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  1. Sustain Alpha Log

    Hey everybody. Today, March 19 was my 3rd day of lifting for the week but ill start on the log beginning with today. My height is 5'10". Today, I weighed in at 167 with 7% body fat.

    Lifts: Legs, Shoulders, Traps

    I warmed up with 2 sets of squats
    Squats: 200 15x
    225 12x

    Front Squat: 145 12x
    155 10x
    160 8x

    Leg Press: 8 plates overall: 12x
    8 + 50lbs 10x
    10 plates overall 8x

    Dumbell Shoulder Press: 60: 12x
    70: 10x
    75: 8x

    Reverse Flys: 35: 12x
    40: 10x
    45: 8x

    Barbell upright rows: 95: 12x
    100: 10x
    105: 8x

    Barbell Shrugs: 225: 12x
    250: 10x
    265: 8x

    My caloric intake for the day was app. 5,500 calories. Protein - app. 190 gr. Carbs - app 400 gr.

    I took 5 pumps of Sustain alpha when I woke up at 9AM and took 4 pills of IGF 2. The Sustain Alpha has seemed to put me in a better mood. I am curious to see how the IGF 2 and Sustain Alpha work together.

    I plan on going to sleep around 11PM. I will take 4 more pills of IGF 2 which makes 8 for the day. Please comment or give me any suggestions on anything you see here. My goal is to bulk up.

    Before and during my lift, I consumed 3 scoops of GlycerGrow.

    I take 2 shakes of Serious Mass by ON a day with 2 scoops in each shake.

    Along with breakfast and dinner, I take 1 capsule of fish oil

    Any questions or comments, feel free to post! Thanks!

  2. Definitely in on this one. Good luck, bud. I'm interested to see how the SA and IGF-2 work together.

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve


  3. March 21, 2009

    11AM (5) pumps of sustain alpha - 4 pills of IGF 2

    1:30 PM LIFT


    Dumbell Incline Press
    70 12x
    75 10x
    80 8x

    Dumbell Bench Press
    60 12x
    65 10x
    70 8x

    Incline Dumbell Flys (on flys, I go extremely slow and deep)
    30 15x
    35 12x

    Bench Dumbell Flys (same slow motion as incline flys)
    35 15x
    40 12x

    Machine Decline Press
    225 12x
    245 10x
    255 8x

    Machine Incline Press (I keep my elbows close to my rib cage for a tricep pump)
    135 12x
    145 10x
    155 8x

    Machine Flat Bench (like the bowflex where u sit up)
    120 12x
    130 10x
    140 8x

    I will take 4 pills of IGF 2 before I go to sleep and (2) scoops of serious mass.

    I have been taking Sustain Alpha for one week now. My mood seems to be better, but the acne on my face has increased like crazy. Every time i take PCT i break out so its not just SA
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  4. I pretty much have a full thing of Sustain Alpha and about one week left of IGF 2 so i expect more acne and maybe some strength. I am not looking for strength. I could honestly not care how strong I am, I just wanna be big and thick. Any suggestions or comments on my lifts so far??

  5. I put on 5 pumps of sustain Alpha and took 4 pills of IGF 2 at 8AM. March 23, 2009

    Lift 6:00PM
    Back & Biceps

    Lat Pull down
    13 12x
    14 10x (the 13 - 15 are numbers on the stack of weights)
    15 8x

    V Grip Lat Pull down
    15 12x
    16 10x
    17 8x

    Lat Pull ups (one arm dumbell)
    60 12x
    65 10x
    70 8x

    T Bar Barbell Rows with vgrip
    135 12x
    150 10x
    165 8x

    Bicep Barbell Curls
    75 12x
    85 10x
    95 8x

    Close grip Barbell curls
    75 8x
    80 6x

    Dumbell Hammer Curls
    40 12x
    45 10x
    50 8x

    I didnt have time to finish bicep workout today, had to get a meal in.
    I am going to take 4 more pills of IGF 2 before i go to sleep as well as 2 scoops of serious mass. I consumed s scoops of Glycergrow before, during and after my lift today as well as every workout I have posted so far.

  6. March 27, 2009


    leg press
    8 plates overall 12x
    10 plates overall 8x
    4 plates overall (really slow and deep) 10x
    6 plates same motion 7x

    225 10x
    250 7x
    265 4x

  7. jumpin on.

    good work.

    before and after pics?

  8. Kind of odd you don't care about strength just looks...

  9. Quote Originally Posted by rabican View Post
    Kind of odd you don't care about strength just looks...

    well the old bb saying goes....
    it doesn't matter how strong you are, it matters how strong you look like you are.

  10. im not going to be the worlds strongest man or compete in strength, if i am big, ill be strong i just dont care how strong i am, i just wanna be big

  11. March 30, 2009

    Chest and Triceps

    Flat Barbell Bench 215 12x
    220 10x
    225 8x

    Incline Dumbell 70 12x
    75 10x
    80 8x

    Incline Flys 30 15x
    40 10x flys i go really deep, slow and wide

    Flat Bench Flys 25 15x
    35 10x


    On triceps, i do mostly machine lifts with the lat pulldown machine and the rope triceps lift

    I consumed about 5k calories today 200 gr of protein 600 gr of carbs

    I took sustain alpha at 11AM as well as IGF 2 (4 pills)

    I will take 4 more pills of IGF 2 before I sleep

  12. Subbed, good luck with the log!

  13. Any updates??

  14. i havent had time cause i am a college student and all the finals and crap. starting this monday, i am posting a new thread. i will be on creatine, sustain and anadraulic state. i will have pics weekly along with diet.

  15. why start a whole new thread when you still have this one???

    and don't have time is a bad excuse...i'm taking 17 hours, working 40 hours a week, visit my dad in the hospital an hour a day, push my grandma around the mall in her wheelchair every saturday and still go to the gym 6 days a week...

  16. i aint sayin i dont have time for the gym. i hit that up just as much as you do, i just dont have time 2 post every move i make but its summer now so im about to


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