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    I'm gonna be posting my log here.

  2. 4/20/09

    I was originally going to go to the gym tonight, but I wanted to be well rested for my squat workout tomorrow since I have had trouble sleeping lately. I did some light calisthenics and stretching geared towards active recovery, as opposed to the bench workout I had planned, which would have fatigued my CNS.

    Hamstring stretches

    Bodyweight squats

    Oblique stretches


    Hang from pole by hands

    I'll probably do some more a little later but I am learning more and more when to workout and when not to.

    One thing that has been worrying me lately is a nagging pain in my lower back. I have been keeping a close eye on it and have been trying to figure out if it is a strained muscle or if it were something more serious.

    I've been taking it easy and it has seemed to heal. My right spinal erector still feels tight. I have realized that it is probably nothing serious, just some flexibility issues from having recently trained in gear for 2 months with the Sheiko routine and not being able to work on my normal posterior chain flexibility.

    I ordered some Primaforce Cissus, hopefully that will attenuate some of the chronic inflammation in that area and encourage healing.

    Diet today:

    Morning: Milk, Popcorn, Cheese

    Afternoon: Milk, Cheese, Pretzels

    Night: Milk, Cheese, Pretzels

    Yes...I eat a lot of Milk and Cheese

    Supplements: Fish oil, B complex, Multi, Grape seed extract powder

    I've got some phenibut and valerian on the way too from good old forward to a low dose of the phenibut and experimenting with the dosage of the valerian.

    Anyway, yea it will be nice to rest tonight so I'm ready to go tomorrow. Squats haven't been going so well lately since the meet (I squatted 600 geared)...probably due to a combination of factors. I also have for some odd reason been using chucks while doing close stance squats. I think that has also contributed to my back tightness, something about the movement with such flat soles really felt unnatural on my back. Just going down in a full squat position onto my toes, and then forcing my heels down let me see how I was stretching my lumber region in a bad way.

    Needless to say I'll start using my olympic lifting shoes again, in fact VS Athletics has a new shoe out that has a smaller heel, something I would like to try since I've always felt that the shoes I got from them in the Xmas of 2007 had a very high heel. Apparently the new ones are about 1 cm less. I think that would be perfect. Once I am able to cash my checks from work, I'm gonna order that ****.

    I also got some generic neoprene knee sleeves (having a job kicks ass) that have yet to arrive, but I am excited for those as well.

    Time to celebrate 4/20 finally.

  3. 4/21/09

    As I have stated, for the past couple months before April started, I changed up my form and started using chucks during squatting 95% of the time. I widened my stance and "learned" how to use gear (barely).

    Now I want to rebuild my raw strength, but the problem is, I can't figure out which stance feels better, and I can't figure out if olympic lifting shoes or chucks feel better.

    Anyway, today was squats.

    Ride bike 3 mins to gym

    Squat (no belt, vs athletics oly lifting shoes): 4 sets of 135X3

    5 sets of 225X1

    5 sets of 315X1

    2 sets of 365X1

    3 sets of 405X1


    Pretty much all these squats felt weird.

    Pause squat:

    2 sets of 315X1

    These felt good because I wasn't rebounding. The rebound is where the squats start to feel weird.

    Front squat:


    Overhead squat




    5 sets of 135X1

    Upper accessory (cable work on shoulders and obliques)

    All in all it felt good, I can tell that once I find a stance that suits me I'll hit some big numbers. My short term goal is a 500 squat with no belt.


    Morning: Milk

    Afternoon: Milk, Cheese, Pretzels

    Night: Milk, Cheese, Pretzels, Ice Cream (lol)

    Supps: Multi, Fish oil, B complex, Primaforce Cissus

    Oh yea I got my knee sleeves today. They felt great, my knees were very warm. I don't think I actually got any poundage out of them, which I expected.
  4. 4/22/09

    Started out with some arm circles to stretch the shoulders as I always do.

    Pause Bench: 3 sets of 135X5 (I like to warmup a lot. I don't want a pec tear)




    10 sets of 275X3 (elbow started hurting during these)

    Hammer grip chinups: 8 reps, dead hang (surprised I got this much, I'm around 250-255 right now and this is pretty decent for me)

    Upper Accessory:

    15 lbs on cable stack, various things like flys, curls, rows, tricep pushdowns, etc. mostly for conditioning the tendons/ligaments of the shoulder

    Squat: 45 lbs (bar) X 20

    Paused Overhead squat: Bar X 1 (these are meant for active recovery of the legs, and again conditioning the shoulder joint)

    Stretching on mat

    Benching has been feeling good lately, figured I'd try something different and go for a 10X3. Long and boring.


    Morning: Milk, Pretzels

    Afternoon: Milk, Cheese, Pretzels, Avocado

    Night: Milk, Cheese, Pretzels
  5. 4/23/09

    Today was a rest day, I was still feeling sore and I didn't think it would be wise to do anything. Gotta listen to your body.

    I did some stretching and bodyweight squats, pushups, and chinups.


    Morning: Milk

    Afternoon: Milk, Cheese, Pretzels

    Night: Milk, Cheese, Pretzels, Hamburger (Five Guys), French Fries (Five Guys)

  6. 4/24/09

    Today was light squat/bench.

    Rode bike to gym

    Dynamic stretching (hamstrings, obliques)

    Squat: 3 sets of 135X5

    3 sets of 225X5




    Then for some reason I felt like doing a behind the neck push press with 225. Felt easy, I wanna do more overhead work. Elbows are still feeling kinda weird. I'm glad I got some cissus recently.

    Pause bench: 135X20

    135X5 close grip

    135X5 regular

    135X5 regular

    Upper accessory:

    15 lb dumbbells tricep ext., bench press, shoulder press, flys

    Impressions: I have recently been putting more work into my bench press and I can already feel my chest growing in size. Today my chest was extremely sore and fatigued though. It must have been the 275 10X3 that I did on Wednesday. So I took it light today geared towards active recovery. Elbows are hurting, not much but somewhat.

    As far as the squat goes, I believe I've found my most comfortable stance. I used chucks today with a little wider than shoulder width stance. It felt very comfortable. Much more comfortable than close stance with either oly. shoes or chucks.

    Diet so far today: Milk and pretzels. I drank a quarter gallon of whole milk after training.
  7. 4/25/09

    I had originally planned to go the East Area Locker room, where there are DB's going up to 150 lbs. That way I could do DB snatch.

    So I rode my bike over there, unfortunately, it was closed.

    So I said, oh well, I'll just do a normal oly lifting day.

    So I headed to the white building.


    Squat: 2 sets of 135X5

    Jump squat: 2 sets of 135X1 (Once I felt how fast these went up, I realized I was in for a damn good workout. Jump squats are where I go down to an ATG position, pause there for a few seconds, and then explode upward as fast as I can and jump off the floor)

    Power clean and press: 3 sets of 135X1 (pressing this also felt really easy)

    Squat: 2 sets of 225X3

    Jump squat: 2 sets of 225X1 (also felt super easy)

    Front squat: 225X1

    Power clean and jerk: 3 sets of 225X1 (felt stupidly easy)

    275X1 (previous PR for power clean and jerk)

    Now I was done with jerking. (lol)

    Power clean:

    295X1 (10 lb power clean PR)

    Then I went up to 315 thinking I could get it. Well, I missed it. Still having form issues and while I am getting better, I am still bending my arms too early.

    I set up a few times to try to go for it again, but each time I lost faith that I could do it and I knew I wouldn't get it.

    So I dropped down 10 lbs to 305

    305X1 (GOT IT! 20 lb power clean PR!)

    The 305 was very sloppy and it hurt my wrist a little but I got it.

    Overall a really awesome workout! Now I see that it was a good idea to take it easy on my last workout. I was fresh and rested for today. I am learning more and more how to structure my weeks so that I don't have any bad workouts. I basically just predict what days I would normally have bad workouts if I were to go heavy, and I devote those days to light recovery work. So far this workout today is the first sign that this is working.

    I'm looking forward to Tuesday, when I will squat with the stance I figured I'd use from now on.

    BTW, I have also been trying to correct a form issue with my squat where my left knee travels farther forward than my right knee...during my last 2 squat workouts I've focused on letting my right knee travel forward more. Well, yesterday my knee hurt quite a bit on the patellar tendon area, after the workout.

    I am not saying this did it, but I took like 12 pills of Primaforce Cissus. Well, I woke up today and my knee felt great.

    I highly recommend this product to anyone who has joint issues.


    Morning: Milk

    Afternoon: Milk, Pretzels

    Night: Chocolate Milk pre and post workout (YUM!!)

    And I'll probably have pretzels later tonight as well.

    Supps haven't changed, I always love the primaforce. I think it helps with recovery and to attenuate inflammation. Plus the fact that my joints love it doesn't hurt.
  8. 4/26/09

    Rest Day

    Some bike riding to and fro supermarket, other than that, nothing.


    Milk, Pretzels, Avocados, Cheese, Ice Cream
  9. 4/27/09

    Today a rest day.

    Diet was unchanged.
  10. 4/28/09

    Today was a great workout!

    Rode bike to gym

    Arm windmills X 10 each arm

    Pause Bench: 2 sets of 135X5

    Upper Accessory with 10 lb DB's

    Pause Bench: 135X5

    2 sets of 225X5


    315X5 (PR)


    Then I did some light squats, front squats, cleans, and overhead squats with 135 lbs. One set of each, low reps. Mostly to stretch my back and help with flexibility and recovery of my hips. Squatting tomorrow, so I hope I feel good for that. Knees have been feeling weird lately. Felt perfect during today's workout though.

    Then I rode my bike back.


    Morning: Milk

    Afternoon: Cheese, Milk/Chocolate milk combo (I hate how thick normal chocolate milk is, I do a mixture of regular milk and chocolate to have a more palatable drink) I drank this for preworkout and postworkout nutrition.

    Tonight: I have some steak that I cooked up yesterday, I'll probably go out and get some pretzels or something to snack on.
  11. 4/29/09

    Before training for Nationals began, I had always lifted a certain way. I lifted with a very close stance during squatting and deadlifting, and a close grip for bench.

    During training for Nationals, I widened my bench grip and my squat stance to accommodate my usage of a squat suit and bench shirt. I felt my groin muscles and gluteal muscles becoming stronger during this training from the widened stance. I also felt my chest become stronger from the widened grip. I don't think this was because one way is better than the other...I think it was because I was working on my weaknesses.

    I felt during this time that this new training would be beneficial to my raw strength.

    After Nationals I felt burned out and weak for a few weeks. My squat felt very weak and I was wondering why I wasn't getting better.

    Now with my past couple bench workouts and todays workout, I can see that I am starting to reap the benefits of geared training.

    Rode bike to gym

    Stretched lightly

    Squats (raw, no belt, atg, oly shoes)

    2 sets of 135X5

    1 set of 1 rep of jump squat with 135

    2 sets of 225X5






    495X1 (Massive PR)

    Then I did 1 rep each of pause squat, jump squat, and overhead squat with 135.

    Thoughts: This was done with a little bit wider than shoulder width stance. It was also done with no belt. It went up faster than the 500 raw I did belted at a meet in late 2008. My previous max with this setup (no belt, oly shoes) was 455 done early this year (which went up rather fast).

    If I can get my squat in this setup up to 545 by the time training for the 2009 Iron Lion Open starts, I believe with a belt I can hit 565 at a meet raw.

    I am not sure if I should start training my deadlift now...I was waiting for my squat to feel good again...but I am just not sure yet. Once I hit these short-term goals, I don't know what to do next. That's one thing I have to learn.

    One thing I learned from a dude on BB.COM is that when your body starts getting stronger, don't pull back and take it easy...milk it for all it's worth. I think in two more weeks I will do some heavy pulls from normal height (not deficit as I often do) and see how it feels. Maybe I'll try to hit my previous raw max for deadlift as well (601) except without a belt. That can be my new short-term goal. I want to hit that by the end of May.


    Morning: Milk

    Afternoon: Milk, Pretzels, Potato Chips

    Preworkout: Chocolate Milk

    Postworkot: Chocolate Milk

    Tonight I'll probably eat more pretzels.
  12. 5/01/09

    Rode bike to gym

    Stretch legs/arms/core


    2 sets of 135X5

    Jump squat:


    Power Clean

    4 sets of 135X1

    Overhead squat




    Jump Squat:


    Power clean

    5 sets of 225X1

    Overhead squat



    2 sets of 225X5

    Jump squat


    Upper Accessory

    Tomorrow will be some more squats and bench press. I am itching to get a better squat, so I'm preparing for more heavy squatting on monday. Easy stuff tomorrow will = being rested and prepared for Monday. At least that's my theory. Lets see if it works. Not sure if I should stay at 225 with squat tomorrow, or if I should go higher. I'm leaning towards staying lower, but doing a few sets of 1 with 315 won't tax my CNS. Oh well, that's tomorrow.
  13. 5/02/09

    Moderate bench and light squat today. Bench felt weaker than usual...but I must remind myself that I can't expect to make gains twice a week on bench. I should know better. I didn't attempt to go any higher than 275 today, but I'll wait until tuesday to bench heavy again. I'll go for 6 paused reps with 315 on tuesday. Not only will I go for it, but I will get it.

    Monday I will squat heavy. Not sure what I'm gonna go for, but I'm thinking about doing 495X2. I will also get that.
  14. 5/04/09

    I previously hit 495 raw beltless at my last squat workout, it was a little shakey and I came onto my toes for the top portion, I was satisfied with it since it went up fast, but I quickly wanted to do it again.

    So I did some easy squat workouts to prepare my CNS for today. 5 days after that day was today. It was kind of an experiment to see how quickly my CNS can recovery from certain things. I think if I would have waited another day I would have felt even better.


    Rode bike to gym

    Squat: 2 sets of 135X5

    1 pause jump squat with 135

    2 sets of 225X5






    495X1 (felt great)

    Then I decided to try some pause squats with 405. I always do better at pause squats once I drop the weight off and do them at the end of the workout. So I dropped 90 lbs and went to 405.

    Pause squat: 405X3 (felt amazing, I could have more but I do not want to overdo things)

    Then I went back down to 135 and did another pause jump squat.

    Rode bike back to apartment

    My new squat form feels so comfortable. I am working on actively arching my lower back and going down slower. I want to get home so I can videotape myself doing these things. I figure I'll go for 495 again next week and some more pause squats and stuff and videotape myself doing that. One of my ideas is that if I can keep replicating my new PR every week, my CNS will become used to doing it...not just a fluke where you felt strong that day and then you can't do it again for another month. However, I add in more stuff each last squat workout, I did essentially the same warmups and weights...but I didn't do any pause squats with 405. Today I did, however. Next time, I'll probably go for 5 reps instead of just 3. That way I am not actually attempting any more weight each week, but I am still making my CNS adapt. I think instead of waiting 5 days ntil my next squat workout, I will wait 7 days.
  15. 5/05/09

    Rest day today, just some bike riding and stretching to get some blood into the legs. Legs are feeling great. I can feel another 495 on Monday...and after that a 405X5 pause squat. But today I will do some bench and light (135) squats.
  16. 5/06/09

    Rode bike to gym

    Arm circles with 5 lb DB's 10 rotations each arm

    Bicep curls with 15 lb DB's 8 reps each arm

    Shoulder press 15 lb DB's 10 reps

    Pause bench:

    2 sets of 135X10




    2 sets of 275X3

    315X6 (NEW PR, butt came off bench but w/e)

    Benching felt good today, which I'm glad, since it felt weaker a few days ago. Interesting how rest works. The CNS just wasn't feeling it a few days ago, but tonight, even though I was tired from finals and thinking about not even working out, I still got a PR.

    Flat back close grip bench: 135X10

    DB bench: 30 lb X 10

    Shoulder press: 30 lb X 10

    Lateral raises: 15 lb X 10

    I did these with little rest time in between each set. My shoulders hurt so bad from the pump. I hate doing this kind of stuff but it's good to vary things so I add BB type exercises in every once in a while.

    Pause Squat: 4 sets of 135X1

    Jump squat: 135X1

    Dead Hang Chinups: 8 reps

    Cable Upper Accessory

    Dead Hang Chinups: 3 reps

    Hamstring stretches

    Workout felt good today. I'm thinking about seeing how many reps I can get with 365 next week...probably Tuesday, one day after my squat workout.
  17. 5/08/09

    Today I did some light work on bench and squat.

    Pause Bench: 10X10 135

    Upper Accessory: Shoulder Press, Bicep Curls

    Pause squats: 135X5

    Jump squat: 135X1

    Jumps: Jump onto 5th stair

    Dead hang Chinups: 5X5
  18. 5/09/09

    Today was also a light day.

    I simply did some work outside shoveling soil for about an hour.

    Then a couple hours after that I did some upper body stuff on a bowflex at my friend's house, such as chest press, curls, flys, pushdowns, rows, and shoulder press.

    I also did some dead hang pullups.

    Tomorrow will be a rest day in preparation for a max effort squat workout on Monday.

  19. sweet man subbing in all up in here
    SFW and GFH
  20. Monday 11th of May 2009

    On May 11th I was originally going for a 500 lb squat.

    However, my core was feeling weak and I think I wasn't warmed up properly, I decided to cut my losses and go for it later in the week. I ended up doing something like this:

    Squat: 135X10

    2 sets of 135X5

    2 sets of 225X5


    2 sets of 365X1

    Overhead squats:

    2 sets of 135X5



    Pause jump squat:

    2 sets of 135X1

    Was in a bad mood after this workout since I felt weak.
  21. May 13th, 2009 (Wednesday of last week)

    Today was a great workout.

    Pause Bench:


    2 sets of 135X5

    2 sets of 225X5



    Incline pause bench: 3 sets of 135X10

    Pause dips: 6 reps

    Dead hang chinups: 8 reps

    Upper accessory 30 lb DB's:

    Shoulder press 20 reps

    Bench press 20 reps

    Bicep curls 15 reps

    DB row's 70 lb DB's 15 reps

    Great workout.
  22. May 16th, 2009 (Saturday)

    Awesome workout.

    Ran .15 miles

    Dynamic stretching


    3 sets of 135X5

    2 sets of 225X5

    2 sets of 315X3






    Pause squat: 405X5

  23. May 18, 2009

    This past Monday was May 18. I did something different today, I saw a video of a guy doing kettlebell windmills and I decided I would try it. I feel that my obliques are lacking in strength, and these would help with that.

    DB snatch: 70 lb DB's both arms 5 reps

    Windmills: 70 lb DB's 5 reps each arm

    DB snatch: 100 lb DB's both arms 3 sets of 1

    Windmills: 100 lb DB's 2 sets of 1 each arm

    DB snatch: 100 lb DB's 1 set of 5 reps each arm

    135 lb barbell: low rep squat, jump squat, overhead squat, front squat, pause squat

    cable upper accessory

    leg/back stretching

    Windmills were a very challenging lift.
  24. Thumbs up May 21, 2009

    Yesterday I decided to do basically the same stuff as Monday. I ended up doing a little bit more with the windmills.

    DB snatch: 70 lb DB's 3 sets of 1 each arm

    Windmills: 70 lb DB's 1 set of 5 reps each arm

    DB snatch: 100 lb DB's 3 sets of 1 each arm

    Windmills: 100 lb DB's 1 rep each arm
    2 sets of 5 each arm

    DB snatch: 130 lb DB's 1 rep each arm

    Then I did some low rep squat, jump squat pause squat, overhead squat, and push press with 135 lb barbell.

    Then I finished off with some cable upper accessory and stretching.

    Tomorrow will be heavy bench day, hoping it will go well.

    Then on Monday I will deadlift for the first time since the meet, hoping that will go well too. Hoping to get 625 or so without a belt. Based on how much my squat, hamstring, and core strength has increased I figure this is not out of the question. Then I will be on track for 645 belted at the Iron Lion Open.

  25. Today I did some deadlifts.

    Rode bike to gym.

    Unbelted Deadlift:






    3 sets of 405X1





    The 585 was done unbelted. It went up quickly and smoothly. I was hoping for more and I probably could have attempted more...but I haven't deadlifted in 2 months and I want to ease back into it. My form felt good today though.

    All in all everything was good.

    Rode bike back to apartment.


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