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  1. All right...back in the gym!

    Back (pr's are since I am back in the gym; not of all time, but close)

    Low Cable Row (close grip)
    165@10 pr
    I hurt my back at 140 last time I did this, so I am stoked...this felt pretty manageable and I didn't have to break form to get it.

    Wide Grip Pulldowns
    130@10x2 pr

    Wide Grip Lat Pushdowns
    60@10 pr
    Biggest weight so far, was really able to feel my lats burning at the end.

    One Arm Rows
    80@9! pr (my all-time pr is 85, so that beyotch is going down soon)

    BB Romanian Dead Lifts
    165@12 pr (could have gone up probably to 185 or more but I'm still protecting my lower back)

    Gym closed pretty much right at this point, I rushed to get a couple ab sets on the decline bench. Probably a good thing, as I felt like I would have kept going too long otherwise.

    I have started on some new supplements; continuing my run on usplabs stuff I have begun dosing Prime, Refresh, DominATP, Pslin & SuperSap. I am taking Anabolic Pump much less as it is living up to its nickname of Anabolic Dump and I can't have that goin' on and trying to work all day @ the same time. Basically this means that I'm on every single one of their products...

    Natty, I know you're gonna cringe about my whole usplabs fanboy thing right now but I really have no explanation for how I'm seeing such huge results in such a short time. I am eating better, taking good care of myself and I have noob gains in weights but...

  2. forgot: I also went for a bike ride for approx. 2 hours this early afternoon.

  3. congrats on the p.r.'s!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by natty texan View Post
    congrats on the p.r.'s!
    Thanks! I wasn't able to make it to the gym yesterday but I'm going this evening...gonna tear it up much as possible!

  5. yeah i enjoyed my day back

  6. Quote Originally Posted by natty texan View Post
    yeah i enjoyed my day back
    good to hear you're back on the saddle again...

  7. Workout tonight,


    Bosu Squats
    60x3 fast cadence, focusing on rhythm

    Walking Lunges
    1 set w/20lb DB's
    2 sets twisting with medicine ball

    Leg Press (weight is ea. side) presses & calves ea. set
    weight was pretty easy, but knee has been sore from working all day. gonna have to be careful for a while with this since starting work.

    Cable side raises (working obliques)

    Decline Bench Crunches
    3 sets to failure

    This was a somewhat uninspired workout. I started out on the squat rack but my knee was having none of it. I can't push myself too hard with it now due to going back to work. I compromised with a high-paced bosu & lunge phys. therapy type workout to start out. I added the presses after warming up to try to fatigue my legs if possible. It sorta worked...

    I really wanted to abandon the leg workout in the middle, but I already had back in the books for the week and my anterior shoulders (esp. the left) were very sore from working with my hands over my head all day long (hallway lighting wiring is my crew). I gotta be real ginger with the situation because it doesn't feel like the anterior delt is sore but more like the rotator cuff muscles. The pain is deeper than delt level. I might do a rubber band shoulder workout tomorrow evening or before my canoe workout to try to relax those muscles.

    I know I'm being super wordy but I want to be able to come back and access this info to see where I'm at. I don't log my workout at the gym because I hate carrying a journal with me and I type way faster than I handwrite.

  8. just as clarification, this doesn't mean that I'm frustrated. It's better than being unemployed and unable to get around without crutches any frickin' day. I just have to be careful for another few weeks while the bod gets used to working+working out. I looked at my shoulders today and I'm getting spider veins below the surface fat, so obviously there's growth going on there and I'm not sure my shoulders have ever been so big. I know I'm putting up better bench/tricep weight than ever (besides when I was 19 and working out all the time in college).

    Gonna try to get at least some pics up by the end of this weekend, gotta warn anyone not to be drinking anything if you look at them; it might just go right up your nose

  9. i dont understand spider veins, can you explain for me?

  10. mainly just talking about seeing veins below the surface of the skin...never used to get that in my shoulders.

  11. like big blue veins? or the tiny little red ones?

  12. guess i have spider veins...

    when i flex you can see my blue veins all over my stomach stretching into my chest and through my arms...

  13. hmmm. i only have spider veins in my feet. im not very vascular, a little in my forearms

  14. yeah, I don't know...it's going to be tough to get my workouts in on a regular basis for a while. Yesterday did the canoe workout, 10x6min pieces at race pace, but the workout gets over ea. time around 8pm or so. If they start going longer than that I might have to find something else to do; kinda hard to get to bed for my 4:30 wake-up.

    I am still feeling my leg workout from Monday; guess I pushed harder than I thought even though I felt like I left a lot on the table. Since starting work my shoulders have been pretty perpetually either sore or just tired...I think I'm still going to go to the gym tonight to try to get a chest/bi's workout; I just have to get amped up for it or I might just waste an hour with little result. I haven't gotten much sleep on weekdays; hard to get to bed early enough and after work today I crashed for a solid hour-forty-five nap which seems to help...it's always nice when less than 2 hours feels like a solid 3 or 4.

    I'll report back on the workout, hopefully it goes well.

  15. chest/bi's for tonight, a short workout:

    Low Cable Flyes

    High Cable Flyes

    DB Incline Press
    50@9 PR
    35@5 burnout

    BB Flat Bar Curls

    EZ Bar Reverse Curls

    I am just happy I was able to rally and go to the gym today. I haven't been getting enough rest, but it felt really good to get a workout. I was surprised that I was able to get a pr on incline db press, my shoulder was kinda stiff at the beginning of the flyes. I am starting to think that I don't have a shoulder injury, just that I'm sore from working overhead all day. The shoulder wasn't weak during the presses, I believe that it was my tricep that failed at the very end because I was doing the presses pretty close-grip to keep from getting the shoulders angry.

    Looking forward to Friday's workout, even though I'm working 10's and on Saturday this week.

    P.S. today I heard one of the foremen talking about how he takes GH...thought it was funny, he seems like the kind of guy who would screw up and inject too much and grow his intestines instead of the muscles he wants to. Why do you think Ronnie C. has such a big gut...

  16. well, trying to make it in the gym tomorrow...I'm sick right now for the 3rd time in the past 6 months. had to call in sick today...could use a good gym workout but don't wanna work out sick; almost never helps me get better. has def. been one of the tougher couple weeks to deal with in a long time.

  17. hope you get better man.

  18. thx...I'll be fine. I'm just sick of not being 100%, blah blah whine whine...haha

    I was in a bad mood 'cuz I hate calling in sick to work. I think all told in my 16 year work career I've called in sick less than 5 or 6 times (not including hospital stays for injury).

  19. guess it's time for me to:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAPXGuRIXsA&feature=re c-HM-r2"]YouTube - Get Some Nuts! - Snickers Advert[/ame]

  20. that's awesome!!!!!!!!

  21. I wish a gym company would get him to do some ads....

    "quit yer jibber-jabber and get to the damn gym sucka! no mo' cross fit, yoga or pilates, you need ta eat iron to be a real man!"

    even if it ain't true mr. t makes it true.

  22. hahaha...

    i do yoga =/

  23. Quote Originally Posted by natty texan View Post

    i do yoga =/
    I won't hold it against you =P

  24. Workout tonight: Tri's & Shoulders

    Tricep Rope Pushdowns

    2 sets @ 15
    1 set @ 12

    BB Military Press
    Notes: Started to get worn down...kinda hit a wall

    EZ Bar Skullcrushers (w/close-grip press burnouts)

    Shoulder Raises (front, side, rear delts)
    1 set @ 15
    2 sets @ 20

    I expected to be weak, but surprised myself with the early dips...kinda cashed myself out doing that but I'm constantly increasing my performance with dips. Since I'm now working, my rotator cuffs have been constantly sore so I am being careful and really just trying to do maintenance weight on the shoulder-heavy exercises.

    I'd like to think that doing rotator cuff exercises would cure everything, but not so sure. I have a PT session tomorrow, so I am going to ask the therapist what he thinks about the shoulders.

    I think my body is finally getting the idea; I'm starting to lean out a little but mainly where I notice changes is my shirts don't fit me anymore in the shoulders, arms and back around my lats. I measured my legs on the way out the door and the weak leg is 20.5 inches at the crest of the hammy vs. 21 inches for the good leg (unflexed). Also measured my waist at the crest of my man-handles and that measurement was 37 inches. We'll see how that measurement does, as it's going to be my chosen measurement of how fat I still am (I don't trust those bioelectric impedance scales anymore).


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