DoubleD's P90X recomp....

  1. DoubleD's P90X recomp....

    I was that guy doing M1T and Superdrol for all the wrong reasons! (you can view all my old posts)
    I used to weigh 135 lbs, and never could gain weight(because I was lazy)
    So, I decided to fill my body up with all the porhormones I could afford. I did everything right regarding cycling and PCT, but I should have never done them to begin with. Anyway- I went up to a high of 172lbs. Big gains right?? I looked awsome......until I stopped. Stupid me, I turned into a short fat guy!
    I am a firefighter by profession, so needless to say, I need to be in shape.
    That is what brings me here today. 150 lbs and out of shape!
    I got a copy of this p90x program and actually tried it three months ago. I made it to day three........and almost just died. Man am I out of shape.
    So- here i am on day 6..getting ready to do Kenpo X in an hour.
    I'm sure there are people just like me here and perhaps even those interested in this program. I would like to leave my experience for others to read. If this is not the place for it, please remove, replace or delete. I just feel so motivated and passionate about this that I wanted to share.

    P90x- a 90 day body transformation-
    You do need some equipment like a pull up bar, dumb bells and yoga block.

    Day 1- Chest and Back-

    Basically, tons of push up's and pull up's.
    I almost threw up halfway through. Paused the DVD and tried to catch my breathe. I actually stopped from that point.
    So I did about 6 min of warm up, 20 min of exercise and quit. This crap is fast paced, no breaks insanity. I can't imagine doing the whole 40 min.
    Right after this, you are supposed to do a 15min AbripperX program.
    HOLY COW...........impossible. I did maybe 40% of all exercises.
    This is going to be hard and I guess I should not be starting like this just jumping in, but as a firefighter, that's what we do warm ups there. So....let's just see how we do.
    As a side note. My wife actually is in her second month and looks awsome!!
    She is part of my motivation. If she can stick to can I!

    Day 2- Plyometrics-

    Wow, this is killer cardio for anyone! I was a little sore from day one, but pushed on. Surprisingly, I could actually keep up with about 60% of all the moves. A ton of jumping and long stepping. What an awesome workout! This was hard but I felt good at the end. Definitely used muscles and fibers that have been dormant for years!

    Day 3- Shoulders and Arms-

    Another solid workout. I could see adding a ton more weight later on after I feel comfortable with all the moves and the soreness fades. I was very sore today.VERY!! I see a pattern forming..Weight training/Cardio/Weights/cardio...and so on..
    AbripperX next. Same workout/different day. HARD!! But did a tad bit better..not much though.

    Day 4- YOGA X-

    Now, many will say Yoga is boring or useless.....BLAH!!! This is the most difficult thing I have done with my body to date. Yoga is no joke!!
    The guy Tony who instructs the videos says that at the age of 50, he is able to do what he does now, not because of the other training but because he does YOGA! I am a believer! 1 1/2 hours is long but It really helped with all my sore muscles and I felt really good. Plus I lost 12 lbs of sweat!!!

    Day 5- Legs and Back-

    Ok, this is when I started to believe that you will never get HUGE doing this program. Most leg moves are all body weight with some weighted dumb bell squat type moves. You could add more weight but, will never get the bulk from heavy lifting. I have skinny legs so this works good for me and since I'm not really looking to bulk, I was happy with today.
    Abripperx was surprisingly even easier...every time I do it I get a few more reps in and last a few more seconds longer. If for only this one program, the whole system is worth it. Solid work out today. Happy with my mood and motivation is up.
    I'm not glued to the scale and not following Their nutritional guide. I eat well, and in 5-6 spread out meals. I take an after work out shake, protein during the day and creatine before. That's all, besides a multi-vitamin.
    I will let my endurance and mirror show results rather than my weight.

    I lost about 20lbs before starting this the wrong way. I skipped meals and the weight came off fast. Too fast. I realize now that not eating is way more negative for you and not a good diet. By eating, your body doesn't need to be in the cave man like state and store fat. Your body uses the fat because it is used to getting more food every couple hours. AMAZING!!!

  2. I'm in to see an actual full review.
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  3. Day 6- Kenpo-x-

    This is strictly another Cardio workout for about 50 min. That's pretty intense, I got a great workout and poured off tons of sweat!
    You could really learn some Karate too, basic moves of course. I flexed all my muscles as much as I could during much of the routine. That raised the intensity a bit, not that it needed it. I would say, this is the easiest of all the workouts so far.
    My schedule is not allowing me to follow the routine as set out because I work 24hrs on 72 hrs off. So, my one off day will not fall correctly. but I'll improvise.
    Tomorrow is chest and back again with Abripper......Let's see how much I improved over the past week.
    Not as sore today, still motivated and looking forward to chest and back. I will be raising the weight on all the dumbbells by 5lbs. Seems like alot, but I only started with 10lbs.LOL!!! Don't know if I mentioned, but I have not done anything for 8 months due to an injury. So, I'm starting from zero!
    Its tough, but I'm hanging in this time.
    I'll get some pics up soon.

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