New to the forum... this is actually my first post. Ive been hitting the gym for about two years now but have never gotten into it too seriously. What i want to do is increase my strength and size, quit smoking, and be ripped by july.

I work very odd hours and my gym closes early so it can be a problem getting there but im looking to start up a 6 day a week program that ive done before for a while. Ill be doin one major muscle group a day in combination with a smaller i.e. Chest and tri, BAck bi, Shoulder traps. the first day will be high weight, second time around each week high rep i.e. 5x8 bench monday, 3x24 thurs.

AS far as dieting goes i will try to avoid junk food, stick to whole-grain as much as possible. Lots of protein.

Supps for now include whey and casein protein, N.O. SHotgun, creatine mono, and tri-flex.

I will update at least every two days with progress.

If any suggestions for food ideas they will be greatly appreciated, all ive been eating for a while is brown rice combined with either tuna or grilled chicken wrap.