epistane lane

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    epistane lane

    gonna put my pics up tomorrow, and hopefully a vid next week, and then a final max out vid, on day 31

    starting weight after refeed today (175.5) most of I weighed in 4 months boo ya lol

    Age: 22
    just dosed 20 mg today and ate everything in site, feel bloated and tired as hell right now so i'll keep it short.

    ill be taking supercissus bulk, epistane 30mg a day, mvp/zmk for vitamin/zma/mineral support, alcar bulk, acne antibiotic, and of course some bcaas, vitc, and protein immediate post workout, and dietary dose unless prolactin issues arise (but shouldn't) p-5-p, really trying to get liv 52 in there too later this week

    pct will consist of nolva, lean xtreme, 1-carboxy bulk, dcp, alcar bulk

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    did 50 pull ups and a wide array of back to kick things off weighed 176, but a lot of that im sure is due to the glycogen response of a refeed. Felt strong, nothing to fantastic on the side of endurance, in fact I'd say strength up and endurance down..but **** thats always hard after 50 wide grip front pullups to start a back day...was hoping 2 get a few more row workouts in but ya know how that goes with work comin up

    question for anyone...can you mix alcar and bulk cissus with protein powder, because it says take the bulk cissus prior to meals anyone know why?

    hard to keep everything separate and dosed properly, with a strict 40f-40p-20carbs diet

    still trying to get my digi camera pics up, too hard with a camera phone to see detail, well im gonna go shopping and pic up some more hamburger veggies, and peanuts

  3. 50 wg pull ups? damn man that is impressive! keep it up
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    thanks i tried to put up a pic, I'm strong but need to work on the physique hopefully with a good diet for the first time and epistane I can, so we'll see...I have the pre-cycle pics saved atleast

  5. post those bad boys up man! if your embarrassed about them just take a look at my before pics 1 ish year ago, lol 140ish lbs. talk about embarrassing!

  6. Epi is sooo dry man, My shoulders are both ****in killing me

  7. Quote Originally Posted by searl12 View Post
    Epi is sooo dry man, My shoulders are both ****in killing me
    Get in those fish oils, about 8-10/day. It's also good for absorption of epi
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over

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    ok so i got sick but i am better now and officially on day number 3 of the restart (2 days prior and like 5 days of nothing no pills or anything)!, hovering around 174-175 and about 13 or 14% bodyfat. off the restart i am feeling good not to dry yet..any advice on how to upload pictures would still be appreciated! it asks for a url but i have the pics saved on my desktop dont know how to convert them..still dosing the alcar, whey, and vitamins together post workout as one of my doses, none of those should interact negatively or antagonistically towards the epistane right? just dont want to defeat my main supplement. feel strong in the weight room but no endurance increase yet. oh and poor sex drive, but no lethargy. again all of this is early but at day 7 I will give a sample workout and a detailed review, and at day 14 a picture update, so stay tuned i promise it will get better
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    oh and on day 5 i will give a sample diet, and maybe some people can give me some pointers or criticism on it, thanks guys peace
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    Quote Originally Posted by searl12 View Post
    Epi is sooo dry man, My shoulders are both ****in killing me
    got bulk cissus for super cheap
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    Day #4 Status and Workout

    4x8 225 bench
    cross cable fly 4 sets two from high and two low not really fully across just bring the hands together
    3x10 incline db bench 70, 70, 75
    dips (weighted with 45pound plate) 8, 12, 6
    skull crushers 70 pounds 3x8
    cable pulldown away from body 4x10
    abdominal work

    no cardio

    Endurance: nothing to report unusual
    Strength: feeling a little stronger on initial sets, a little more powerful
    Actual Muscle Hardness: Nothing to report
    Appearance of Hardness: surprizingly i look a little leaner even though I'm holding a tiny bit of water
    Trouble Spots: no improvement to early I would assume
    Dryness: not yet surprisingly as I usually have terrible joint issues
    Libido: was down initially, and maybe up a little, but could just be back to normal maybe

    Protocol: just started 30mg a day..will do until end of cycle

    Questions: anybody good at posting pics or advice on how to do it...should be simple but its different than facebook and im having trouble

    Future Updates: Pictures (initial have saved), and diet sample
  12. sizematters10
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    Day #5
    Vascularity: Way up for someone that isn't very vascular
    Weight: up 1.5lbs
    Strength: same
    Back Pumps: severe..need taurine!!
    General Feeling: that good overall well-being has come over me for the first time

    Back Day, taking tomorrow off...


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