Blood (little), Sweat (lots) and Tears (no comment)

  1. Blood (little), Sweat (lots) and Tears (no comment)

    Hi all,

    Thought id throw up a journal more for myself than any one reason.

    I dont carry a notepad around the gym recording lifts and thus forget the next week (i know i should).

    Ive also been asked by a few members to start one because of my weight loss thus far, still have a long way to go.

    Theres no pill, easy answer or short cut to losing bodyfat and retaining muscle as i have aimed to do, fat loss is slow due to the fine line between losing "weight" and losing "fat", yes there is a difference.

    Since September last year 315lbs has become 223lbs (this morning).

    No anabolic support was taken and i have managed to drop this weight with no loss in strength in any exercise.

    I had a bad injury last september in my lower back which has led recently to being diagnosed with disc issues in my back.

    So you wont see me heavy squatting or deadlifting and some weird movements i use to try and strengthen the affected area.

    I have used various cutting tools to get to this point including

    • DCP
    • Levi Reloaded
    • Slim Xtreme
    • Lean Xtreme
    • Green tea
    • Recreate

    To name but a few, also up until a car accident 3 years ago i was a steriod abuser, also POMS. Ive taken everything, lost everything and am now walking the road naturally for the second time.

    Trust me when i say this, the road back is twice as long, twice as hard and twice as steep.

    There is no easy answer, and theres certainly no easy answer at the bottom of a pill bottle.

    Thanks for your support in advance guys.

  2. 9.05.2009

    Notes: Told yesterday to stop grappling and muay thai immediately until full diagnosis. Currently on 300mg of Tramadol a day (3 doses) which is making me very sleep, dizzy and short fused. Saw my chiropractor again last night, 300 clicks later i was on my way, no relief but mentally give me some comfort.

    ______________________________ ______________________________ _____

    Barbell circuit 90lbs (10kg a side)
    Clean, Jerk and Press
    Bicep curl
    Standing skill crushers
    Romanian deadlift
    Flat bench

    Each exercise x 12reps/3 sets/60 seconds rest

    Lat pulldown standing one arm
    20kg x 6,6,6,6

    (Included this for the first time tonight as per a recommendation from a writer over at tnation, the start of the movement has an overhand grip, as you pull the handle toward your side chest, you turn it through 90 degree's and really tense the scapular (problem area for me). This movement is unique as it involves both scapular depression/retraction)

    Ab work
    Dumbell pull over situps Supersetted with Russian twists
    10kg x 6,6,6

    Calf work
    Angled leg press calf raises
    160kg x 12,12,12

    supersetted with

    donkey calf raises (3 second negative)
    x 20,20,20

    Cardio (HIIT)

    3min warm up (120bpm)
    1 minute rounds (160bpm) x 6 rounds
    120 seconds rest
    3min cool down

    ______________________________ ______________________________ _

    Good workout, really pushed the intensity by calf bouncing, wall squatting etc in between sets. But tbh i am really feeling it today, aching from head to toe, think i maybe over did it.

    Any feedback on this workout?

    Taking in a 6:1:1 ratio of BCAA's and 5g BA during my workout also.

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