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    My long-term goal is to be 5'7" 175 lbs @ around 11% bodyfat. Hopefully I'll be able to bench press 315, I feel I could get 16" defined arms and at my height they would look bigger than that anyway.
    that is a very respectable goal! I think I have that same goal, but closer to 170lbs and 8-9% bf. Hopefully I'll be closing in on it soon....

    Hey whats your take on formestane GymRat? I just started a log of CELs new Transdermal Formestane and it seems pretty crazy to say the least.... Know anything about it? Whats your oppinion?

  2. i would honestly base ur entire workout around the squat, especially if it is a weakpoint. and for what its worth, 5x5 is an excellent routine. it got my deadlift above 500, and im only a few pounds heavier than u at the same height. you'd be how suprised how far only one working set/session will get you in a lift as far as progression. since you arnt over working it recovery is quicker and strength can be added faster. not trying to change ur ways, just in the future may want to try it. i swear by it. im on DC now... all i can say is i miss being able to move. you'd be suprised how hard the human body can be pushed

  3. tnubs thats very impressive DL 500 at 188... im Currently at 435 today i pulled that at 175... however it takes me forever to put on weight as i dont bulk or cut just solidly add.. im hoping to hit 185 pounds and DL 500 just like u.. however i go for a ORM max every workout if i miss it two workouts in a row i do rack pulls till for 1-2 weeks and go back to it.. ive done this for a year and from 330 to 435


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