First Day of the Rest of My Life (15 month plan)

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  1. First Day of the Rest of My Life (15 month plan)

    Hi guys. I frequent a few different boards and decided Id like to do my log over here. Feel free to come in with any suggestions, friendly competition or if you just want to follow along for the ride. This log will include workout highlights, diet, lifestyle, cycle plans and so on. Diet and workout will not be listed in full due to working with a trainer. I do not want to give away his full style out of respect to him.

    A little background on my self. I started lifting a little over two years ago and despite following every bit of broscience and misinformation imaginable have managed to go from a skinny fat 130lbs to a fully over bulked 205, back down to a fairly lean 160lbs. Ive got the stretch marks to prove it. Pics will come soon for loling purposes and to show progress. I will continue taking pictures throughout log as its the best way for me to see progress in myself and get advice from others. I have some lame genetic facts about me. I am hypo gonadal(I think i spelled it right) which means i have naturally low testosterone. I am on TRT which means I get a weak testosterone injection once a month to put me in the normal testosterone range. I also have pubertal gynecomastia. Ive had hardened lumps in my chest since 16 years old. Luckily they are hardly noticeable. May or may not get surgery in the long run. Will keep you all posted on that situation.

    On the brighter side lets do the damn thing.

  2. NOW THE PLAN. I know 15 months is a little excessive but I like to plan ahead. I will account for any changes along the way. After cutting 45lbs in the past 5 months I have decided to go this route:
    Starting tomorrow I will be doing a one week ease in, detox and ease out to sort of reset my metabolism and get a nice base dry empty weight for me to start with. It is called the MasterCleanse for those interested. Will take before and after pics of the detox to give an idea of what it does physically. I will do a 7 point caliper test for bodyfat along with weigh ins before and after the detox.

    Following this into stage two I will be starting a 3 month lean mass phase using a modified version of the 5x5 program. Lifting will be done 4 days a week(monday, wednesday, friday, sunday). And Low Intensity Cardio will be done on the 3 in between days. Cardio will be 45 minutes each session and I will circulate between, swimming, bicycling, an elliptical and walking on the highest incline setting. Diet during this time will be high protein, low fat, moderate carbs on lift days and moderate fat, low carbs, high protein on cardio days. Every 7th training day i will have a full carb refeed. My metabolism is currently completely shot from the long cut I have been doing. Calories will continue to go up as my metabolism gets burning again. I use a thermometer to measure my temperature twice daily for deciding this. Modifications will be mentioned along the way. I always make sure to get my 8 hours of sleep. The supplements I take are fish oil, multivitamin/joint complex, creatine, whey protein and an EAA/BCAA supp during my lifting. More or less the basics. Ill most likely have one cheat meal a week usually along with a few beers. Never excessive though just my go out with friends and have a life night. Note* all drinking and cheats will be taken out during cycle time. Also I do take deload weeks where I find it necessary.

    Next stage is my first cycle. I hope to be sitting at about 170lbs at this point. Yes I know it’s slightly on the light side but genetically I sit at about the weight of a small girl. Anyways the planned cycle is 400mg test E for 10 weeks along with 30mg of dbol for the first 4 weeks of the cycle. Due to being on TRT already PCT is not required. I will simply keep Arimidex on hand throughout the cycle and PCT in case of estrogen related sides. May use a Natty test booster as well just because im paranoid. I will go back to getting pinned by the doctor 2 weeks after the last injection of Test E. Diet and routine will be adjusted accordingly when the time comes. Blood work will be done before cycle and after pct. Again will keep posted.

    4th stage of my wild ride is reverting back to phase two. Training may be changed at this point. Diet should definitely be much larger and will obviously be revised by this point. This phase should last about 14-15 weeks to match the cycle + pct time of the above mentioned. Details listed along the way.

    5th stage of the program will be the second cycle. If things go according to planned, I will up the dosage of this cycle to 500mg of Test E for 10 weeks (possibly prop if pinning goes incredibly smooth), 30 30 60 60 of dbol and I will finish off the cycle with a dry compound such as winny (unsure on the dosage/ time length yet). Same conditions apply as first cycle. Will be detailed when the time comes. 14-15 weeks just like first cycle.

    Stage 6 will be done after PCT of previous cycle. I will be doing a 6 week more or less contest diet. I will be following the Velocity Diet for the duration of this stage. Training is undecided but most likely minimal volume. Cardio will be bumped up to 6 days a week of 45 minutes, fasted and low intensity cardio first thing in the morning. I will still rotate the different activities I mentioned in stage two. I will take a combo of HotRox, Forskolin and TTA during the first 3 weeks of this phase. Doses will be upped every week. The last three weeks of this I will be switching to a clen/t3 combo(still researching dosages). This will be the entire duration of the 6 week cut.

    Lastly this will end on Stage 7 with what it began with: A detox. I will be skipping the ease in of this detox as the velocity diet is already mostly liquid and will have me fully prepared. I will do 5 days on the detox and then 3 days of easing out of it back into a lean mass phase(I will also add in benadryl when this starts up to replenish beta receptors). I have calculated these 7 pieces should take me a little less than 15 months. Mid- end of august of 2010. My overall goal in this is to be sitting at 185lbs at 8% or below body fat. Any more than this and I will be ecstatic.

  3. Alright guys starting the detox today after a last hoora carb refeed and few drinks last night. Not really a drinker and definitely not a druggie but want to get any crap out of my system. Anyway

    Day 1: Fruits and veggies/ dirty hippie day.
    Basically removing all meat from the diet. Dont worry im not a vegetarian. Just for this.
    Ill be eating:
    4 bananas
    4 oranges
    4 apples
    2 cups of grapes
    1 cup of raisins
    2 cups of green beans
    2 artichokes
    1 cup of broccoli

    This should just about match my current calorie intake at 1800 calories. Very low but ive been on an extended cut.

  4. Here are my starting pics. I am 5'11 and weighed in this morning at 160lbs on the button.
    Best I could do with my phone. Ill pick up an old digital camera when i go back home to visit my parents in a few weeks. Didnt realize my mirror was so dirty lol.

    Front relaxed

    Side relaxed

    Back relaxed

    Wheels Relaxed

    Nothing Impressive but its a start and a huge step up from where i was. Unfortunately i dont have any good pics around the time i started lifting or when i got "bulked". I will upload those just for kicks if i stumble across them.

  5. Just a little add in:

    My current stats are:

    Bench 225
    Squat 275
    Deadlift 365
    Rows 145x5 (Never really maxed seemed pointless)

    I am also very inflexible and prone to stupid little injuries because of it. So i am working on this to a large extent. I use a foam roller to work out any kinks at the end of my workout for about 15 minutes. Followed by a yoga band for about 15-20minutes of assisted style stretching everyday. It is helping my squat tremendously.

  6. Today is day two of the Detox phase. 2 liters worth of orange juice mixed with a few table spoons of grade b maple syrup. I put half a liter in a bottle and mix it with a half liter of water just so the supplies will last all day. Still feeling just fine dont feel starved or anything. Been stretching and foam rolling once a day. We'll see how things go tomorrow when the real detox piece begins.

  7. This look well planned, my respect to you for making such long term goals, good luck bro

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Random181 View Post
    This look well planned, my respect to you for making such long term goals, good luck bro
    Thanks man glad you could join. Big ambitions and still definitely in the works but go big or go home right?

  9. Day 3 of the detox. Basically the first part of the actually cleansing process. The mixture was 14 tablespoons of lemon juice, 14 tablespoons of grade b maple syrup and 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper all mixed with 2 liters of water and drink throughout the day. Had another bottle of just water with me the whole time to chase the bizarre taste down. Lastly was the salt water flush. Used a tablespoon of organic sea salt in a liter of water. The body cant digest this so it just gets pushed out. Wasnt as unpleasant as i thought. Just sit on the toilet for about 45 minutes waiting for bowel movements to stop. Only two more days of this until my regular diet begins.

  10. Well my computer crashed everything yesterday so ive spent today putting things back on it. Time to buy a back up drive.

    Day 4 and 5 of Detox. Nothing special to report. Yesterday accidentally doubled the dose of cayenne pepper making some not so comfortable bowel movements other than that the detox has gone smoothly. Tomorrow is back to regular eating. I decided to skip the easing out process as i dont find it really necessary. I will most likely skip easing in and out in the future.

    So this weekend will be a relax and kick back time. Got a new cook book for grilling and am gonna try a recipe or two. Ill be starting the real fun with the 5x5 on Monday.

  11. Started the first day of my 5x5 today. Today was Deadlifts and some back/bis work. Very light week starting out. I also added in some grip strength and donkey calf raises at the end of the workout to top things off. Did some extensive stretching and foam rolling after my workout trying to get some decent flexibility and work out the kinks. Diet is perfectly on par. Lift days are high protein, moderate carb, low fat.

    Off of stimulants and creatine for the first few weeks of this routine. Just food, whey, vitamins and fish oil for now. Also doing some work to try and straighten out my posture. My back is just fine but neck shoots forward fairly far and id like to fix that. Lastly also started meditating today. Only did two 5 minute sessions today and plan to build on that. I do however feel more alert and aware of my surroundings once i am done. Thats all for today.

    Edit- Also weighed in at 158lbs this morning. Detox dropped about 3 pounds of waste. Ill weigh in every Monday morning.

  12. good luck-

    subn to see where this goes.

  13. looks good to me. Good luck with your 15 month journey.

  14. 6/9/09- I went biking for about 45 minutes- an hour for my cardio session. A little bit off road. Low intensity somewhere around 10 miles i think. Meditated for a short session and did some more extensive stretching. Fairly sore from yesterday even though the weights were light. Pull ups and chin ups are far easier now that im 45 pounds down. Use to barely get 7 or 8. Now can do over 20 with no problem Started hanging a 25 pound weight around my waist. Basically keto diet on nonlift days. Max 50 grams of carbs. I have not been counting greens in this though. I make sure to have them with my 3 whole food meals.

    6/10/09- Today was my ramped bench day. Did shoulders and triceps as well. After regular bench i went and got my boards for 3 board bench. Apparently nobody at my gym has seen that before. Everyone looked at me like i was nuts lol. Good workout though despite the low weights. Definitely still feeling sore from Monday's lifts. Been doing a couple 5 minute meditation sessions each day. Still working on lengthening the time on that. Added my Melatonin and ZMA back in to my daily supps last night. Slept like a freakin baby. Thats all for today.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Kristofer68SS View Post
    good luck-

    subn to see where this goes.
    Quote Originally Posted by JKBB44 View Post
    looks good to me. Good luck with your 15 month journey.
    Welcome. Thanks for joinin in.

  16. Just decided to do the elliptical today for cardio. Did 45 minutes keeping my heartrate around 120-130. Diet still the same. Had midterm today fml. Yet to meditate today gonna try and remember before bed. Going to visit the parents this weekend and go lift at my old gym. Energy has been decent. Felt really hungry today but it seems to soon to up calories. I guess ill see what tomorrow brings.

  17. 6/12/09- Did Rows and Squats today. Been working on keeping my knees from buckling while squatting so i put a band around my knees to help keep me pushing them out. Got my injection today as well. Right now it is every three weeks. Im switching to do it myself so that i can do once a week keeping my blood levels more stable.

    6/13/09- My sister graduated today so i didnt have much time for cardio. Did about 20 minutes of fairly high intensity swimming. I haven't swam laps in a long time. Its a lot harder than i remember. Felt good though.

    6/14/09- Today was a bench day. Felt pretty strong. Weigh in is tomorrow. A friend of mine just opened her gym. I went and saw it today and it looks pretty bad ass. A little bit more crossfit style but cool none the less.

  18. Today was a good deadlift day. Hit all lifts and got a few extra reps on all supporting exercises. Metabolism temperature is moving up slowly hit 98 degrees this afternoon so almost back to normal. Weighed in this morning and was actually down to 156.5. So down a pound an a half. Maybe just a light morning. Not changing calories just yet. Will decide what to do after weigh in next week. Off to bed more summer school in the morning FTL.

  19. 6/16/2009- Nothing much to report today. Normal cardio day. Biked in the park since it was nice out. The loop takes just about 45 minutes exactly which is perfect.

    6/17/2009- Awesome lifts today. Bench is still a light week but all supporting exercises are upping in reps or weights. Went floating on the river this afternoon after workout. Was fun and relaxing.

  20. 6/18/2009- Just did the elliptical for 45minutes today. Nothing really to report.

    6/19/2009- Static squats day. All the 5x5 components are still feel really light. Next week is when it should get decent weight going again. Today was a carb up date. low fat, high carbs, high protein instead of the regular moderate carbs for lift days.

  21. 6/20/2009- Did about 20 minutes of swimming today. Changing up strokes every few minutes. Moderate intensity.
    6/21/2009-Bench day still light. Tomorrow starts the real weights.

  22. Age? Good luck!

  23. Been moving all week hence the late update. Still did all my workouts and cardio though.
    6/22/09- Deads and back day. Starting to get heavy now. Matched my personal record for deads 5x320. Hope i can beat that next week. Upped my protein intake by 50 grams and carbs by 25. Roughly 2600 calories a on lift days now. I also added all my supplements back into my diet today ie creatine, preworkout caffeine, bcaa's, melatonin and zma. Multi vitamin, fish oil and protein i never take out. I have a bunch of over priced supplements from a while ago that im going to use up like NO products and post workout stuff.
    6/23/09- Sore as hell. Didnt do cardio today due to moving furniture for 4 hours. I figured that counts as cardio somewhat. Upped protein by 50 and carbs by 25 on non lift days as well. Roughly 2200 calories on non lift days now.
    6/24/09- Ramped bench day. Matched my PR of 5x190 today. Been doing 3 board press after this. All accessory lifts are going up nicely as well. I am starting to see a little difference in the mirror to myself but im sure that has a lot to do with the addition of carbs in my diet after a long ketosis diet. Still am very happy with this so far.
    6/25/09- Just about finished moving all my stuff. Just have a few small things left to get. No more heavy furniture though thank god. And summer class is over today. Big relief. Just going to do the elliptical today since im pretty drained. Also decided once this ZMA bottle is done im probably not getting more of it. Does help my sleep pattern a bit but the added acne is enough to turn me off it.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by pfafkl13 View Post
    Age? Good luck!
    Im 21. Thanks man.

  25. Squats day. Slept in super late felt awesome. Hit every lift today no problem. Nothin much to report just ready to enjoy my laid back summer and put on some size. Back home all week to take care of the family dog while my parents vacation so Ill be lifting at my old gym again. Should be able to make due with what they've got just fine.


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