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    I think I'm gonna stay subbed here for a while. I won't clutter your log every day, but I'll chime in occasionally

    What's your warm up strategy for the first move or 2 with the low rep range?
    Dont worry about cluttering my log ask away or comment anytime. If your curious about something i did chime in.

    As far as warm-ups i keep it short and simple. for example for my chest i did a set of 135x8 and 225x4. thats pretty much how i do all my warmups.

  2. THURSDAY 7-9-09 BACK

    cardio 20 minutes treadmill

    T-bar rows 150x5+1 150x4+2 (3/0/x)

    cg lat pulls 210x3+3 rest pause last 3 210x3+3 rest pause last (6/1/1)

    db rows 60x8 60x8 (2/x/1/4) damn last 2-3 are freaking hard

    wg lat pulls 90x40 95x40 can anyone say burn like hell

    2-HBM in a.m.
    2-tribulus in a.m.
    LBA Pro- 3-4 times a day
    Cell Rush- pre/post w/o
    Kre-Generator-post w/o
    NF Pro- throughout the day and post w/o
    Kre-Alkalyn- 1 post w/o

    Good upper back w/o. Strength felt good for a week and a half off. Looking forward to week 2 of FD/FS.



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