My Keto Journal

  1. My Keto Journal

    I'm going to be keeping track of general things I do, my diet, recipes I use, training, just everything in general. I do a lot of messing around in the kitchen and try to make something new every few days to keep everything varied.

    Ground beef on pita bread with shredded cheese and jalepenos


    1 bag of fried porkskins/chicaron (tastes better with the lime chili flavored one - 10 grams of fat and 16 grams of protein per serving)
    1.5 pounds of ground chuck 80/20 works well here
    A mix of 3/4ths adobo and 1/4th adobo picante
    Black Pepper
    Low carb pita bread (9 carbs per serving)
    Pickled jalepenos or hot peppers
    Chedder and montery jack mix (9 grams of fat, 7 grams of protein, 1 carb)


    1. Brown the ground beef after mixing with the dry spices
    2. Crush up fried porkskins
    3. Put in the porkskins into the pan towards the end of cooking the ground beef to absorb up the fat and run off juices
    4. Toast the pita bread.
    5. Cut the pita in halfs like a taco or like pockets
    6. Put cheese in the pita, then beef and top with jalepenos

    My thoughts on what I made:

    This is probably one of my favorite things that I've made. Only problem was that I hadn't taken into consideration the added spices of the fried pork and it wound up a little over spiced. Two servings of the pita bread wound up getting me through the whole pan and helped to grab up some of the fat that would've ran off, especially with the fat content of the beef.

  2. subbed, looking forward to updates and more tasty Leto meal ideas!!!!!

  3. subbed, looking forward to updates and more tasty Keto meal ideas!!!!!

  4. I am in.
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  5. Very cool stuff. I hope you don't mind me (and I am sure others as well) stealing some of your recipes!

  6. Keto is hard, good job for running it. Keto is one of those diets that on day 1 & 2 you're like awesome! and then you realize, oh crap, no carbs. I ate so much bacon keto that when i had bloodwork last week, my bad cholesterol spiked above normal.


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