Sinon's Workout Log

  1. Sinon's Workout Log

    I have never once kept a lot of anything Iv'e done. Ive only been training for a little over a year now. I was a very skinny kid most of my life, wasnt allowed to play football because I was too small, and never even thought about stepping foot in a gym. When I turned 16, I started playing a mmo called Runescape. This led to junk food/Dr Pepper binges, and pulling all nighters. This added in with smoking pot on a daily basis made it worse. I stopped going out, never left the house except for school. Went from 135 pound 8th grader to 187 pound Junior in High School. I met my future wife then, who wasnt fat, but a bit on the chubbier side. I ended up getting her pregnant, which made our junk food eating habits much worse. Long story short I ended up 215 pounds of fat. Well, we split up and she stayed over 200 pounds. I started to go to the gym, not having any idea what I was doing. Six months later, and a few bottles of hydroxycut I went down to 155. Barely any muscle (Had no idea how to eat) Fixed that, along with my training, got up to 170. Ive been at 170 for about 6 months now. I have a 4 pack I guess, my lower abs arent showing. 170 5'11''. My bench went from barely lifting the bar to maybe 190-200 with a spotter. It seems Im stuck here. Sorry you had to read all So time to get this right...

    UN Whey
    UN Casein
    N.o. Explode
    Creatine Mono
    One a day Multi
    Fish/Flax Oil

    Any suggestions to this would be cool. Im 21, so not into PH. Ive tried a month of Prime, Didnt do a thing for me. Im assuming a lot of stuff ive tried I either didnt dose it right, or my body just didnt react to it. Cissus was badass though, helped my knee problem.

    190 pounds, with a flat stomach, and bigger pecs. I want them rounded at the top, my upper pecs are lagging bad. Overall not bad though, found out Im a delt presser. My Front delts are overly big compared to the rest.

    Im also taking a Muy Tai class. Ive never done cardio at the gym in my life, wasnt sure if I needed it if Im trying to gain weight, yet I can't stand the idea of getting fat again. Any Suggestions guys?

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  3. Adding bcaas to the supplements. I think I will sip these after my workout shake whilst doing a bit of cardio.

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