Newbie Workout! Is this OK?

  1. Newbie Workout! Is this OK?


    I've been lifting on and off for the past few months, however I decided to put together a more structured log so I can keep track. Can you tell me if this is OK for a beginer? I was thinking of doing this for approx 8 weeks, then changing it.

    Session 1 Dumbell presses on flat bench
    Dumbell flye bench
    Tricep V-Bar pushdowns
    Lateral dumbbell deltiod raises
    Dumbbell shrugs
    Bench Press
    Cable cross over flies

    Session 2 Squats
    Legs presses
    Leg extentions
    Seated hamstring
    Calf raises
    Medicine ball throw

    Session 3 Standing bicep curls
    Cable rows
    Seated preacher bicep curls EZ Bar
    Bicep Dips
    Seated dumbell curls (on knee)
    Standing Barbell Military presses

    Session 4 Squats
    Legs presses
    Leg extentions
    Seated hamstring
    Calf raises
    Medicine ball throw

  2. Being a beginner your best bet is to do a 3xweek whole body workout for a bit. Stick with 3-4 sets of basic exercises, eat, and rest. After a couple of months you can move up to a push/pull split. Good luck!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  3. Cheers for that, very helpful!

  4. too much for newbie.

    Week one: Distribute Supporting muscles

    BIceps: supports of pulling back
    triceps: supports chest
    shoulder: supports chest and neck(contact sports)
    lower back: support overall especially abdomin

    Week 2:


    Continue it for 6 weeks. This system allows me to gain strength. Straining to much muscle will only lead back to one so start very low if possible one muscle per day

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