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    After completing my 2nd contest this past weekend its time to grow...alot. Basic training with alot of compound exercises at this time.

    Diet will be with whole foods for a while and I will add in my supplements slowly. I am using LBAs, multi and creatine. Nothing fancy. Just effective.

    As of last night I was a rebounded 265. I have no weight goals. Nothing more than to grow muscle EVERYWHERE.

    Getting back to heavy dips. Felt good until the dip station tipped. LOL It will take some time but my strength will come back.

    Tonight I started back squatting. Had some back spasms so I would rest as needed. The weights were somehow off on one side. Same plates but was heavier. Tweaked my sciatic a bit. Took 585 down raw with no issue but it was not feeling right so I stopped...I learned from the past...went lighter still squatting my work sets to failure. Can't complain. And I miss squatting my way. I am using a bar ride on the base of my traps with a shoulder width stance.

  2. I am doing the same rebounding from a show. it is good to get in some food and train hard.goodluck to you.

    how much did you weigh in at?

    I remember a story of a guy who gained like 40 lbs in one day. he competed then went to the cheesecake factory ate tons and tons of food(I bet it cost a ton) and the next day he was up forty pounds and it took him a week to feel right again.
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  3. I'm in for this ride. Can't wait to read about your training as it should definitely provide me with some motivation.

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