Mister Ed's Pre-Summer Log

  1. Mister Ed's Pre-Summer Log

    Well, last week reminded me that warm weather and long days are just around the corner here in the Southeast USA... We had some upper 70s temperatures and clear skies, made for great cycling and a little bit of remorse for having not done the best job keeping up with training over this cold winter that I am glad to see melt away.

    Anyways, yesterday I started working out again. I am testing out a three month program... month one is building strength with a split workout, month two is building muscle, month three is cutting fat.

    split is as follows -
    M - Legs/Calves/Abs
    T - Chest/Shoulders/Traps/Calves/Abs
    H - Back/Abs/Calves
    F - Arms/Abs/Calves

    Month 1 goes as follows for all lifts except crunches and calf raises -
    week 1 - 6RM
    week 2 - 5RM
    week 3 - 4RM <-- might be interrupted by a bicycle trip to the beach :-\
    week 4 - 3RM

    Month 2 goes as follows for all lifts except crunches and calf raises -
    week 1 - 8RM
    week 2 - 9RM
    week 3 - 10RM
    week 4 - 12RM

    Month 3 goes as follows for all lifts except crunches and calf raises -
    week 1 - 12RM
    week 2 - 15RM
    week 3 - 20RM
    week 4 - 25RM

    also cleaning up my diet (which is by far the most frustrating and aggravating task... and off to a poor start today)

    anyways... the usual risk factors remain - impatience, overexertion, and impulsiveness...

    So I am hoping to get at least a little cut before summer really heats up!

    I am also considering trying Leviathan again, since I am not taking Adderall anymore...


  2. OH YEAH

    Squats - 135x6, 135x6, 155x6, 175x6, 185x6
    Leg Press - 180x6x5
    Leg Extension - 80x6, 115x6x4
    Deadlift - 135x6x5
    Leg Curl - 100x6x5
    Dec. Weighted Sit Ups - 25x10x3, 0x10, 0x5
    Calf Raises - 90x20x5

  3. T - Chest/Shoulders/Traps/Abs/Calves
    Bench Press 135x6 135x6 145x6 145x6 155x6
    Incline Bench Press 135x6 115x6 115x6 95x6 95x6
    Dumbbell Flye 15x6 15x6 15x6 10x6 10x6
    DB Shoulder Press 90x6 90x6 90x6 90x6 90x6
    Upright Row 80x6 80x6 70x6 60x6 60x6
    Lateral Raise 15x6 15x6 15x6 15x6 15x6
    Shrug 40x6 45x6 50x6 50x6 50x6
    Crunches 30x10 30x10 30x10 30x10 30x10

    forgot to do calf raises... GRRR

    sore as hell today

  4. What's up Ed? Glad to see you're back at it.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  5. nothing much just trying to get this plan going... getting ready for a 150-mile two day jaunt to the beach in a couple of weeks... it will be my longest ride of the past year by a good 50 miles, two days in a row... 75 miles a day ore so... on my fixed gear bike :-P

    also means i have to figure out what to do with that week where I will be doing this... as it is a pretty crucial strength building week...



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