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  1. New training log

    I need to keep a log somewhere, i figured this was as good a place to do it.
    i am currently dieting, i am down from the 275-280 area to 255-260 in about 6weeks. Going to get down to 248-250 and hold so i can do my next meet at 242. I also feel much better here. If i go back up to 275 it will be a leaner 275. the supps i am taking are extend around 3 servings a day, vasocharge before workout, NOS level 1 after and on off days.

    Mondays workout
    Bench worked up to 405x2 not bad considering the rapid weight loss

    incline 225 2x10

    Rear delt exercises 6 sets of 10-12

    face pulls 3x12

    30 minutes of cardio

  2. I hurt my back pretty bad two weeks ago pulling off the plates. And i have just started squatting again after an 8 month long layoff. Due to various issues, and one that i am just going to try and work around and get one meet in before i have to possibly have surgery.

    parallel box squats loose single ply briefs 2x3 375

    deads singles up to 495 and it felt heavy. ( pulled and easy 545x3 standing on the 100's 5 weeks ago) back is still real week.

    Reverse Hypers 3x12 210

    Standing ab pushdowns 3x12

    35 minutes of cardio.

  3. standing strict military worked up to 205x6

    dumbell rows 3x8

    chins 6x5 a few different grips

    barbell curls 3x8

    fat bar tri pushdowns 3x15

    hammer curls 2x10

    35 minutes cardio.

  4. Goodmornings 145, 195, 235, 285, 325x5 felt OK my back is still not 100%, definately not as stable as i usually am

    Inverted situps 5x5

    hip abductor, adductor 3x15 each

    suitcases 3x5 each arm

    reverse hypers 3x10

    no cardio today, have to get to a barbecue. Weight was around 258 this morning. Back on the diet Monday as i took the week off. Heading down to 248-250.

  5. no training today, had a mucocele removed from my mouth, four stitches and some bleeding. Just going to enjoy the vic's while they last. I am really sore from the last two workouts, not sure why, but this is probably a blessing in disguise. Also back on my diet this week.

  6. took and extra day, mouth is killing me, mainly because i am tryin to eat a bit. I probably had 4 meals in 48 hours the first two days.

    parallel box squats loose single ply briefs. 8x2 325 Trying to get some conditioning, my groin is definately not used to this, i have to really take this slow and remember i have not been squatting for along time.

    sldl 315 2x8 no belt

    standing ab pushdowns 3x10

    reverse hypers 3x10 280

    the guy who got me into powerlifting, Joel Toranzo, is back in they gym. He just competed in his first bodybuilding show in 15 years a couple weeks ago and he is looking sick. He was 340 at the height of his lifting and is about 240 right now. He was onstage at 210 a few weeks ago.

  7. standing military strict 175x5 215x3 this felt real heavy, i usually don't do these the day after squatting.

    chins 6x5 various grips

    cambered bar curls 3x10

    rope pushdowns 3x12

    close grip seated cable row 3x10

    So i capped some 20% banaba and Yellow Gold today. I think i am going to come off the no carb and try and take in 100 grams of carbs pre workout with 500mg of banaba and 700 mg of YG. Then on my way to the gym some vasocharge/JP8, i have both, and then during my workout another 700mg of YG followed by 32 oz of gatorade (50 g carbs). Post workout will be a serving of NOS ether level 1 and about 20grams of BCAA's. May go no carb the rest of the day and on non workout days, or keep the carbs to just breakfast, not sure.

  8. No gym today but i weighed 254. Time to hault this here, I don't want to lose much more. I think i can sit between 252-254 and make weight at 242. I have not been eating much due to these damn stitches.

  9. Bench
    I am changing a few things, and am going to start getting ready for a real training phase to compete again. I will be doing some singles before my higher end stuff. I get much more explosive doing moderately heavy singles as opposed to traditional speed work. I have learned this the last few times around with my singles programs.

    raw full range singles comp grip explosive as possible. 315, 335, 355, 365, 365

    raw 2brd with 125 lbs of chain pinkies on rings, most of it off the ground at lockout.

    135, 185, 225x5 275, 315x3

    6 sets of rear delts

    3x12 face pulls.

  10. DE squats to paralles box loose singel ply briefs and i wore a belt for a coupld

    285, 305, 325, 335, 345, 355x2
    375, 395, 415x1 the last one was the fastest as i got used to the belt

    I am probably going to start lifting out of the mono next week.

    SLDL 315, 365, 405x5

    ab pulldowns 3x8

    back attack 3x8

  11. standing strict military 185x3 felt weird, moved hands in 185x8 still not great, but OK.

    chins palms facing each other 3x8

    cabered bar curls 3x8

    purple band pushdowns 3x25

    CSR 3x15

  12. worked out with one of my old training partners and a few new guys today. I think they all want to compete. So looks like i am on the road to a 3 lift meet sometime at the end of the year. Hopefully they do the ipa carteret meet again. Going to break my workouts up like this it looks like.

    Sun DE squat
    Mon Bench
    Thurs DE squat/dead
    Fri upper body accessory. The mon fri is not ideal but it will work

    Todays workout DE squat

    Box squat just around parallel, loose boss briefs from when i was heavier
    all done with green band and fast
    285 3x2
    325 5x2

    GM's worked up to 325x5x5 felt good, my hips were the weak point which is odd. I guess from my first time squatting wide in about 18 months.

    Inverted situps various heights 5x5

    Reverse Hypers 3x12 210

    Felt good to be lifting like this again. Will most likely be following a westside templaet for Squats/Deads and rotating max effort work eow dead and squat. I will be using GM's and some SLDL's and Rom Deads as supplemental work keeping them in 3 week mini cycles. I will do the 3 week wave as well with the DE squatting, not sure. I have along way to go.

  13. did some bench single trying to be explosive, 315, 325, 340, 355, 370 all felt good.

    all to 2brd
    135, 225, 275 +120 lbs of chain X 3
    275+160lbs of chain X 3
    275+200 lbs of chain X 3

    6x10 rear delts

    3x10 face pulls.

  14. Me lower

    box squats straight weight 414, 465, 505, 535 had more shut it down, first time in the mono taking heavy straight weight in a few years. Surprised my balance was good.

    suitcases 135, 185, 195x3 each side. Tried 225 could not grip it, the bar was kind of fat. Probably could have wth a thinner bar

    SLDL worked up to 415x8 and was fried cut the workout their. My hams were shot, didn't see the point of moving onto RH's.

  15. standing strict overheads 195x8

    chinups 3x8

    standing ab pushdowns 3x8

    CSR 12, 8, 8

    cambered bar curl 2x15

    black band pushdown 100 reps rest pause.

  16. DE squat parallel box green bands

    325 3x2
    345 5x2

    Big cabered bar GM's 135, 185, 225 x5 (assuming bar is 45, it is heavier, just not sure)

    inverted situps 5x5

    Revese hypers 210x12, 280x10, 350x8

  17. Bench to a 2 brd
    225 + 120 lbs of chain x1
    225 + 160 lbs of chain x1
    225 + 200 lbs of chain x1
    255 + 200 lbs of chain x1
    275 + 200 lbs of chain x1
    295 + 200 lbs of chain x1

    6 sets of rear delts

    2x10 face pulls.

  18. ME squat/dead first heavy workout since i hurt my back a few weeks ago.

    deads with 120 lbs of chain
    455, 495, 515x1 honestly felt better than i though i was going to.

    chain supsended GM's at naval no belt
    145, 235, 285, 325x5 first time i ever did these. They seem much more effective than walking them out. We will see. Will be a staple.

    Standing ab pushdowns 3x8

    Reverse Hypers 210 3x15

    Hip adductor 3x15

  19. incline dumbells 75, 100, 120 x8 all paused

    standing strict shoulder press 205x6

    chins with hanging 45 2x5 bodyweight 1x7

    cambered bar curls 15, 12, 10

    suitcases 135x5 185 2x5

  20. DE squats got about halfway through and the area that seems to be my patella tendon was causing me problems. Shut it down, got the name of my friends orthopedic surgeons and calling tomorrow. We will see what is wrong. It has been years, probably time i get this looked at and get an MRI

    Romanian deads 135, 225, 275, 315x5 tried to do 365 but my knee flared and it hurt

    band suspended natural GHR's 3x5

    Reverse Hypers 3x10 280

    10 minutes on foam roller.

  21. Went to the ortho today, nothing is torn he says. He thinks i strained the area where the quad attaches to the quad tendon just above the knee cap. That is good news. The mass that is in my leg is not a mass, but bone. I did not know this, good to know. Supposedly from when my growth plates were still open. Here is todays workout.

    bench 315x6
    4 brd pinkies on rings 315, 365, 405x5
    put an old F6 on that was real loose. Took 455 down to a 2brd for 2 missed the 3rd, was not throwing these back at all, but need to practice and get stronger.

    50lb kettlebell standing shoulder press, one arm at at at time. 3x10 each arm

    cable L's 3x10 these were elite today

    purple band pushdowns 25, 20, 15

    face pulls 3x10

    work after the bench was done in 20 minutes. I forgot how long benching takes with a crew.

  22. Rack deads, haven't done these in two years probably. Just below the knee
    495, 545x3 585, 605, 625, 645x1 660x miss

    wide stance GM's chain suspended at naval 145, 235, 325, 375x5

    natual GHR, assisted green band 3x5 hams still sore from Sunday, lol.

    Ab pushdowns 3x10

    Did some one leg extensions 2x20 and my leg feels much better. amazing what a little active recovery can do.

  23. incline dumbell bench 100, 115, 130x8

    standing strict shoulder press 135x15 this is harder than heavy grinding weights

    palms facing chins 2x5 with 45 hanging 1x8 without

    Tbar rows 2x8

    cambered bar curls 15, 10, 10

    suitcases 135, 185x5 225x3 each arm

  24. No squats today, leg is better, going to wait until next week to put some weight on it.

    +120 lb chain 275, 315x5
    +160 lb chain 315x5
    +200 lb chain 315x8 this was hard

    inversted situps 5x5

    natural GHR with help from a green band 5x5

    foam roller for about 15 minutes.

  25. Weeks training

    flat bench 325x6
    4brd 365, 405, 425x5
    Inzer DD took a few reps that went pretty much nowhere, i think i got 525 about 6 inches from my chest

    50lb kettlebell one arm shoulder press 3x10 each arm

    cable L's 3x12

    Facepulls 2x12

    Worked up to a single 610 dead in my metal suit. Felt good, have not pulled in this since last year.

    Chain suspended GM's from naval wide stance 325, 375, 415x3

    Reverse Hypers 3x12 280


    Very beat up and hungry from no carbs. Did some incline dumbells, some rows lat pulldowns and bis. Not much to write home about.


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