It is time...

  1. It is time...

    Time for my log. Recieved my H-Drol stack today. I have my Physical Fitness Test 2morrow. Once I complete that, Im going balls to the walls with my lifting.


    H-Drol, 50/50/50/75(/75, if i decide on 5 weeks)
    Liv. 52, two a day


    Novedex XT, two a day
    (Start at 3rd week of PCT) Lean FX, two a day
    Reversitol, two a day

    My training schedule wont be set in stone, but heres the general:

    Every morning, 2-6 mile run
    Evening: Olympic Lifting, MMA training every other day

    My diet will be the chow hall = P But it will be a clean bulk, I think. I dont plan on counting my calories at all, or make a general estimation of what I will normally take in. I'll just take nearly as much as I can, as clean as possible. Will probably get on the GOMAD diet again.

    Cant wait for 2morrow to go tear up the gym. I havent hit the gym in two days due to resting for my PFT. But 2morrow will be a good day...


    I took my 50mg of H-drol and Liv 52 on Thursday.

    Today, we had our PFT. Everyone was dreading it, so was I. I went in thinking I wont get higher than a 250 (out of 300). But I suprised the **** out of myself. I got exactly 285. And 285 is a high first class PFT score. So, instead of my normal first class PFT, I got a high first class, which means I now have 50 more points to my promotion, which means, in a few months, I will have enough points to get promoted to Corporal.

    I took 25mg of H-drol in the morning, then had some red line from my sgt, and I destroyed that PFT. Best PFT score I ever achieved.

    Now for the gym time, got back a few hours ago. Took my last H-drol for today and Liv 52. Heres what i did.

    Olympic Lifting

    A1: Squat Clean and Jerks, ramping weight, 1x20 (185lbs, I think)
    B1: Bench Press (holy **** I suck at benching, need more focus on it) 3x8
    C1: Back Squats, 3x8 (220 lbs)
    C2: Weighted Pullups 3xMax (+20lbs)
    D1: Front Squats 3x8 (195lbs)
    D2: Clean Pulls 3x8 (185lbs)

    Overall, an excellent day. Im now on my somewhat bulking diet. Looking forward to the days to come...

    EDIT: Wait, my day might turn to ****. My GF said in text, "Ive been thinking, we need to talk..." Im pretty sure shes goina break up with me. I knew should wouldnt last three months...

  3. Took my 50mg Hdrol for today. Last night was our first night we could drink here in Spain, so I tied a few ones off...Bad idea. Like my friend told me, drinking plus h-drol equals hell for you. He was right, woke up this morning, could barely move, and just puking and ****ting everywhere. Horrible. Starting to feel a bit better, need to keep pounding water.

    Would normally do a core workout today, but not in my condition.

  4. Day 4:

    Still a little sore this morning, but took my first caps of the day during bfast chow, then and just got back from the gym.

    Olympic Lifting:
    A1: Squat Clean - 3x6 (Ramping weight to 185lbs)
    B1: Weighted Pullups - 3x Max (+25lbs)
    B2: Back Squats - 3x6 (225), 1x3 (245)
    C1: Clean Pull - 3x6 (195)
    C2: Front Squat - 3x6 (200), 1x4 (205)
    D1: Bench - 1x10 light, 1x10 heavier, 1x4 heavy, 1x2 heavy, 1x8 lighter

    Im starting to transistion to more strength than form, as my clean form is feeling solid. Will be transfering to a strength specific oly lifting program I found. Felt amazing in the gym. This morning, before I lifted, I took my h-drol and liv 52 and had a little nap. It felt amazing, pure euphoria. And in the gym, wow. Never felt that concentrated or motivated. Might still be placebo effect, but damn, it was good.

    2morrow, we'll probably have squad pt, probably 3-4 mile run in the morning, then i'll throw in a good core workout in the evening, and hitting up the spa also. Last night, i had an hour shower, felt sooo good. I need a spa = )

    As far as diet, not counting macros, or calories. Probably should for the best effect, but chow hall is inconsistant like hell. They list macros for ever meal (not always though), and they are way off, just by looking at the food. But im downing milk, oats, pb, water and cottage cheese at the cyclic rate.

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