Please look at my workout!!

  1. Please look at my workout!!

    I combined a couple of different workouts that I know and was wondering what everybody thought of them. If you have any advice on something you would change or something you would add, I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Monday

    Dumbell Flys 3 x 10
    Dumbell Incline 3 x 8
    Dumbell Flat 3 x 8
    Dumbell Decline 3 x 8

    Cable crossovers 3 x 15
    Pushups 3 x F

    Dumbell Curls 3 x 10
    Hammer Curls 3 x 10
    Reverse Cable Curls 3 x 10
    Seated Cable Curls 3 x F

    Bicycle 3 x 30
    Captain's Chair Leg Raise 3 x 30
    Exercise Ball Crunch 3 x 30
    Lower Bench Abs 3 x 30
    Full vertical Crunch 3 x 30
    Heel touches 3 x 30

    Time _______
    Distance _______


    Barbell Bent Rows 3 x 8
    1 Arm Dumbell Rows 3 x 8
    T- bar Rows (Heavy) 3 x 6
    Seated Pulley Rows 3 x 10
    Lat Pull downs 3 x 10
    Chin Ups 3 x F

    Skullcrushers 3 x 10
    Dips 3 x F
    Standing Dumbell extension 3 x 8
    Cable Pushdowns 3 x 10
    Close Grip Bench 3 x 8-10

    Time _______
    Distance _______


    Cardio-- Play basketball


    Squats 3 x 5
    Leg Extensions 3 x 10-12
    Calf Raises 3 x 15-20
    Leg Press 3 x 15-20

    Dumbell Wrist Flippers(Heavy) 3 x 6
    PD Wrist Curls 3 x 10
    Finger Tip Raises 3 x 15
    Cable Forearm Curls 3 x 12

    Weighted Abs
    Cable abs (ball and pulldowns) 3 x 10

    Bicycle 3 x 30
    Captain's Chair Leg Raise 3 x 30
    Exercise Ball Crunch 3 x 30
    Lower Bench Abs 3 x 30
    Full vertical Crunch 3 x 30
    Heel touches 3 x 30

    Time _______
    Distance _______


    Dumbell Shoulder Press 3 x 10
    Upright rows 3 x 10
    Dumbell Lateral Raises 3 x 10
    Dumbell Front Raises 3 x 10
    Reverse Lateral Raises 3 x 10

    Shrugs 3 x 10

    Close chin ups 3 x 10
    Reverse Preacher Curls 3 x 10
    Concentration Curls 3 x 10
    Cable Curls 3 x 10

    Ball exercise 3 x 30
    Crunches 3 x 30
    Bicycle 3 x 30
    Lower Bench Abs 3 x 30
    Heel touches 3 x 30

    Time ______
    Distance ______

  3. What is your goals? You must be a big guy from your stats, but are you a "seasoned veteran" to lifting, or are you fairly new and are looking to get in better shape? Either way, I would say there is quite a bit of unecessary volume on some days. I think you would have a very hard time recovering from this unless it was short term to shock your system, or you were "on cycle" to maximize recovery. You definitely can cut probably 2 days of ab work. If you are working hard enough on them, you should stay sore long enough that you shouldn't be able to do that much 2 days in a row without being in some pain. I would probably take off 1 exercise per body part except maybe legs. On leg day i would possibly substitue leg press for some hamstring work, leg curls or stif leg deads. Shoulder work seems ok, you could superset all the DB raises together to add some intensity.

  4. Wow... I totally agree with young and free.

    If your a seasoned vet than you may be able to recover in time. With your back workout, I don't see any exercises that target your lower back. No hyperextensions? And leg days you are working your quads hard without working your hamstrings hard. I would add RDL's or Good Mornings. That will hit both your hamstrings and lower back. And thats whats up. Lately I've been using these workouts on because they don't focus just on the quad like you did. Their plans make sure you hit every part of the leg... I love it

  5. well i been lifting for six years but im only 20 years old... i just really enjoy lifting and i was on some supplements but just recently got off them... you think i should change up my work out


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