Jumpshot's Transformation log!

  1. Jumpshot's Transformation log!

    Hey welcome to my first log here on AM i figured id start this now rather then wait till my summer cut, im really not going for anything huge bodybuilding etc but rather my quest to get into the best shape i can be for Baseball and other sports, my summer will include lots of running stairs and trimming this excess fat that just has to go!

    Current stats as follows

    Age- 16, 17 in october

    Weight- Hovering around 198-202

    Height- 6'3

    BF %- Around 15-16% Not sure

    My training

    Due to baseball season i am limited to 3 workouts a week to get the best out of my workouts i will be doing full body everytime im really trying to maintain strength and muscle mass while leaning down right now for my overall goal of dropping to 180-185 by end of summer. I can lose roughly a pound a week to make my goal.

    About me

    Im 16 year old highschooler who has always been a little chubby not fat but enough, im athlethic been playing sports throughout life played basketball up until this year when i started focusing on baseball im a varsity pitcher as a junior and this is my main reason for slimming down and getting stronger, id like to throw mid 80's atm sitting around 82-83 MPH, But i really want to get rid of this fat before it becomes too much and i give up later on in life.

    My Supplements

    I currently take
    Whey protein
    Green MAGnitude (creatine)
    White FLOOD on workout days
    Prime dosing 69 protocol.

    At end of log i will post before and after pictures not too excited about posting them now so will wait till i get cutter!

    I try to eat as clean as possible but i will really dial in my diet over summer i eat usually 150-200g of protein a day and do cardio almost every day.

    I have a pull up bar at house i usually pump out a few sets on that chin-ups and pull ups and do pushups on off days, i have seen great strength gains since start of training in november i jumped from doing maybe 135 x5 on bench to 195x5 which i think is great.

  2. Saturday, April 18th

    Current weight- 199.6

    10 min warm up on elliptical

    5 min stretching

    Machine chest press (not doing bench press unless smith machine during baseball season)
    2 sets of 10 @ 170
    1 set of 8 @ 190
    *Superset with leg press*
    Leg Press
    1 set of 12 @ 360
    2 Sets of 12 @ 450

    Shoulder Press
    45's on each side
    2 sets of 12
    1 set of 10
    *superset with t-bar row*
    T-bar row
    3 sets of 10 @ 105

    Machine chest flyes
    1 set of 12 @ 160
    2 sets of 10 @ 175

    Lat Pulldown
    2 sets of 10 @ 210
    1 set of 8 @ 230

    Leg extensions
    1 set of 10 @ 170
    1 set of 10 @ 190
    1 set of 10 @ 210

    Leg curls
    2 sets of 10 @ 130
    1 set of 8 @ 150

    Triceps pushdown
    2 sets of 10 @ 170
    1 set of 8 @ 190

    21's With 50lb EZ Bar
    2 sets

    Hammer curls
    2 sets of 12 @ 15 lbs (very slow negatives did at home for final biceps)

    Overall very good workout it looks like a lot but i finish in under 45 min-1 hour i take minimal rest and superset i had a nice back pump after doing t-bar rows first time doing those not sure i probally could of done more but lat pulldowns were tough after those, 21's gave me a sick pump and i felt like i really had a solid overall workout.

    I wont have another workout till tuesday i have a game on monday give my muscles some time to recover.

  3. Hey bro good luck on the workouts, as a pitcher I would highly recomend doing some type of shoulder prehab work atleast twice weekly, if not three times. Facepulls, band pull aparts, seated DB powercleans, etc will all help keep those shoulders strong through the season.

  4. Ya ive been doing lateral raises and cords (another rotator cuff exercise) but i'll probally add some of those in over summer im really gonna work on strengthing my core and legs and building up cardio endurance.

    Thanks for support!

  5. Sunday, April 19th

    45 Min Cardio on elliptical

    15 min abs

    Should be fun cardio/off day post back results

    Had good day of cardio 45 min on mid/high intensity elliptical and solid session of abs

  6. Thursday April 23rd

    Had a great workout today forgot to update about tuesday workout couldnt acess a CPU finnally started doing squats today and wow am i beat my form isnt great so i use smith machine but still my legs are beat. Did some chest too.

    Bench Press
    205x4 PR

    Incline Bench


    Leg press

    Legs were beat after this workout my last best was only 185 for 4 on bench never tried 205 but today i managed 205 for 4 so overall very good workout.

  7. hey nice job with this log, im liking it =)
    im 16 also and around 156lbs.

    Good luk wit ur cutting

  8. I'll sub for your transformation.

    Good luck man. Haha, Join a summer swim team and work hard. That will get that fat off.
    Or just work on adding cardio everyday. Do a little more every week then previously.


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