The Riggers 5x5 log

  1. The Riggers 5x5 log

    Stats: 5'7" 164
    Lifting for 1 soild year.
    Sups: Black Powder pre-workout, ON whey, fish oil, Icy Hot.
    Goals: Clean 300lb bench and clean 405lb squat. Slight BF lose and gain LBM.
    Before Pics: Cant post a link yet, they are in the Pics section under WTF is wrong with my arms?
    Routine: Monday Wednesday Friday 5 Weeks, 6th week off, then 3x3 for 3 more weeks.

    Monday(Tuesday today, next week will be Monday)
    Bench, Squat and Cable Row. With Weighted Sit-ups and Hyperextensions.
    Deadlifts, Squat, Military Press and Weighted Pull-ups. With Sit-ups.
    Bench, Squat and Cable Rows. With Weighted Dips, Barbell Curls and Tricep Extensions

    I will cheak weight once a week and eat a moderate cal clean diet.

    I'm Going to start by saying that I thought this was going to be a easy workout. I was wrong! Even though the whole routine takes about a hour, it is no joke.

    OK, here we go!!!

    Today(Tuesday April 21st)
    Bench 5x5 205lbs
    Squat 5x5 225lbs
    Rows 5x5 180lbs
    Hyperextensions 2 sets
    Weighted Sit-ups 4 sets

    Could have went up alittle on the weight but its the first day. I might stick with this weight for the first week.

  2. Week 1 Day 2

    Dead lifts 5x5 225
    Squats 5x5 225
    Military Press 5x5 135
    Body weight pull-ups 5x5

    I have never done squats after deads and it hurts. Got to get the endurance built up.

  3. Starting over after my work schedule shifted.

    (Yesterday)Week 1 again day 1
    Flat Bench 225 5x5
    Squats 245 5x5
    cable rows 200 5x5
    Hyperextensions 4 sets

    Today was off, I will post back tommorow.

  4. Week 1 day 2 again

    Deads 285 4x5 315x3
    Squats 225 5x5
    Dumbell shoulder presses 70s 5x5
    Weighted pull-ups 45 4x5 90x3

    My buddy wanted to do some arms and bench press

    Dumbell preacher curls 40s
    Bench 225x8 285x2 135x20

  5. Week 1 day 3

    I was still a little sore for the deads.

    Flat bench 225x5, 245x5, 265x5, 275x5, 295x3
    Squats 225 5x5
    Cable rows 220 5x5
    Weighted pull-ups 45 5x5
    Cable curls 80 5x5
    Cable tri pull downs 200 full stack 5x5
    Weighted sit ups 45x25 x15 x10

  6. Week 2 Day 1

    Decline Bench 245 5x5
    Squats 225 5x5
    Lat pull downs wide grip behind the neck 170 5x5
    Lat pulls medium grip 170 5x5
    Lat pulls close grip reclined 170 5x5
    Tricep Push downs 260 5x5
    kick backs 30 5x5

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