X's Cleaning out my Closet Cut!

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  1. X's Cleaning out my Closet Cut (With help from Universal & RPN)!

    Alright, I wanted to start a place where I can log my progress or lack thereof to give me a better idea of what works. I am goign to use the stuff I have left over, and have added some new things to try and help me cut up... to give you some background, I was planning on doing this before, but came down with walking pneumonia and some other things that kept me away from the gym and it got out of control, time to take control back...

    Lying around to stack:

    E-C + Alpha Burn
    1 bottle + 1/2 of DCP
    Lean Xtreme
    Animal Pak
    SportPharma Multi-V
    Animal Nitro
    Animal Omega
    Animal Flex
    EAA Stak
    Krillip Balance
    Gut Health
    Activate Extreme
    REDuction PM

    **JP8 (may add if i ned help getting through workout, which is doubtful)

    Now, I am planning to run that all together (except the Eviscerate + Napalm, dont know how to stack those two...). I am going to build up with the E-C- AY because I havent done it since the original Stacker 2 (i almost forgot how awesome the results were!)

    My diet: KETO! (CKD)

    6 Am -> Wake up and hit the weights
    9 AM --> Breakfast.. (4 eggs + 2 egg whites)
    11 AM --> Shake and Tbsp Natty PB
    1 PM --> Lean Protein Lunch + Veggie (tuna/chicken/ground turkey/tilapia)
    3 Pm ---> Shake + Tbsp Natty PB
    6 Pm ---> Fatty Protein Lunch (Lean GB, salmon, catfish) + salad or Veggie
    9 PM ---> Night-time Shake + Natty PB

    Starting Weight 203.8... I will be tracking my BF % according to the electronic scale (29% apparently) and judging by the mirror, so I want to see what I can do....

  2. TO be fair, Ive been into this for over a week, am going to update my first week when i get home where my #'2 are..

    End of Week 1
    Observations: My trip into the world of KETO (only done it once before, with decent results) started off right, headaches and lethargy, and TERRIBLE cravings, but i struggled through it!

    *** I have staggered the supplements to get an idea of each ones effects a little more. The only ones i started off with were Pak, Lean Xtreme and Animal Omega.***

  3. Observations

    OKay, I am first going to report on the addition of Alpha Burn and PLCAR into this stack. WORLD of difference! I have not been as lethargic, and have noticed no sides from the two (i saw mention of sinus congestion, but no problem here!)

    I dont know if its in my head or my body adjusting quickly to ketosis, but added them in around day 4, and my cravings went down but my energy seemed a little sketchy, it went up and down, think its the combination of the type of work i do, and the lethargy of Keto.

    BUt I would recommend adding these products to anyone looking for some help in the gym with the cardio because i had an increased endurance while hitting the weights hard
  4. Day 8 --> E-C time

    Okay, after a week struggling through, my E-C arrives! I bought 10 mg tabs because after thinking about having everything together, i decided 10 mg E with 200mg C was the way to go, at least to start. I dosed that twice a day, and I must say that yesterday was my first day on it, and i have HIGH hopes for this cut! (If I have good enough results, ill post pics at the end, right now im a little embarrassed with how out of hand ive gotten)

    I can clearly remember how the ephedrine in the stacker made me feel, and the addition of the Alpha Burn has helped! THe energy is not extremely jittery, but is more of a controlled-release and I am VERY pleased with it so far! IM hoping this keeps up... I have a high increase in endurance, overall energy and overall mood from this right now... usually am miserable as i diet

    On a side note, the temptation for cheat foods is completely gone, Ive been able to stare at Dunkin Donuts and walk away with no problem! I am loving this
  5. observations spproaching week 2

    MY day to measure everything is wednesday. SO i just went through my second weekend without ruining my diet... that one was tough. However, I dont really get cravings I must say it has been nice...

    I am attempting to lift in the mornings with cardio at night. My split is actually going to change to something a little different, because i hate when things get stagnant.

    I havent added the Eviscerate yet, I am still working on a bottle of napalm. I am also planning on upping the dosage for the E-C to 20mg AM 30 mg afternoon with 200mg caff.

    I dont know what the scale will say, but the mirror is starting to show some progression

  6. Types of Cardio

    I have been trying to do some different types of cardio to find what i like doing. My legs were really bothering me on friday, so i decided to put 20 minutes on the rowing machine....DAMN!!! that was a battle and a half... i am going to have to do that more often...

  7. Off to the gym.... will post some progress tonight... weigh-in tomorrow...
  8. Workout Plan

    soo... since the workouts have been getting stale i think im gonna try to one in MnF this month, upper/lower split 6 days a week... im going to do my cardio either after the workout, or in the AM if i can only wake up early enough to do cardio...
  9. Results (wk 2)

    I have dropped to 200.8 at 28% according to the scale. That is a 3 lb drop and 1 % bf. I would like to drop more, just gotta keep at it! Im looking forward to my first carb-up this weekend!
  10. Monday's Workout

    Okay, I figure ill give this new workout a shot and see how i feel... this was day 1

    Bench Press 4x 6-8 (2 min rest)
    Incline DB 4x 6-8 (2 min)
    Straight-Arm Lat PD 4x 15-20 (1 min)
    Seated Cable Row 4x 15-20

    *For lack of time, I did these in a Tri-set as opposed to regular sets*
    Smith Shoulder Press 4x 10-12 (90 sec)
    Lat Raise Machine 4x 10-12
    Shrugs (single-arm cable) 4x 10-12

    Ab Machine 3x 6-8

    This was a rough workout, ate up soem time, but i was sweating like a madman afterward, hopefully this will translate to the mirror
  11. Tuesday's WO

    Aight, now for the lower half split....

    Warm-up (5 mins on bike)
    Squat 4x 6-8 (2 min)
    Leg Ext 4x 6-8 (2 min)
    Romanian D-lift 4x 6-8 (2 min)
    Tri-Pressdowns 3x 10-12 (90 sec)
    Overhead Ext 3x 10-12
    Cable Curl 3x 15-20 (1 min)
    concentration Curl 3x 15-20 (1 min)
    Standing Calf Raise 3x 6-8
    Leg Press Calf Raise 3x 6-8

    This was another grueling workout, by the time i left the gym i felt like going right to sleep.....
  12. Wednesday

    Had a problem getting up in the morning, have to make sure I get right up to go to the gym as these workouts take longer. Had soemthing i had to do after work, so this was my off day for the week....
  13. Thursday

    Hmm.... one thing I am noticing is the sinus congestion with AB, it is there but its not the big a deal to me because i have lived with allergies my whole life. I have just started adding a dose of taurine into my stack and I forgot to mention above that I have a container of Poseidon as well......

    Overslept the gym this morning, so im gonna do cardio instead...

    looking forward to getting back in the gym tonight!
  14. Am Cardio Session (Thursday)

    OK, since im on week #2, I am upping the E to 20mg in the workout closest to cardio and 10 4 hours before/after that one....

    Started with the 20 mg before my cardio this morning, 30 minute quick walk/jog on the treadmill on a 3.5 incline....burned some but got through it and sweat my ass off.. they have a big tv in there so as i was listening to my headphones i read the subcaption of this story


    There was no way i was going to finish early after watching a guy who broke his neck starting to walk again... that was an awesome story....

    Weights tonight again for upper body split once again (chest, shoulders, back).... i havent decided if i like this workout or not yet.... only time will tell
  15. Training Session Thursday Night

    Well, I was getting a little anxious to try Eviscerate given all the good feedback im seeing... so i decided to apply it to my chest before the workout, and holy dognutz! That stuff burned like no other, but i could DEFINITELY tell it was working, I used about a dime sized portion on my chest x2 and it was bright red and NEARLY unbearable, but I went with it and it helped me get a pump in that area....

    **i cant imagine how people want to add something like clen to it... maybe ill get used to it, but DAMN, you people are nuts!***

    I will post the workout i had shortly, i have to find my book...
  16. Thursday Night

    Sorry for skipping out a little bit, work was crazy and IM caught up now

    Incline Flyer 4x 15-20 (1 min)
    CCross 4x 15-20
    1 arm DB row 4x 10-12 (90 sec)
    Wide-Grip Lat PD 4x 10-12
    BB Overhead Press 4x 6-8 (2 min)
    Upright Row 4x 6-8
    BB Shrug 4 x 6-8

    Rope Crunch 15-20 (3 sets)
    w/ Hanging Knee Raise 8-12

    Workouts feeling great, shoulder a little sore..
  17. Saturday Craziness

    Friday was legs and cardio ...

    Saturday hit the gym... (neededed to shorten the session, so i superseted most)

    Incline BP 4/6-8
    Incline DB 4/6-8
    with Straight Arm Lat PD 4/15-20
    Seated Cable Row 4/15-20
    with Smith Shoulder Press 4/10-12
    Lateral Raise 4/10-12
    with DB shrug 4/10-12
    with Rope Crunch 3/6-8
    Hanging Leg Raise 3/6-8

    Gym session was intense, sweated my ass off, i think the PLCAR with the Taurine, Animal Nitro and the Extend helped a LOT to push me through the supersets... I would promote that combo to anyone (although I think the green apple extend tastes like ass)
  18. Sunday

    Cardio Only, day off from lifting

    Session in the Morning

    45 minutes on the elliptical, powered by my Carni-tech, PLCAR, Napalm and Nitro... AWESOME combination!!!

    Sweat my ass off yet again, but i still had energy to burn towards the end... it was craziness!
  19. MOnday

    My workout for Monday was a little flat. I think the carb-up during the weekend left my body in shock (first one), maybe ill cut it down next weekend..

    I had a decent workout which copied last mondays.... i was running late, and then I did cardio for 30 minutes monday night, i absolutely forced myself since i wasnt feeling good, i was pleased that I decided to do that.
  20. Tuesday 7-21-09

    Am cardio...

    I have a lingering shoulder issue and it really flared up, so instead of being an idiot and letting it continue to deteriorate, I made an appointment with a sports medicine doctor, i am gettting this taken care of once and for all... but in the interest of that (which is thursday) I am sticking to cardio for the rest of the week until I find out what he says...

    I woke up with severe shoulder and wrist pain on my dominant side. I noticed that i cary that shoulder lower and have been having a problem getting to feel my chest working on that side... maybe once its straightened out I will go to one-arm presses and the such

    I have to say, my luck is complete garbage with this sort of stuff, everytime i get into a groove something else goes wrong, lets hope its nothing major and can be fixed with a litltle physical therapy or an adjustment
  21. Wednesday 7-22

    Okay, Ive been off a little since i am writing a brief for work coming up. i forgot to weigh-in this morning, but it will happen tomorrow.

    *overslept my alarm, so only PM cardio today, not another two-a-day*

    I must say regardless of the scale, i think i can see an improvement, and others have noticed it too.

    Just finishing up my botle of Napalm, will be touring with Eviscerate starting tomorrow after my last little experiment, im looking forward to it...

    Just trying to decide if i should add it pre-cardio or post-shower in the AM... hmmm, maybe a question for another thread....

    And the E has been upped to 20 AM and 20 afternoon.... I also have added some bulk-cla from PP
  22. Update

    Wednesday night cardio session = 45 minutes on the elliptical set on random (not too much fun for a fatguy!)

    Overall weight loss= 0 lbs, i think my scale may be off, my stomach is toner, my overall body composition is changing, but it says that i am 200.3 at 30% which means I went up a %... hmm, maybe ill work on the diet, but visually this is working....

    UPDATE- Went to a sports-medicine guy today.. looks like I tore my rotator uff and may have damaged if not broken the cartilage holding the joint in place.... i have an MRI tomorrow... hopefully i can just heal it with physical therapy...i was just gettting back into the groove too... **** my life...

  23. Did some Pm cardio, had eviscerate on, that burned like nothing else ive experienced before, it is a wicked burn, hopefully that means its working....

    So thats a 30 minute PM cardio sassion after the 30 Min AM session last night...

    I had an MRI today.. that was the most unpleasant experience ive ever had...get the results Monday afternoon, so it will definitely be a very anxious weekend for me...

    I think i may pick up some of that USPlabs Supper Cissus and give it a whirl, maybe itll help with the recovery...
  24. Dilemma

    Sooo..... my shoulder is still sore and i wont find out the results of the MRI until Monday afternoon... with this in mind i am very antsy, usually when im worked out i spend a long session lifting (which is probably bad right now given the shoulder issue.....

    Now..... my dilemma is should i continue to lift legs heavy a few days a week, or just stick to cardio, hmmm.... this really stinks

  25. Aight, verdict is a torn labrum... im trying 4 PT sessions, if it does not show any progress, im going to have shoulder surgery....

    so now my log will be about cardio and my diet and possibly my road to recovery... lets hope i can get my goals without lifting... this is not gonna be fun


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