And the journey begins...

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  1. And the journey begins...

    And.... my journey begins... My mission to bulk up, offically has begun, i will be logging everyday on how i am feeling and how my workouts are going. and also any changes i am feeling... wish me luck, im gonna need it

    Here is where i currently sit
    Weight-189 (alot of wattterrr weight, atm)
    BF- 15%
    Height- 6' 1''

    I am stariting a 10 weeks program of Semi strict dieting (controling what i can to the best of my ability..)

    Meal 1- 4 whole eggs
    2-3 cups of milk
    1 piece of toast
    2 Tbsp of nat peanut butter

    Meal 2 - 4 tbsp of nautral penut butter
    1 gronola bar

    Meal 3 - (school lunch.. HORRIBLE)
    3 cups milk
    1 peanut butter/jelly sandwich

    Meal 4 /Prewrkout- 1peanut butter/Jelly sandwich
    1 bag of lays baked chips (for the carbs)

    Meal 5- Alternate between 8oz of chicken,steak,or turkey
    2 cups of milk
    1 cup of a fruit or veggie
    1 cup of cottage cheese

    Meal 6- usually something random i throw together with a decent amount of cal carbs and prot

    Meal 7- 4 Tbsp of peanut butter
    1 cup of cottage cheese
    2 cups of milk

    I am currently training 5 days a week, however i am considering bumping it up and trying to do a few things twice a week, still on the fence about it. as of now my traing looks like this. As you may notice there is no cardio, that is for a reason, and will be put in later in the cutting phase.

    Mon- Legs
    Tues-Chest Tri
    Friday-Back Bi

    What i am hoping to get out of this is to put on 10-15 lbs of mass and also gain some strength as well. after this depending on how my results go i will prob do some sort of cutting cycle to drop my BF to see just how much i really gained.

    Appreciate any and all advice/ comments

  2. DAY 1
    DB front raises-10*10, 15*10, 20*10

    DB lat raises- 8*10, 10*10, 15*10

    BB Military press- 65*10, 70*10, 75*10

    BB front raises- 30*10, 40*10, 50*10

    Not a bad workout for shoulders, i have been lagging alot on shoulders so really trying to start and step it up on them, (especially front delt) felt pretty good during/ after my work out. Only problem was, i was kind of a bit lost for the fact that i didnt really do much shoulder in the past so was trying a bit of everything at first. lol, i think i got a better idea of what i should do now

    I will try and get a few before pics up for refrence

  3. Here is me 2 years ago 140 lbs
    Attached Images Attached Images   

  4. This is me now 180 lbs and gaining
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  5. i'll be checking in when i can buddy.

  6. thanks for the support sun

  7. Thought i would give an update on my shoulder workout yesterday, woke up this morning and ohhhh boy. i feel like i did a lat/ shoulder workout :P lats are pretty tender from doing the lateral db raises i am thinking, at anyrate i am feeling great and loving the sorness will have to eat extra today.. currently trying to stomach a creation i just threw together. macaroni, 1 can of tuna, relish, and a little mayo.... not t he best but just gonna have to deal with it.

  8. I like your meal 1, it is heavy duty! nice development over the yrs
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over

  9. Thanks man!

  10. Nothing really new to report today. lats still a little tender from my friday's shoulder workout. (damn DB lat raises) didn't eat as much as i would have liked to yesterday because of work and a couple other variables, daylight savings time kind of threw me off this morning so i'll be trying to play catch up for the rest of the day.. oh joy

    On a more positive note.. legs tomorrow
    hoping to get a really good GH boost w/o in
    However, not quite sure what it entails.. so
    will have to do a bit of research on it

  11. if you are trying to bulk up, why don't you train four days a week. Less is sometimes more, if you know what i mean? Don't work so much on the isolation movements, but just smash yourself on the basics: Bench Presses , Military Presses, Deadlifts, and Squats. I guarantee you'll start gaining weight a little quicker.

  12. also how old are you?

  13. For some reason dont respond well to that, and also if i did a 4 what would be your suggestion of a split? i am currently starting to really hit dl, squats,mil press hard, always hit bench pretty hard but really striving to get a big number for dl and squat. Oh and i am 19

  14. mon back / abs
    tue chest / biceps
    wed off
    thurs Legs
    Fri Shoulders / triceps
    sat off
    sun off

    You'll be better rested and allow you to hit your compound lifts more aggressively. I used to think more is better but when i want to gain weight less is always better because i'm better rested for my workouts.

  15. I will have to give that a shot in the future, as for now i think that i am going to continue my current w/o, i have started to see strength and size gains, so that's always nice thankyou for the advice though punthra

  16. no prob, good luck with your training.

  17. Thanks man, just about to do an update for today

  18. Day 2
    Weight-183 (empty)
    Ok so i was sitting here, bored and decided since i was not doing bi's until friday that oh what the hell ill do a little bit today.
    let me just say phenomenal work out, crazy pump, and crazy over all feeling of just a great workout
    Con curls- 25*10, 30*10, 35*10, 30*10
    BB 1/2 curls- 45*10, 55*10, 65*10, 75*10
    Pin weel curls- 30*10, 35*10, 40*10, 30*10
    Ez BB curls- 45*12, 55*12, 65*12, 65*12
    I am really glad that i decided to go in

  19. Headed to the gym in a few hours, kind of feeling lathergic.. ugghh, will report back later.

  20. DAY 3
    Squats- 135*5, 155*5, 165*5, 175*5, 185*5 (PR)
    Leg Curls- 130*10, 150*10, 170*10
    Leg Extensions- 140*6, 150*6, 160*6
    unfortunately I didn't have enough time for front squats or lunges... I felt pretty tired and just not together today but that changed once i started lifting and ended up getting a decent workout.

  21. congrats on the PR!

  22. Thanks man! now.. if i could 40 more lbs, and see that bar bend a littlle hahaa

  23. Day 4

    Bench-155*5, 165*5, 175*5, 185*5, 185*3 (last 2 neg)
    Push down-50*10, 60*10, 70*10, 85*10
    Incline-115*10, 115*8, 135*6, 155*3
    Close Grip-95*10, 115*8, (felt really heavy..)
    Cable flys-20*10, 20*8, 25*8
    DB skull crushers-20*10, 20*10, 25*8, 20*10
    After my last set of skull crushers i atempted to start my DB press with 55s.. i could only get it like 5 times so i decided it was time to leave. The workout was ok, i felt like i was a little weak for soem reason.. not sure, also felt some shoulder pain doing DB skull crushers, thinking it was to heavy of weight..

  24. hey buddy, i'm not trying to tell you what to do, but why don't you try getting your chest done first and then do triceps that way you save tricep energy for chest and then fry your triceps afterwards. i find doing big muscles first before little ones always works better. Good job with the numbers though.

  25. You know man i was just thinking kind of the same thing, maybe that is why i was feeling weak on tris today, because i during my chest exersizes my triceps constantly kept feeling tired and fatigued. i am feeling pretty good right now as far as my chest though, got some involuntary muscle twitching going on, wich i love!!


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