Purgatory's weight loss journal

  1. Purgatory's weight loss journal

    I got out of control again with my weight. I feel by keeping a log I will make myself more accountable. My immediate goal is too get my weight down to 175 and my waist to 33.25. I do a 3 on 1 off workout schedule. Feel free to give any input. I will be eating around 1800-2000 calories.

    Body Stats
    Weight: 188.8
    Waist: 34.8
    Bodyfat: 16.6%

    Current Supplements
    Diesel Test Hardcore
    Ether Tabs
    Alpha Premium Whey
    Alpha Pre

    I had a solid workout today. I increased weight on my lifts from my previous workout. I also reduced rest periods for 180 sec to 150 sec. I'm trying to bring more intensity to my workouts.

    Bench 185x8 205x8 215x6 215x8 225x6
    Incline Bench 155x8 155x8 165x6 165x8
    Fly Machine 35x15 35x15 35x15
    BB Curl 90x8 90x8 90x8 100x7
    Preacher Curl 55x10 60x10 65x10 65x10
    Concentration Curl 30x10 35x8 30x10

    45 Minutes Cardio

  3. Behind DB Military Press 30x8 40x8 50x8 50x8
    Lateral Raise 25x12 25x12 25x15
    Upright Row 115x7 115x6 115x8
    Wide Grip Pull Down 85x15 100x11 100x12
    BB Row 205x7 205x5 205x6
    Seated Cable Row 100x15 120x12 120x15

  4. What is your maintenance level in calories? I'm wondering because 1800-2000 calories a day seems pretty low, even for cutting.

    Not a bad day. The diesel test and ether tabs seems be making me aggressive. I whipped right through my workout today. My workout partner could not keep up.

    Tri Push Down 42.5x15 47.5x15 47.5x15 52.5x12 52.5x12
    Skull Crusher 100x10 100x10 100x8
    1 Arm Db Extension 30x10 30x15 30x12
    Squat 135x8 155x8 185x6 185x8 185x8
    Lying Leg Curl 85x8 85x9 85x10 85x8
    Stiff Leg Dead 135x10 165x8 165x8 165x8

    Quote Originally Posted by babywifey View Post
    What is your maintenance level in calories? I'm wondering because 1800-2000 calories a day seems pretty low, even for cutting.
    Thanks for stopping by. My maintenance level is 2500. I'm not a very active person. I roll out of bed at 650am and sit at my desk for 9hrs. Then I go to the gym.

  6. If your maintenance is 2500 cals, I wouldn't suggest going any lower than 2000. On occasion eating 1800 would be fine, but not every day, unless you plan on losing a lot of muscle.

    I had a good workout. Strength went up on all exercises. I lost almost 3 pounds for the week. Also a little around the waist.
    Body Stats
    Beg 4/26
    Weight: 188.8
    Waist: 34.8

    Weight: 186.0 - 2.8lb
    Waist: 34.6 - .2

    Tri Push Down 47.5x 15 52.5x15 57.5x11 57.5x10 57.5x11+ 5lb
    Skull Crusher 115x8 115x8 115x8 + 10

    1 Arm DB Extension 30x12 35x11 35x9 35x10 + 5lb

    30 Minutes walking on Treadmill

    Quote Originally Posted by babywifey View Post
    If your maintenance is 2500 cals, I wouldn't suggest going any lower than 2000. On occasion eating 1800 would be fine, but not every day, unless you plan on losing a lot of muscle.
    Thanks for the advice. I upped my calories to around 2100-2300. I don't want to lose muscle.

  8. Glad to be of help.

    I was feeling crappy today but had a decent workout. Bench was great today. Incline bench not so great. It's been awhile since I benched 245 more than 2 reps.


    30 Minutes Walking Running

    Bench 225x7 225x8 235x8 245x6 +20lb
    Incline 185x5 185x5 185x6 -20
    Fly Machine 40x15 45x10 45x9
    BB Curl 100x8 100x8 100x8
    Preacher Curl 70x10 80x10 80x11 +15lb
    Concentration Curl 30x10 30x9 30x9

  10. Comment
    Good workout. Started weak but felt strong by the end of the workout. I amtaking 1 NCP and 1 R4w preworkout. I like that combo so far.


    DB Military Press 50x8 50x8 50x8 50x8 -10lb
    Lateral Raise 25x10 25x10 30x10 30x10
    Upright Row 115x8 115x8 115x8 +20lb
    Wide Grip Pull Down 100x12 100x10 100x10 115x11 +15lb
    BB Row 135x8 155x8 165x11 +10lb
    Seated Cable row 120x12 140x12 160x8 PR 180x4

    20 Minutes walking/running on treadmill

  11. Friday May 8


    BB Curls 70x10 80x12 100x8 100x10
    Seated DB Curl 30x12 30x11 30x10 30x10
    Hammer Curl 30x12 35x12 40x12 45x8
    Tri Push Down 52.5x15 62.5x15 67x8 67.5x9
    Overhead Tri Extension 32.5x15 47.5x10 47.5x10 47.5x10
    French Press 135x12 155x8 155x12 155x10

    20 Minutes Post Cardio Running Walking

  12. Sunday May 10th

    I'm losing weight slowly. I continue to get stronger. I getting closer to my goal of benching 300lb. I'm also able to run longer without taking a break.

    Body Stats
    Weight: 188.8
    Waist: 34.8

    Weight: 185.0
    Waist: 34.5

    Incline Bench 155x10 165x10 205x6 205x6
    Bench 185x10 205x8 245x6 265x3
    High Cable Crossover 25x15 30x15 30x11 30x12
    Dips 10xBW

    45 Minutes Running Walking

  13. Monday May 11


    Wide grip pull ups 5xbw 7xbw 8xbw
    Rack Deads 185x7 185x8 205x8
    Wide Grip Pull Down 115x12 130x8 130x11
    Seated Row 160x8 160x6 140x9
    DB Row 40x12 50x12 50x12

  14. Wed May 13

    Incline Db Press 10x15 50x13 50x13 50x13
    DB lateral Raise 27.5x10 27.5x10 27.5x12
    Seated Side lateral raise 17.5x10 17.5x12 17.5x11
    Upright Row 90x10 90x8 90x8

  15. Mon July 20th

    Starting this back up again. Starting weight 193 and waist 36.0.

    Bench 185x10 205x10 225x5
    Incline DB 50x10 70x9 70x10
    Dips BWx3X10
    DB Press 40x8 45x10 45x10
    DB Side Lat 25x7 25x9 25x9

    30 Minutes Post Cardio Cycle

  16. Thursday July 23

    Rack Deads 185x7 185x10 205x7
    Bent Over Row 135x10 155x10 165x10
    BB Shrug 185x10 205x7 205x7
    DB Shrug 70x10 75x7 75x8

    20 Minutes Cardio

  17. Sun 7.26.09

    BB Curl 50x10 60x9 60x10
    Close Grip Bench 185x10 205x6 205x8
    Skull Crusher 50x10 70x9 70x10
    DB Curl 30x10 35x8 35x7

    Standing Calf 130x10 150x10 170x6
    Seated Calf 8x100 9x100 8x100

    50 Minutes of Cardio

    Started Get Diesel Ether Today

  18. Tue 7.28.09

    Bench Press 185x10 205x10 225x6 225x7
    Incline DB 70x7 70x8 70x7 70x7
    Dips BW x 9 9 9 10
    DB Press 40x9 40x10 45x10 50x10
    DB Side Lateral 25x80 25x10 30x10 35x6

    Cardio 20 Minutes

    Comments Not a bad workout. I'm finally feeling injury free. For the first time in 1 years my shoulder doesn't hurt. I also lost 2lbs and .25 off my waist.

  19. Tue 8.4.09

    Bench 185x10 225x10 245x6 245x7 My should felt great. No pain
    Incline DB 70x9 70x8 70x9 70x8
    Dips BWx3x10
    DB Press 50x10 55x7 55x8 55x10
    DB Side Lateral 25x7 25x10 30x8 30x7 I was spent at this point

    Cardio 20 Minutes elliptical


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