Hey, my name is Josh i am working on a log to run this month and switch up after about a month to keep progress coming. I currently wrote a routine i want to follow. Please post any feedback on things i should change, later i will post up a diet i will be following along with supplements, I am 17 years old and have accumulated pseudo gyno being over weight as a teen and also a little gyno from taking some pro hormones which i now learned wasn't that best idea, so now i want to see what i can do to hide as much of this.

I currently am still taking Caber to try and clear up my gyno i will be stopping in a week or so though, it has helped quite a put removing the hard tissue none of the fatty tissue though, Also i was taking Letro with it as well.

Josh’s Workout (To Lean)
2,500 Calories (Follow for 1 month May 2, 2009 – June 1, 2009)

Monday: HIT Cardio
5 min warm-up, followed by 15mins-*30 sec high 1:00 min low

Tuesday: Chest & Tri’s
Incline Dumbbell Press (4x10)
Incline Fly’s (3x10-15)
Decline Bench (3x10)
Close Grip Dips (2x10)
Dumbbell Skill Crusher (3x10)
Cable Push Downs (3x10)
Butterfly Machine (3x10-15)

Wednesday: HIT Cardio
5 min warm-up, followed by 15mins-*30 sec high 1:00 min low

Thursday: Back & Bi’s
Straight Bar Pull Down (3x10)
Back Machine *hits back well similar to bent over rows (3x10)
Stiff legged Dead lift (3x10)
Sitting Cable Rows (3x10)
Hammer Curls (3x10)
Preacher Curl (3x10)
Dumbbell Curls (3x10)

Friday: Shoulders & HIT Cardio (after weight lifting)
Sitting Shoulder Press (3x8-10)
Arnold Press or Dumbbell Press (3x10)
Side Raises Super Set with Front Raises (3x10)
Dumbbell Shrug (3x10)
Barbell Shrugs (3x10)
Front Pull (Not sure name pull the bar up towards your chest to hit traps) (3x10)

Saturday: (Cheat Day to keep metabolism going) Legs
Leg Press (3x8-10)
Squat (3x8)
Lunges (3x10 Each Leg)
Hack Squat or Duck Squat (3x10)
Calf Raises Standing and Sitting (3x10-15)

Sunday: Off Day

I will post pics and weight as well once i get started.