keater824 leaning out log

  1. keater824 leaning out log

    Age: 17
    Weight: 190
    Goal: Cut 10- 12lbs and gain as much lbm as possible
    Diet- will consit of 2 protien shakes, lean meats, veggies and fruit
    supps: optimen multi, mhp shake, noxidant
    Arms: 13
    Waist: 34.5
    measurements will be taken every 2 weeks "everyother monday"
    Weight will be taken every monday

    Workout-AM- 3 mile run everyday PM- fullbody workout 3 times a week

    DB Flat Bench 3x12
    Straight Arm pulldown 3x12
    DB Curls 3x12
    DB Kickbacks 3x12
    Shoulder Press 3x12
    lat row 3x12- physical therpay exercises 5lbs
    xyz 3x12- physical therpay exercises 5lbs
    decline crunch 4x25
    double crunch 4x25
    machine weighted crunch 4x25

    log will begin monday

  2. i didnt put any legs exercises in because of all the running i will be doing

  3. 7/27- i woke up weighting 187.5 which is good because i didnt gain any weight on vaction
    am i going out for a run right now... will post back later

  4. today's workout was disappointing half way thru my run i cramped up in my hamstring and couldn't finish the run only ran 1.5 miles.... i might drop down to 2 miles a day... diet was ok not amazing had a slice of icecream cake bc of a birthday party... tomorrow run and lift...

  5. lift yesterday lift went alright sore in the biceps this morning.... diet has been decent yesterday was squeaky clean... havent been running bc of the weather here in nj its been like Seattle

  6. diet was a little sloopy today all carbs... played 4 hours of basketball today... tomorrow will hit the gym

  7. lifted weights went pretty good... im thinking of running intervals 4 days a week n lifting 3 im starting that tomorrow...

  8. ran two miles of intervals today burned 300 cals.. been starving all day

  9. as promised i weighted myself today 186... next monday i will weight myself and take measurement... i will not lift or run today going to a waterpark with family and friends

  10. today ran 2 miles

  11. lifted today went well diet is decent...


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