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  1. 3/13/13
    Total rest day
    No cardio/no wts
    AM 60 min cardio 1 ThemadeX Cap prior
    PM ThermadeX...1/4 serving of Prodigy
    Broser Built Athlete

  2. 3/15/13
    Protein drink 1 small apple 1 hout prior to weights...I was called into work today, not till noon, so my training was screwed up..grrrr!!
    1 Paragon...1 full serving Prodigy 15 minutes pre
    Flat bench
    315x9,9 320x9...last set cause it feels great..325x8
    Smith incline
    245x12,12, 255x11
    Dips ss pec dec 2 sets
    pushdowns 3 sets
    skulls 2 sets
    kick backs 2 sets
    rope 2 sets 30-40 reps
    Sipped on bcaa's/1/4 serving prodigy
    home to eat
    10 eggs..3 whole 7 whites 1/2 cup oat meal
    packed lunch...cya later for pm cardio..its frickin snowing again, so pm cardio will be snow shoeing/shoveling white ****, LOL
    Broser Built Athlete

  3. 3/16/13
    2 caps ThemadeX....Holy sweaty beast!!!! I tolerated this really well to my surprise, I was out snow shoeing for 1.5 hrs...
    Later this afternoon, legs!!!!
    Broser Built Athlete


  4. 3/20/13
    AM cardio 50 min treadmill 1 PNI ThermadeX cap
    post meals later
    PM legs..cant wait...
    Broser Built Athlete

  5. lost my computer to a back
    Broser Built Athlete



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