Cali's 3 Week Pre Cycle Training/Nutrition guide...

  1. Cali's 3 Week Pre Cycle Training/Nutrition guide...

    What up everybody? Alright, well here goes my first log. I will be logging my 6 week EQPlex/Epistane cycle so this is a set-up for that.

    I was on a calorie restricted diet up until 2 weeks ago. I was cutting down and now that I am happy with where I am I want to start adding some more lean muscle. Currently 6'1" 192 and about 8% BF Would love to get to 205 at 6% or 7%.

    Training- I am starting by doing 3 weeks of neural potentiation to get my mind/body set-up for the next phase (4 weeks) which will be isolation/pre-fatigue and then on to the next phase (4 weeks) triphasic hypertrophy. I will start pre-loading support supplements at the start of next week and will do that for 2 weeks. That will start me on my cycle the first week of the second phase of my plan.

    Right now I am concentrating on using perfect form and taking all movements to the full extension/contraction. For example, squats are done with good form and taken butt to ground. Hack squats and close stance and again butt to ground. Always using good control and form. Explosive positive and slow controlled negative.

    Nutrition- I will be eating right at my maintenance for the first 3 weeks and then when I start my cycle I will start to bump up my calories as needed to support new gains as they come. I will update everyday with the previous days macros and detailed meal descriptions. I will be using to track my meals. Shooting for 45%-50% Protein 25%-30% Carbs and 20%-25% Fat

    Supplements- Fish oil- 6G ED
    Multi V- 2 ED
    Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSN - Aprox 5g ED
    Nu-Tek Pro 5 protein - As needed to balance out macros

    Well here is the start of it...

  2. Training for June 29th and nutrition from June 28th


  3. Nutrition for 6/29/09 and will post today's training in a little bit, along with an overview of how I am feeling, body comp/mood/ect.

  4. subscribed.

  5. Okay so looking back over this I realized that I am giving more information than anybody really cares about... haha So from now on here is the new format.


    Off Day


  6. 6/2/09


    Romanian Deadlift - 6 sets 7,5,3,7,5,3 Normal lifting technique Weight 295/315/335

    Leg Press (feet high on pad) - 3 sets 8,8,8 Low Double Contraction technique Weight 270

    Lunges (long steps) - 3 sets 8,8,8 per leg Walking technique Weight 65lb DB x2

    Lying Leg Curl - 3 sets 6,6,6 per leg 2/1 technique Weight 90lbs

    <Low Double Technique - bring the weight down, lift it halfway up, bring it back down, lift completely=1 rep

    2/1 Technique - Concentric(lifting) portion with 2 legs; eccentric (lowering) portion with 1 leg>



    I can really feel how much strength and muscle I have lost while on my cut! My lifts are all really low and I can see that my technique suffered as well. Probably due to the fact I tried to push myself to use more weight than I could and that hurt my technique. It's okay though cause my workouts have been feeling good and I feel like I should be back up to speed in a few weeks. I can't wait for my next cycle, I have a feeling it is going to be a really good one! Nutrition is in check, training will be in check and all is looking good!

  7. 6/3/09


    Off day light Cardio only 15 minutes on treadmill 15% incline and 3.5 speed

    Will post at end of day

    Energy is waaaay up! Feeling like a machine this morning. My legs are not nearly as sore as they where after Monday's leg day. Appetite is good today, I am hoping to put down around 3500-4000 cal.

  8. Nutrition


  9. I'm feeling really, really good so I went ahead and started cycle ahead of the game plan. You can follow it here if you like. Thanks guys!


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