Height: 5' 8"
Age: 19
Weight: 190
Bf: 15%

Bench: Probably 260ish
Squat: 305x5
Deadlift: 505

Started out lifting back in high school in 10th grade (just finished sophomore yr of college now) when i decided i was too tiny. I was about 140lbs then... graduated at 160. Last year i got up to 175 and i was on the college powerlifting team. My bench was utterly pathetic at 215 at the end of the school year. I was always gifted at deadlifting and got it to 425. I hated squatting so i always did leg press and now im paying for it. At the years end i started the 5x5 and made huge gains bringing my bench up to 225x5 and my squat got up to 305x5. Thats about where im at now. Just changed to DC style training because i wanted to switch up the rep range. Thing is i had to break up the routine into three days because i dont have the endurance to give it my all for that many excercises in one day. So its 3 short days/ 1 off/ 3 short / off/ repeat.

Goals are just to get bigger, stronger, and leaner.

Heres the past 3 workouts(anything done more than one set is rest pause)
reverse curl: 80lbsx 12,12,12
curl: 90lbsx 8,5,4
Deadlift: 355x10
Neutral close grip pulldowns: 195x 8,8,5

DB flat bench: 90x 8,5,5
DB press: 65x 8,4,2
dips w/45lbs: 8,6,4

squats: 305x5
front squats: 135x16
leg curl: 125x12,10,10
calves: 315lbs on smith machine flat ground extensions for 30 reps.... 200 with bodyweight

and ya, being DC based. there is a ton of stretching. still trying to play with the weights and seeing how much i need to use to get everything about right. feel free to share your opinions. this is here more to motivate me to get stronger than anything. thanks! im debating on the whole picture thing....

i do have a youtube page with a few videos: youtube.com/tnubs