3 225x3 315x3 405x1 495x1 585x1
    w/briefs and suit straps down
    w/briefs and suit straps up
    800x1 800x1 805x1 800x1**deepest one

    back/shoulders/raw bench
    raw bench
    135x10 225x6 315x3
    380x5 395x4 405x3 350x8 350x8 350x17!!

    lat pulldowns
    stk+25x8 stk+35x8 210lbsx10

    side laterals
    130x6 130x6

    115x5 115x5 115x5
    rolling extensions
    55x10 55x10 55x10
    dips/preacher curls
    bent over laterals
    55x8 65x8 75x5 35x10 35x10

    ***first our squat session wasn't the best we had in a while and a week off might have thrown things off. we will get better next week...both me and matt. jon was doing good working back in his briefs with 585 and had to cut it there. me and matt had trouble gettin stable with 800 and 750 respectively but we need to pull our heads out of our asses and do it better next week. yesterday, i trained with my bro jason in clanton and hit some raw benchin, back and shoulders. we were a bit rushed which is why i finished up my accy work today. me and jason were bringing the intensity for sure. he did 100s on side laterals while i did 130s. he has a good base for powerlifting so we will see. started the first week of the gillespie raw bench routine so we will see how it goes.

    all over the place...getting work done!


    raw bench
    135x10 225x6 315x3 405x1

    690x1 740x1

    band flyes/pushdown/raises

    ***this week we all were feelin a bit beat up...even me. the raw work felt strong though. that gillespie routine seems to be kickin in. missed 780 off 1-board again which sucks. my shirt was up high. matt got 755 off 1b and jon got 680 off 3-boards and killed 625 off 2-boards. jack from auburn came and hit a session with us. it was ridiculous on his arch/setup and i think we all learned a bit from him. he got a 525 3-board and missed 545 which was already a huge PR for him. we are changing things up next week since all of us are a bit beat up right now.

    gotta stay the course

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