Help me out

  1. Help me out

    As of recently I am working out everyday of the week and this is wat im doing.
    Bench 4x10
    incline dumbells 3x12
    seated pushdowns 3x15
    pulldowns 3x12
    standing pushdowns 3x20
    100 pushups
    abs with medicine ball

    Day 2
    Standing military 4x10
    seated military 3x12
    squats 4x10
    shrugs 4x15
    leg curls 3x20
    leg press 4x12
    buddy curls
    dumbell hammer curls 3x12
    15 mins of cardio

    Better way to split this stuff up?? I am doing this stuff every day one on one day and one on the other...killin my shoulder. Any help will be fine right now we are going for bulk not for strength thats why the reps are higher.

  2. First,
    I suggest taking some time off and trimming it down to 4 days a week.
    Back/Bi - (i don't see much of a back workout here)
    Legs (glutes,hams, quads, calves)

    your shoulder is probably not getting enough rest and you are beating the crap out of yourself. You NEED rest.

  3. It would probably be best if you cut down your workout to 4 days a week, like maurice said. Rest is just as important as your lifting routine.

    I'd suggest incorporating some Deadlifts to your workout. They are great for gaining all over size. Switching up the movements a little every day of the week that you lift would be a good idea. Hitting your muscles differently during the week will help prevent your body from getting used to your workout, and promote muscle hypertrophy. You want to keep your body guessing.

  4. thanks for the replies.....keep the feedback coming....what do you guys recommend for sets and reps?

  5. you said you want to bulk so I would go toward 4 sets, 8 - 12 reps per set.



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